Сборник электронных Российских словарей



a break-neck fall, a certain degree, a considerable degree, a deduction in the yearly rent, a glut of wealth, a good deal of money, a new high, A stock, a wide choice, a width of views, abandon, abandon convertibility, abandon gold standard, abandon goods to the insurer, abandon price control, abandoned, abandonment, abandonment of option, abate, abatement, ability, ability to pay, ability to repay, able-bodied citizens, abnormal, aboard, abolish, abolishment, abolition, abolition committee, above the average, above the line, above-plan profit, abreast, abroad, absence, absence from work, absence of plan, absence rate, absence without leave, absentee, absentee landlord, absentee owner's farm, absenteeism, absenteeism rate, absolute, absolute impoverishment, absolute liability, absolute majority, absolute prices, absorb, absorb interest, absorb interests, absorbing capacity, absorption, abstract labour, abundance, abundant, abundant harvest, abundantly, abuse of benefits, accede to a treaty, accelerate, accelerated development, accelerating wage rate, acceleration, accentuate, accept, accept a bill, accept a contract, accept a proposal, accept quality range, accept smth at its face-value, acceptable, acceptable conditions, acceptance, acceptance bank, acceptance bill, acceptance credit, acceptance in bank, acceptance of a bill of exchange, acceptance test, acceptance testing, acceptor, accident insurance, accident prevention, accident risk, accidental, accommodate, accommodate smb with money/loan, accommodation, accommodation paper, accommodation unit, accompany, accomplish, accord, accord favourable treatment, accordance, according to, account, account book, account day, account for an amount, account in one's custody, account supplies, account-book, accountability, accountable, accounted, accounting, accounting entry, accounting information, accounting period, accounting price, accounting principles, accounting records, accounting system, accounting unit, accounts department, accounts payable liabilities, accounts receivable, accounts with a long time to run, accrual basis of accounting, accrue a right, accrued interest, accrued taxes, accumulate, accumulate interest, accumulated divided, accumulated interest, accumulated stocks, accumulated surplus, accumulation, accumulative, accumulative saving, accumulative stock, accuracy, accurate, accurate account of, accured charges, achieve a peaceful settlement, acknowledge, acknowledge a debt, acknowledgement, acknowledgement of receipt, acquire wealth, acquisition and replacement estimates, acquitance roll, acre, acreage, acreage allotment, acreage control, act, act by deputy, act on one's authority, act up to one's opinions, acting manager, action, action for damage, action for non-delivery, action for/of damages, action of rescission, action research, active competition, active demand, active market, active population, activity, actual, actual cost, actual crisis, actual data, actual income, actual increase, actual market, actual outlays an imputed costs, actual price, actual state of the market, actual value, actuality, actually, actuals market, actuarial, actuarial consultant, actuarial equivalent, actuarial margin, actuarial probabilities, actuarial reserves, actuarial services, actuarial tables, actuarial valuation, actuary, acute, acute crisis, ad hoc, ad hoc committee, addition, additional charges, additional profit, address the woolsack


B Stock, back, back a bill, back a loan, back charges, back country, back flow, back interest, back lands, back out of, back out of a contract, back pay, back payer, back settlement, back-stage sabotage, back-yard, back-yard production, backbone, background, background for negotiations, background of development, backing, backing of currency, backing of notes, backing of the currency, backlog, backlog in payments, backlog of business, backlog of debts, backlog of demand, backlog of housing, backward, backwardness, backyarder, bacterial warfare, bad, bad attendance, bad debt, bad debt account, bad debt insurance, bad environment, bad financial showing, bad lands, bad money, badlands, balance, balance account, balance foreign trade, balance of appropriations, balance of forces, balance of foreign payments, balance of payment account, balance of payment crisis, balance of payment deficit, balance of payments surplus, balance of power, balance of profit, balance of the work, balance of trade deficit, balance of US official reserve assets, balance sheet, balance sheet data, balance the books, balance-of-payments disequilibrium, balance-sheet, balance-sheet entrys, balanceable, balanced, balanced development, balanced trade, balancing item, ballot paper, ban, Ban of Empire, ban overtime, bancocracy, bank, bank accounting, bank bill, bank book, bank borrowings, bank clearing, bank clearings, bank clerk, bank credit, bank currency, bank deposit, bank discount, bank draft, Bank for International Settlements, Bank Interest, bank loan, bank loans, bank notes by denominations, bank of discount, Bank of England bills, Bank of England notes, Bank of England/the Bank, bank paper, bank rate, bank reserve position, bank shares, bank statement, bank stock, bank-bill, bank-notes based on gold, bank-paper, bank-wise, bankable, banker draft, banker's acceptance, banker's bank, banker's cheque, banker-industrialist, bankers' deposit rate, bankers' discount, bankers' sight, banking accomodation, banking business, banking charges, banking department, banking facilities, banking failure, banking interests, banking network, banking operations, banking support, banking syndicate, banking system, banking transaction, banking-house, bankrupt, bankrupt in policy, banned list, bans on trade, bar, bar graph, bar to economic development, bare, bare majority, bare profit, bare subsistance wage, barely, bareness, bargain, bargain sale, bargainee, bargainer, bargaining, bargaining quotas, bargaining tariff, bargaining tool, bargaining transaction, barometer stocks, barren, barrier, barter, barter trade, Bartholomew fair, barton, base, base charge, base coin, base data, base magnitude, base metals, base pay, base price, base rate, base time, base-rate, based on Central Statistic Office, based on principles, basic, basic account in balance of payments, basic capital, basic commodities, basic crops, basic data, basic industry, basic issues, basic mass, basic materials, basic production assets, basic rate, basic wage, basis, basis point, batch production, bate, bate expenses, be a little account, be above the standard, be ahead of time, be at a premium, be at feed, be at issue, be at odds, be at stake, be at the back of smth


cabinet, cabinet council, cabinet crisis, cabinet minister, cadres, calamity, calculate, calculate interest, calculated, calculated for, calculated power, calculating machine, calculation, calculation interval, calculation of costs, calculation of exchange, call, call a loan, call a meeting, call a strike, call back, call for, call forth, call into, call money, call off, call off a blockade, call off a strike, call premium, call smb's attention, callable bonds, camouflage, campaign, can, can ill afford the expense, cancel, cancel a power of attorney, cancel an obligation, cancel an offer, cancel an order, cancel insurance, canned goods, canned meat, canon, canvass, canvass1, canvasser, capacity, capacity for work, capacity load, capacity of highway/road, capacity operations, capacity production, capacity utilization rate, capital, capital account, capital account reconciliation, capital amount, capital and interest, capital and market power, capital budget, capital construction, Capital Construction Board, capital consumption, capital costs, capital depreciation, capital development, capital equipment, capital financing, capital flow, capital formation, capital forthcoming, capital gain, capital gain tax, capital gains, capital goods, capital goods industry, capital inflow, capital inputs, capital intensity, capital investment, capital issues, capital items, capital levy, capital market, capital movement, capital of a company, capital of society, capital outflow, capital outlays, capital renewals, capital retirement, capital scarcity, capital spending, capital stock, capital transfers, capital units, capital widening, capital-employment ratio, capital-intensive, capital-output ratio, capital/employment ratio, capitalism, capitalist owned, capitalization, capitalize, capitalize on, capitation, capitation tax, captain of industry, carcass weight basis, carcass weight equivalent, card, card catalogue, card index, cardinal problem, cardinal reconstruction, career, cargo capacity, cargo ship, carriage, carriage by rail, carriage by sea, carriage forward, carriage free, carriage paid, carrier, carrier-nation, carry, carry a price, carry forward a balance, carry into effect, carry on business in smth, carry on negotiations, carry on traffic, carry on/conduct trade, carry out a raid, carry out commitments, carry out instructions, carry out obligations, carry weight, carry-back tax, carry-over assets, carry-over price/rate, carrying trade, carte blanch, case, case for, case for the defendant, case for wage claims, cash, cash a cheque, cash a damp upon trade, cash account, cash and carry, cash and prize lottery, cash assets, cash basis of accounting, cash book, cash business, cash crop, cash deficit, cash demand, cash dividend, cash dsiscount, cash farm, cash flow, cash grain, cash grain farm, cash holdings, cash in, cash in hand, cash in vault, cash income, cash loan, cash office, cash on, cash on delivery, cash order, cash out, cash payment, cash price, cash purchase, cash rate, cash ratio, cash receiptss, cash sale, cash security, cash settlement, cash shortage, cash transaction, cash-account, cash-book, cashable, cashier, cashier's check, cashless, cast, cast a vote, cast in a condition


d season, d u, D/A documentary usance bill, D/P documentary usance bill, dab, dab of money, DAC, daily, daily exchange, daily living needs, daily living wants, daily proceedings, daily proceeds, daily receiptss, daily record, daily sales, daily wants, dairy, dairy cattle, dairy farm, dairy farming, dairy husbandry, dairy produce, dairy-farm, dairy-farming, dairying, dale, damage, damageable, damn smb's prospects, damnation, damnification, damnify, damp, damp production, dampen, danger, dangerous undertaking, data, data base, data collection framework, data conversion, data handling, data in, data input, data limitation, data out, data problems, data processing, data processing rate, data retrieval, data smoothing, data translation, date, date closing, date of delivery, date of maturity, date of payment, date of sealing, date of the census, day, day work, day-book, day-by-day basis, day-labour, day-labourer, day-shift, day-tale, day-to-day, day-to-day activities, day-to-day loans, day-to-day money, day-to-day production planning, day-wages, day-work, dayman, daytaler, de facto, de-merger, dead, dead assets, dead beat, dead law, dead loss, dead season, dead stock, dead time, dead ton in ballast, dead work, dead-line, dead-lock, deadline, deadstock capital, deadweight, deal, deal in leather, deal in options, deal with a difficulty, deal with a problem, dealer, dealership, dealing, dear money, dearth, death of equipment, death rate, death-duty, death-rate, debar, debase, debate, debenture, debenture stock, debit and credit, debit entry, debt, debt financing, debt issue, debt relief, debt retirement, debt service ratio, debt services, debt-to-equity ratio, debtor, debtor bank, debtor-nation, debulk, decasualize, decay, decayed, decaying, decease, deceit, deceive, decent, decent fortune, decentralization, decentralize, deception, deceptive, decertification, decide, decide a matter in smb's favour, decide a question, decide against doing smth, decide against smth, decide by toss, decide the order of the competition, decided, decimal, decipher, decision, decision against smb, decisive, decisive force, declaration, declaration of rights, declaration of the poll, declaration of war, declare, declare in, declare off, declare oneself bankrupt, declare peace, declare the poll, declare war, declared, declared dividend, declared value, declassify, decline, decline a proposal, decline an offer, decline in jobs, decline in prices, decline of export markets, declining, declining demand, decompose, decontrolled prices, decorate with an order, decrease, decrease in job, decrease in population, decrease in price, decrease in trade, decree, dedicate, dedication, deduct, deduct 5% from smb's pay, deduction, deduction of expenses, deed, deed of arrangement, deed of conveyance, deed of trast, deepen, deepen crisis, deeply


each alternate day, earmark, earmarked gold, earn, earn an honest livelihood, earn one's bread, earn one's living, earn one's living by, earn profit, earned income, earned rate average, earned surplus, earner, earnest, earnest money, earning, earning assets, earning power, earning retained in the business, earnings from foreign investments, earnings from insurance and brokerage, earnings measures, earnings of factors of production, earnings of management, earnings on new capital, earnings per man-hour, earnings summary, earth-moving industry, ease, ease custom formalities, ease tension, easier-money policy, easing, easing of market, easing of market of gold, easy, easy circumstances, easy market, easy money, easy money moves, easy terms, easy-chair administration, easy-money policy, economic, economic accountability, economic accounting, economic activity, economic advancement and social progress, economic affairs, Economic and Social Council, economic and social framework, economic backwardness, economic basis, economic benefits, economic climate, economic co-operation, economic conditions, economic crisis, economic cycle, economic demography, economic designer, economic development, economic dislocation, economic forces, economic freedom, economic goods, economic grievances, economic incentives, economic independence, economic indexes, economic integration, economic intelligence, economic lag, economic laws, economic level, economic life of equipment, economic lot size, economic management, economic miracle, economic mismanagement, economic motivations, economic opportunities for gainful employment, economic outlook workers, economic pattern, economic plan, economic planning, economic planning administration, economic policy, economic pressure, economic projections, economic prospects, economic questions, economic self-sufficiency, economic set-up, economic situation, economic slump, economic status, economic survey, economic system, economic targets, economic team, economic ties, economic time series, economic unit, economic volume of output, economic warfare, economic-size plants, economical, economically, economically backward, economically exploitable reserves, economically feasible, economically rational, economically sized farm, economically sound projects, economics, economics of enterprise, economics of industrial firm, economics of input and output, economies of scale, economist, economize, economy, economy class, economy drive, economy in capital charges, economy measures, economy of labour force, economy of large scale, economy undergoing change, economys of bulk transactions, economys of integration due to common costs, economys of localization, economys of standardization, education aid, education grant, education service, effect, effect a sale, effect insurance, effect payment, effect repair, effective, effective date, effective demand, effective exchange rate, effective interest rate, effective measures, effective output, effective value, effects of a sale, efficiency, efficiency drive, efficiency engineer, efficiency factor, efficiency man, efficient, efficient planning of the working day, Egyptian pound, eight-hour shift, elastic, elastic currency, elastic demand, elastic supply, elasticity, elasticitys between different factors, election deposit, election pledges, electoral campaign, electric power, electric supply, electrical industry, electrical worker, element, elemental forces, elementary flow, elementary form of value, elementary school, elementary vocational training, eligible, eligible companies, eliminate war, elimination of posts, embodied, embodied labour, embodied technology, emergency, emergency communication, emergency fund, emergency loan, emergency measures, emergency rates, emergency stock, emergency store, emergency work, Eminent Domain, emission, emolument, Empire settlement, emplacement


fabric, fabricate, fabricated, fabricated materials, fabricated parts, fabricateing works, fabricating works, fabrication, fabricator, face, face amount, face difficulties, face value, face-value, facial, facial account, facilitate, facilitateing marketing agencies, facilitation, facilities, facilities and standards of service, facilities available for generation of power, facility of absorption of the market, fact, fact of common knowledge, faction, factional, factious, factor, factor combinations, factor costs, factor demand, factor earnings, factor endow, factor endowment, factor incomes, factor inputs, factor into, factor matrix, factor of merit, factor of proportionality, factor of safety, factor payments, factor pricing, factor remunerations, factor restrictions, factor returns, factor services, factor substitutions, factor-price equilibrium, factor-~ analysis, factors, factors markets, factory, factory and office workers, factory committee, factory department, factory farming, factory of origin, factory personnel, factory price, factory test, factory waste, factual, fail, fail in plant, failed, failed firm, failing, failure, failure of crops, failure to appear, failure to deliver, failure to pay, failure to work a patent, fair, fair allowance, fair balance, fair claim, fair deal, fair demand, fair offer, fair price, fair quantity, fair rate of exchange, fair supply, fair trade, fair wear and tear, fair yield, fair-labour-practice acts, fall, fall a victim to smth/smb, fall back, fall behind, fall due, fall in exchange, fall into stagnation, fall into want, fall short, fall short of the amount, fall-off, fall-out, falling demand, falling market, falling-off, fallow, false, false coin, falsehood, falsification, falsify, fame, family, family farm, family income, family pattern, family-size farm, famine, famine price, famine prices, famine relief, famous, fan, fancy, fancy goods, far-reaching, far-reaching consequences, far-reaching designs, fare, farm, farm area, farm budget analysis, farm business summary, farm capital goods, farm commodities, farm family, farm hand, farm implement stores, farm improvements, farm income, farm inputs, farm labour, farm labourer, farm leader, farm loan, farm operator, farm parity ratio, farm people, farm policy, farm practice, farm prices, farm prices support, farm problem, farm production inputs, farm products, farm receipts,costs and profits, farm resources, farm services, farm structures, farm surpluses, farm tenure status, farm wage, farm worker, farm's gate-price, farm-hand, farmer, farming, farming class, farming industry, farming plant, farming standards, farming techniques, farmland, farmworker, fas, fascist-like law, fast worker, fatten, fattening quality, favorable development environment, favorable interest rates, favour, favourable, favourable accounts, favourable balance of trade, favourable credit facilitiess, favourable economic situation, favourable most treatment, favourable passive accounts, favourable trade outlook, favoured treatment, feasibility, feasibility study, feasible, feather, Federal excise, federal funds, Federal Reserve Bank, Federal Reserve Board, federal taxes


gadget, gain, gain a living, gain a majority, gain an advantage of smb, gain control, gain momentum, gain profit, gain sharing, gain smb's confidence, gain the majority, gainful, gainful employment, gainful occupation, gainings, gallon, gamble, gamble on a rise in prices, gamble on a stock exchange, game, game of politics, gang, ganger, gangway, gap, gap in the balance, gap in the balance of payments, gap in the data, garden plants, garden-stuff, gardening, garment, garnishment, garnishment of wages, gather, gather from facts, gather strength, gather wealth, gathering, gauge, gauged, gauging, general, general acceptance, general administrative expenses, general agent, general Agreement on Tariffs and, general and complete disarmament, General Assembly, general body, general census, general census of population, general commission agent, general committee, general conditions, general crisis of capitalism, general crop farm, general employment, general engineering, general equilibrium of labour market, general estimate, General Executive Committee, general expenses, general expenses items, general farms, general form of value, general labourer, general manager, General Meeting, general partner, general partnership, general rate, general stagnation, general stock, general strike, general supervision, general tariff, general ticket, general totality, general trade, general turn-out, general warrant, general welfare, general worker, generalization, generalize, generalized form of value, generally, generate, generating capacity, generation, gentlemen's agreement, gentry, genuine, genuiness, geological examination, germ warfare, gerrymander, get, get a life sentence, get a month's notice, get benefit from, get in touch with, get into debts, get one's liberty, get one's ticket, get over the difficulty, get the accounts square, get the advantage over smb, get the kick, get the knock, get the start of smb, get the walking-papers, get wages, get-out, get-up, giant monopolies, gift, gift tax, gilt-edged market, gilt-edged securities, gilt-edged stocks, give, give a problem one's careful consideration, give a stimulus, give an account, give and take, give credit, give information, give notice, give notice of appeal, give occasion to, give odds, give rise to smth, give security, give short credit, give smb liberty, give support, give the sack, give trust, give up a claim, give way, give women equal pay with men, give-and-take policy, give-away, given, giving country, glass-ware, glide, global, global communication system, global quota, global slump, global total, global war, glut, glut the market, go, go a bear, go a long way towards, go bad, go beyond, go beyond one's commission, go beyond the limit, go down, go fifty-fifty, go for a certain sum of money, go halves, go into business, go into details, go into liquidation, go into service, go off, go on srtike, go on the dole, go on the land, go on the relief fund, go out of office, go out of service, go over the quota, go shares, go to pieces, go to smash, go to the bad, go to the law, go to the people, go to the polls, go up, go-between, go-slow, go-slow strike, go/run on tick, goal, going concern, gold, gold and monetary parity, gold bullion standard, gold certificate, gold drain, gold exchange standard


half crown, half gross, half-stock, half-time, half-timer, halfpenny, halt, halt the arms race, hamper, hand, hand book, hand in hand a written application, hand work, hand-to-mouth, handbook, handicap, handicraft, handicraftsman, handle, handle the credit, handling agent, handling capacity, handling charge, handling charges, handling equipment, handling on board, handling operations, handling time, handout, hands, harass, harassing, harassing labour, hard, hard currency, hard money, hard,losing bargain, hard-core, hard-core developing countries, hard-core unemployment, harden, hardship, harm, harvest, harvest festival, harvest time, harvester, harvesting, hasten, hastily, have a concern in business, have a good opinion, have a good press, have a heavy incidence, have a loss, have a ready sale, have an account with/in a bank, have an interest in a business, have an option on the goods, have at one's disposal, have complete control, have money in the funds, have no share in the business, have smth available, have the call, have the whip of smb, hazard, hazardous, head, head of the teaching department, head of trade delegation, head office, head tax, Heads-of-Government Conference, Heads-of-Government meeting, headway, health, health fund, health insurance, health services, heat and power plant, heaviness, heavy, heavy capital investments, heavy crop, heavy debts, heavy duty equipment, heavy engineering, heavy expenses, heavy fine, heavy imports, heavy industry, heavy loss, heavy order, heavy penalty, heavy raid, heavy speculation, heavy stocks, heavy taxed society, heavy taxes, heavy unemployment, hectare, hedge, hedging, hedging patents, height, heighten, help, high, High Commissioner, High Contracting Parties, high employment economy, high farming, high finance, high position in society, high pressure economy, high protection, high speed worker, high yielding securities, high-capacity plant, high-investment economy, high-productivity plant, high-yielding, higher school, highly industrialized, highly organized money market, highly skilled worker, highway-user tax, hinder, hindrance, hire, hire purchase, hire-purchase, hire-purchase sale, hired labour, hiring, hiring of labour, his wages average 60 pounds, historic, historical data, historical event, hit the target, hit/realize the target, hoard, hoard of value, hoarder, hoarding, hog-breeding farm, hold, hold a good post, hold a meeting, hold a tender, hold an assembly, hold an election, hold council, hold good in law, hold land, hold office, hold power, hold the balance, hold the market, hold the spread of unemployment, holder, holder for value, holding, holding company, holding of more than one office, holding trust, holdings of securities, holiday, home, home consumption, home demand, home industry, home investment, home loan, home market, Home Office, home produce, Home Secretary, Secretary of State for Home Affairs, home trade, home value, home-made, homestead land, honorary degree, honour, honour a bill, honour a cheque, honour one's commitments, horticultural, horticulture, hosiery, hospitality costs, hospitality expenditures, hostile, hostile air, hostility, hot money, hot treasury bills, hour


IBRD, ID, id est, IDA, identical, identifiable, identification, identify, identity, identity card, idle, idle attempt, idle capacity, idle capital, idle labour, idle machines, idle money, idle plant, idle premises, idle time, idleness, idling, IFC, ill, ill effects, ill luck, ill news, ill-advised, ill-being, ill-conditioned, ill-founded, illegal, illicit, illicit dealer, illicit trade, illiquid, illiquid assels, illiquid funds, illiteracy, illiterate, ILO, imaginary profit, imbalance, imbalance in trade, IMF credit-tranche position, IMF Oil facilities, immature, immaturity, immeasurable, immediate, immediate information, immediate measures, immediate pay, immemorial, immense, immensely, immigrant, immigration, imminence, imminence of a fall in prices, imminent, immobile, immobility, immobilize, immovable, immovable property, immunity, impact, impair, impede, impediment, impel, impend, impending, impenetrable, impenetrable misery, imperative, imperative request, imperfect entry, imperial, imperial preferences, imperialist, impetus, implement, implement a contract, implementation, implements of production, implicate, implication, implicit, implicit interest, implicit rent, implicit wage, implicity, imply, import, import balance of trade, import cif, import duty, import for consumptions, import licence, import quota, import quota system, import relief action, import surplus, import tax, importance, important, importation, imported goods, importer, imports quantum, impose, impose a duty on goods, impose a fine, impose a fine on a person, impose a tax, impose an obligation on smb, impose cuts on imports, impose handicaps, impose restrictions, impose/leve a tax, imposition, impost, impoverish, impoverished, impoverishment, improvable, improve, improvement, improvement in exchange, improvement in prices, improvement of economic management, improvement suggestion, impulse, impulsion, imputation, imputed, imputed factor incomes, imputed interest, imputed rent, imputed salaries, in a body, in a grip of crisis, in a haphazard manner, in a manner, in a way, in advance, in any case, in bond, in bulk, in case, in case of, in case of need, in coal equivalent, in commission, in conclusion, in concordance with, in confidence, in conformity with your instructions, in consequence of, in consideration of, in course of time, in default of, in default of acceptance, in default of payment, in deficiency, in diagram form, in discharge of one's functions, in distress, in dozens, in due form, in due time, in earnest, in every way, in good time, in hand, in league with smb, in milk equivalent, in money terms, in no case, in oil equivalent, in one's opinion, in one's way, in order, in order to meet the expenditures, in particular, in payment for, in percentage terms, in point of, in point of fact, in pounds sterling, in practice, in price responses, in principle, in public, in purely finance terms, in question, in real terms, in round figures


jack, Jack in office, Jack out of office, jeopardize, jewel, jewels of the Crown, Jim Crow, job, job assignment, job class, job classification, job content, job evaluation, job family, job lot, job lot production, job opportunity, job pattern, job placement, job price, job prices, job rate with bonus, job rates, job security, job sheet, job shop, job training, job-price, job-work, jobber, jobbery, jobbing, jobbing plant, jobbing shop, jobholder, jobless, jobless rate, join, join into force, join the union, joining, joint, joint account, joint action, joint bonds, joint committee, joint council, joint debtor, joint demand, joint Economic Committee of the USCongress, joint efforts, joint liability, joint management, joint manager, joint owner, joint products, joint proprietor, joint resolution, joint return, joint stock, joint stock company, joint traffic, joint venture, jointly, jointly and severally, journal of a conference, journals, journey-work, journeyman, jump, jump a claim, jump in prices, junction, juncture, jungle-market, junior, junior partner, junior school, junior service staff, junta, junto, juridical person, jurisdiction, just peace


keen, keen competition, keen criticism, keen demand, keen hunger, keep, keep a check on activity, keep a price, keep a shop, keep a treaty, keep an account, keep an account at a bank, keep back money, keep down expences, keep in near balance, keep in store, keep in suspense, keep in touch with, keep informed, keep market, keep one's word, keep order, keep pace with smb, smth, keep pace with the demand, keep prices down, keep smth at the stage, keep the law, keep the prices under, keep to the terms of the contract, keep up prices, keep up with the demand, keep within the law, keeper, keeping, kerb, kerb broker, kerb market, key, key assets, key figures, key industry, key industry duty, key post, key sectors of production, key-note, key-note future year, key-note industry duty, key-note job, key-note year, kick, kick against taxes and high prices, kill, kill a bill, kill the ban on credits, kill the land, killing, kind, king, king-size, kingdom, kite, knitted goods, knitwear, knock, knock-down, knock-down price, knock-down prices, knocks, knot, knotty, know on good authority, know-how, know-how of labour, knowledge


label, labile, labile equilibrium, Labor Day, laborious, labour, labour achievements, labour and capital, labour and wages department, labour body, labour code, labour contract, labour costs, labour disputes, labour force, labour grade, labour hours, labour inputs, labour intensity, labour intensive, labour law, labour leader, labour legislation, labour market, labour migration, labour movement, labour organization, labour power, labour power intake, labour protection, labour rate fixing, labour rate setting, labour rating, labour scarcity, labour service, labour shortage, labour spy, labour supply, labour theory of value, labour time, labour turnover rate, labour union, labour unit cost, labour-consuming industry, labour-intensive, labour-intensive industry, labour-intensive sectors, labour-market, labour-rent, labour-saving, labour-saving devices, labourer, labouring, labouring man, Labourist, lack, lack of funds, lack of money, lack of support, lacking, lading, lag, lag behind, lag behind requirements, laggage inspection, lagged, lagged variables, lagging, lagging population, laissez-fair-laissez-passer, land, land improvement, land in full productivity, land out of crop, land sown to wheat, land tenure, land trade, land under crop, land workers, land-bank, land-grabber, land-law, land-office, land-reclamation, land-tax, land-tenure, land-utilization, land-war, landed, landed classes, landed gentry, landed interest, landed ownership, landed property, landed proprietor, landed quality, landholder, landlady, landless, landlord, landlordism, landmark, landowing, landowner, landslide, landslide of prices, languid, languid market, languid-market, languish, languish in poverty, languor, lapse, lapse of an offer, lapse of patent, large donations, large output, large powers, large-scale, large-scale equipment, large-scale industry, large-scale manufacture, last bid, last payment, last price, lasting peace, lateral, lateral discharge, launch, launch a campaign, launch a programme, launch a project, launch a war, launch an export drive, launch war, lavish, law, law of changing the labour, law of competition and anarchy of production, law of contracts, law of nations, law of nature, law of planned development, law of property, law of supply and demand, law of surplus value, law of the land, law of the steady rise of labour productivity, law of treaties, law of value, lawful money, laws of social development, lawyer, lay, lay a heavy tax on, lay away, lay claim to smth, lay down an aim, lay down arms, lay down conditions, lay down the law, lay hands on, lay hold on smth, lay in a stock, lay in stores of smth, lay off workers, lay under contribution, lay-out, lay-up, laying-off, layoff, lead, lead a dog's life, lead-time, leader, leadership, leading currency, leading medium for, leading party bodies, leading party organs, leading position, leads and lags, league, League of Nations, leak, leakage, lean, leap, learned body, lease, lease land from smb, lease out land, leasehold, leasehold property, leaseholder, leather, leave, leave of absence, leave office, leave smth at smb's disposal


M-1, M-2, M-3, machine, machine accounting, machine hour, machine tool, machine-made, machine-man, machine-shop, machine-tool, machine-tool maker, machine-tool plant, machinery, machinist, made, made to order, made to pattern, made-up, magistrate, magnate, magnify, magnitude, magnitude of transactions, magnitudes of the variables, mail, mail order, mail order house, mailing list, maintain, maintain an army, maintain one's rights, maintain prices, maintain resistance, maintaining of the establishment, maintenance, maintenance costs, maintenance department, maintenance of accounts, maintenance supply, major, major concern, major crops, major project, majority, make, make a bid for smth, make a claim against smb for smth, make a contract, make a decent livelihood, make a declaration, make a false step, make a fortune, make a fresh start, make a livelihood, make a loan, make a market of smth, make a move, make a point of, make a proposition, make a suggestion, make a tender, make a treaty, make an abatement, make an agreement, make an appointment, make an entry, make an offer, make an opportunity, make arrangements, make available, make clear, make concessions, make difficulties, make fame, make good, make good a loss, make good reading, make good the deficit, make great strides, make headway, make inquiries, make money, make odds even, make one's bread, make one's living, make out a bill, make out a list, make overtures for a trade agreement, make overtures to smb, make payment, make products, make profit, make progress, make provision, make public, make smth a matter of conscience, make sure, make terms, make the pound convertible into gold, make up a balance, make up for the deficiency, make up leeway, make up losses, make use, make use of, make way, maker, making, making-up, maladjustment, maldistribution, male, male labour, male wage, malmanagement, malnutrition, malversation, man, man of business, man of law, man of principle, man of substance, man-hour, man-made, man-made fibre industry, manage, manage a factory, manage currency, manage on an economic basis, managed currency, management, management of state affairs, management of the factory, management overheads, management stock, management techniques, manager, manager-operated farm, managerial, managerial class, managerial personnel, managerial staff, managership, managing, managing director, mancipation, mandatory rates, manifest, manifestation, manifestation of a crisis, manipulate, manipulate accounts, manipulate facts, manipulate the market, manipulation, manipulation of data, mankind, manned, manner, manner of payment, manning, manning table, manoeuvre, manor, manpower, manpower deployment, manpower tightness, manshift, mansion, mansion-house, manslaughter, manual, manual labour, manual worker, manually, manufactory, manufacture, manufactured, manufactured foodstuffs, manufactured goods, manufactured products, manufacturer, manufacturer's mark, manufacturing, manufacturing corporation, manufacturing employment, manufacturing industry, manufacturing market, manure, march, margin, margin business, margin of errors, marginal, marginal capital/output ratio, marginal changes, marginal coefficient, marginal cost producer, marginal costs


nabob, naked contract, named policy, narrow, narrow bounds, narrow circumstances, narrow inquiry, narrow majority, narrow margin, narrow means, nation, nation's total capital, national, national accounting aggregates, national accounting flows, national accounts, national advertizing, national bank, national city bank, National Coal Board, national consumption, national debt, national defence, national economic development, national economy, national education bill, national endow, national government, national income, national income accounting, national industries, national insurance, national liberation movement, national liberation struggle, national negotiations, national output, national price level, national produce, National Savings Certificates, national security, national service, national strike, national taxes, national ticket, national treatment, national walk-out, national wealth, nationalist leaders, nationally, natural increase, natural resources endow, near position, necessaries, necessaries of life, necessary action, necessitate, necessity, need, needs for cash, needy, needy country, negative balance, negative entrys, negotiability, negotiable, negotiable instrument, negotiable paper, negotiable quality, negotiable securities, negotiate a bill, negotiate a cheque, negotiate a loan, negotiate a sale, negotiate a settlement, negotiate a treaty, negotiate for truce, negotiate tariff concessions, negotiate with smb for smth, negotiated settlement, negotiation, negotiations at the highest level, negotiations by the bargaining process, negotiator, neo-orthodox economist, net, net aggregate flow of financial resources, net assets, net avails, net capital, net capital movement, net cash, net cash proceeds, net cash returns, net cost, net data, net efficiency, net factor incomes from abroad, net flows, net foreign liability, net gain, net income, net liabilities, net national product, net operating profit, net price, net proceeds, net produce, net profit, net remuneration, net salaries, net sales, net spendings, net surplus, net total, net weight, net worth, net yield, network, network planning, new breed of cattle, New economic policy, new entrants into the labour force, new international economic environment, new rules are effective beginning, New Zealand pound, nformation bureau, night shift, night work, no lack of smth, no par value, no par value stock, no purpose, no-claim bonus, no-par, no-par value shares, nomadic population, nomenclature, nominal, nominal and real wages, nominal capital, nominal cost, nominal damages, nominal price, nominal quotation, nominal rent, nominal retail turnover, nominal share, nominal value, nominal wages, nominator, non-acceptance, non-aggression pact, non-aligned nations, non-alignment policy, non-arable, non-belligerent, non-commodity sector, non-compliance, non-distributable assets, non-durable, non-durable goods, non-equity methods of participation, non-essential goods, non-exclusive licence, non-farm people, non-financial corporation, non-interest-bearing, non-linear functions, non-member bank, non-national, non-national state, non-negotiable, non-production accounts, non-productive, non-productive labour, non-productive outlays, non-profit, non-proliferation, non-proliferation treaty, non-quantitiable factors, non-recognition, non-recurrent, non-recurrent expenditures, non-renewable resource, non-renewable resources, non-repayable, non-repayable aid, non-repayable grant, non-repayable handout, non-repayable subsidy, non-reproducible material goods, non-reproductible tangible assets, non-resident, non-resident holding, non-respondent, non-self-supporting population, non-solvency, non-standard materials, non-sterling countries, non-transferable


o n a, objectionable plan, objective function, objective laws, obligate, obligation, obligator, obligatory, obligatory deliveries, oblige, observe the law, observe the necessary balance, obsolescence, obsolescent, obsolete, obsolete equipment, obsolete plant, obstacle, obstruct, obstruction, obtain, obtain a permit, obtain a result, obtain admittance, obtain experience, obtainable, obtainable price, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occupation, occupational, occupational disease, occupational mobility, occupational safety and health regulation, occupied population, occupy, occur, occurence, ocean economy, octroi, odd, odd hand, odd job, odd man, odd money, odd-job, odd-job worker, of British origin, of Chancery, production division, of commodity prices at wholesale, of domestic growth, of English make, of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, of foreign manufacture, of great moment, of great worth, of Health, Education and Welfare, of home manufacture, of industry through the purchase, of little moment, of long duration, of national standing, of no avail, of one's own accord with, of overwhelming size, of physical volume of production, of primary importance, of solid gold, of the first rate, of the purchasing value of money, off, off grade, off year, off-balance, off-farm income, off-grade, off-hour, off-hour job, off-line equipment, off-quality, off-shore orders, offend against law, offer, offer compensation, offer for sale, offer guarantee, offer opposition, offer shares for subscription, offeree, offerer, offering, office, office and management personnel, office expenses, office hours, office memo, Office of Price Administration, office of profit, office under Government, office worker, officer, official, official capital, official rate, official ration, official strike, official valuation, officially, officials' fee, offset, offshore oil, offshore purchases, offtake, oil, oil basis, oil king, oil processing, oil-field, oilman, Old World, old-age insurance, old-age pension, old-established, old-established firm, oligarchal, oligarchial, oligarchy, oligopoly, on a broad scale, on a considerable scale, on a costsharing basis, on a national scale, on a par with, on an average, on an international scale, on any terms, on application, on beneficial terms, on board bill of lading, on business, on condition, on equal terms, on gross basis, on hand, on most favoured nation term, on most favoured nation terms, on net basis, on parity basis, on principle, on repeated occasions, on straight business terms, on the assumption of, on the basis of, on the brink of war, on the ground of, on the industrial principle, on the pretext of, on the record, on the score of, on time, on velvet, on-site, on-site control, on-the-spot control, oncost, one crop system, one name paper, one-crop, one-crop country, one-crop system, one-man company, one-man farm, one-man management, one-sided, one-sided agreement, one-sided judgement, one-time dowries, onflow, onrush, onrush of technology, onset, onset of the recession, onus, open, open a credit with a bank, open a question, open account, open an account with a bank, open business relations, open cheque, open cover, open credit, open door policy, open end mutual fund, open market, open market purchases, open negotiations, open policy, open position, open primary


pace, pacific, pack, package, package car, package disarmament plan, package licensing, package plan, packaged goods, packageing, packer, packing, packing house, packing industry, packing plant, packinghouse worker, pact, padded bills, paid leave, paid shares, paid up stock, pallet, palletd goods, panel, panel housebuilding, panel meeting, panic, panic on the Exchange, panic price, panic stricken, paper, paper at a long date, paper blocade, paper circulation, paper currency, paper exchanges, paper money, paper profits, par, par collection of bank checks, par excellence, par for exchange, par of exchange, par value, par value rates, paramount, paramount necessity, parcel, pare, parent, parent bank, parent company, pari-passu, parity, parity income, parity price, parity rate, parliament, parliamentary, part, part and parcel, part payment, part performance, part time, part time workers, part with the possession of goods, part-paid stock, part-time, part-time employment, part-time farming, part-time work, part-time worker, partial, partial acceptance, partial census, partial delivery, partial disarmament, partial loss, partial payment, partial ratification, partial sowing, partially unemployed, participant, participate, participation, participation in the profits, participator, particular, particularity, particularly, parties concerned, partisan, partly, partner, partnership, party, party politics, pass, pass a bill, pass a resolution, pass a test, pass an account, pass an entry, pass an opinion, pass on to smb, pass the law, pass-book, pass/carry a vote, pass/pronounce a sentence, passable, passage, passenger ship, passive, passive balance, passive bonds, past due, past due protest, pasture, pasture farming, patent, patent annuity, patent cross-licensing, patent family, patent fees, patent law, patent office, patent pool, patent register, patentability, patentee, pattern, pattern of age composition, pattern of demand, pattern of investments, pattern of prices, pattern of trade, pave the way for, pawn, pay, pay 20% down, pay and hours agreement, pay attention to, pay book, pay by cheque, pay by the hour, pay damages, pay double, pay for overtime, pay grievance, pay in advance, pay in cash, pay in full, pay in kind, pay increase, pay its way, pay list, pay off a debt, pay on account, pay one's shot, pay one's subscription, pay one's tick, pay one's way, pay pause, pay rates, pay talks, pay taxes, pay the damages, pay the reckoning, pay-as-you-go, pay-day, pay-envelope, pay-freeze, pay-list, pay-off, pay-off period, pay-office, pay-roll, pay-sheet, payability, payable, payable at sight, payable bills, payable in currency, payable on delivery, payables, payee, payer, paying, paying capacity, paying concern, paying teller, paymaster, payment, payment agreement, payment by check, payment by instalments, payment by results, payment by written order, payment clause, payment in cash


qualification, qualification rating, qualification skill, qualificatory, qualified, qualified majority, qualified purchase, qualify, qualifying employment, qualitative, qualitatively new and higher level, quality, quality certification of goods, quality classification, quality coefficient, quality control, quality of design, quality of lot, quality production, quantitative, quantity, quantity of a flow, quantity production, quantum, quantum of exports, quantum of import, quantum of world trade, quarter, quarter-day, quarter-stock, quarterage, quarterly, quarterly payments, quarters, queer, queer transaction, question, question is, question of the day, questionable, questionnaire, quick, quick assets, quick ratio, quid, quiet conditions, quintal, quintessence, quit, quite positive promises, quite the opposite, quited exports, quittance, quota, quota in effect until, quota purchase prices, quotation, quote, quote a price for the goods, quote a price on a house, quote a rate


race, race discrimination, race hatred, race prejudice, race question, racial minorities, rack, racket, racketeer, racketeering, radical, radical change, radical views, radio worker, raid, rail, rail consignment note, rail shares, rail shipments, railroad brotherhood, rails, railway, railway amalgamation, railway bond, railway brotherhood, railway charges, railway company, railway earnings, railway equipment, railway king, railway lines, railway rate, railway securities, railway service, railway system, railway tariff, railways freight traffic, raise, raise a claim, raise a loan, raise a subscription, raise cattle, raise corn, raise difficulties, raise funds, raise money, raise money on, raise the market, raise wages, raised bill, raised check, raising, rake in profits, rally, ranch, ranch cattle, random, random distribution, random error, random experiment, random sample, random sampling error, random value, range, range of error, range of stability, range of yield fluctuations, rank, rank pari-passu with, rank-and-file members, ranked data, ranking, rapid development, rapid growth, rapid upsurge, rapid-flow, rapproachement, rare, ratable, ratable value, ratal, rate, rate discrimination, rate fixer, rate of accumulation, rate of delivery of a program, rate of depreciation, rate of discount, rate of discounting, rate of dividend on shares, rate of duty, rate of exchange, rate of freight, rate of gain, rate of growth, rate of input, rate of insurance, rate of interest, rate of inventory demand, rate of issue, rate of loading, rate of production, rate of profit, rate of replacement, rate of return, rate of return on capital, rate of return on stock-holders equity, rate of surplus value, rate of tariff, rate of turnover, rate of turnover of inventory, rate of wages, rate per cent, rate scale, rate setting, rate war, rate worker, rate-slashing, rated, rated balance, rated capacity, rated value, ratepayer, rates and taxes, rates of assessment, rates of charges, rates of growth, rates of remuneration, rates of return, ratification, ratify, ratify a treaty, rating, ratio, ratio of capital replacement, ratio of capital to labour, ratio of capital to output, ratio of current assets, ratio of exchange, ratio of fixed assets to net worth, ratio of labour to output, ratio of margin to sales, ratio of net profits to net worth, ratio of plant to net worth, ratio of profit to sales, ratio of reserves to liabilities, ration, ration books, rational, rationalisation proposal, rationalisation suggestion, rationalization activity, rationalization movement, rationing, raw, raw cotton, raw data, raw materials, raw materials base, raw materials sources, raw produce, raw rice, raw skin, raw sugar, RD department, reach, reach a goal, reach agreement, reach bottom, reach the woolsack, react, reaction, reading, readjust, readjustment, ready, ready cash, ready market, ready money, real, real assets, real estate, real estate bank, real estate loan, real estate mortgage, real estate tax, real estate trusts, real income, real income movement of remuneration, real money, real property, real retail sales, real value, real volume, real wage, realignment, realizable, realization, realization of a plan, realization of a price


sabotage, sack, sack profit, sacrifice, saddle, safe, safe bill, safe customer, safe from outrage, safe house, safe investment, safe policy, safe practice, safe seat, safeguard, safeguard independence, safeguard industries, safety, safety arrangement and precautions, safety facilities, safety factor, safety measures, safety regulations, safety technique, sag, sagging demand, sagging market, salaried, salaried man, salary, salary schedule, sale, sale price, saleable, saleable article, sales, sales agent, sales department, sales depot, sales figures, sales manager, sales opportunities, sales outlets, sales slowdown, sales work, salesman, salesmanship, salvage, sample, sample data, sampling ratio, sanction, sandwich-man, sanitary inspection, sanitary inspector, sanitary inspectorate, sanitation, satellite, satisfaction, satisfaction of debt, satisfactory, satisfy, satisfy a claim, satisfy a want, satisfy an agreement, satisfy the demand, saturate, saturation, saturation capacity, save, save expense, save time, saving, saving rate, saving-to-income ratio, savings, savings book, savings deposit, saw mill, scab, scale, scale economys, scale of charges, scale of living, scale of rates, scale of wages, scanty, scanty demand, scanty means, scarce, scarce commodities, scarce currency, scarcity, scarcity price, scarecely, scarify, scatter, scattered, schedule, schedule of charges, schedule time, schedule work, scheme, schilling, scholar, scholarship, school, school leaver, school service, schooling, science, Science and Art Department, science and technology, sciences, scientific, scientific management, scientific manpower, scientific officer, scientific progress, scientist, scope, scope for investment, scope of an inquiry, scope of public services for population, score, scores, scotch, scramble, scramble for office, scrap metal, scrips, scrub, scrutinize, scrutiny, SDR, seaborne, seal, search, season, seasonable, seasonable adjustments, seasonable aid, seasonably adjusted, seasonal, seasonal amount, seasonal migration, seasonal trade, seasonal unemployment, seasonal worker, seasonally, seasonally adjusted, seasonally adjusted production index, seat, seat of the company, seat on the board, seat on the exchange, second, secondary, secondary occupation, secondary product, secondary school, secondary technical training, seconds, secret vote, secretary, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Interior, Secretary to the Treasury, section, sector, sector of the national economy, sectoral association, sectoral input-output coefficient, sectoral structure of industry, sectorial rates of growth, secular movement, secure, secure a creditor, secure a full mobilisation of economic resources, secure a good bargain, secure an order, secure investments, secure profit, secure profits, secure the liberty, Securities and exchange Commission SEC, securities holdings, security, security bill, security broker, Security Council, security pact, security prices, security prices slump, security yield, see, seed, seed farm, seed farming, seed grower


t saving, table, table of interest, table of ranks, table of rates, table of weights and measures, tabular, tabular book-keeping, tabular data, tabular presentation, tabulate, tabulating machine, tabulating machinery, tabulation, Taft-Hartly Act, Taft-Hartly law, tag, tainted, tainted goods, take, take a good turn, take a lease of, take a side with smb, take a start, take a vote, take advantage, take advantage of smth, take an offer, take back one's word, take charge of, take control, take delivery, take dictation, take effect, take from the value of smth, take in taxes, take in the harvest, take interest, take into account, take measures, take notice, take office, take on discount, take on extra workers, take on sale, take on the defensive, take one's degree, take out a licence, take out a patent, take out an insurance policy, take out the liabilities of the firm, take over a business, take part in smth, take place, take possession, take precedence, take priority of, take shape, take smb into one's service, take smb off the job, take steps, take stock, take the benefit of the bankrupt, take the census, take the chair, take the charge of smth, take the crop, take the debt out in smth, take the necessary steps, take the opportunity, take the opportunity of, take the place, take the view, take time, take up a bill, take up a quota, take up shares, take-home pay, take-off, take-over, taker, taking, talk, talk politics, talk shop, talks, tallage, tally, tally business, tally trade, tangible, tangible assets, tangible property, tape prices, target, target figure, target for disposal of products, tariff, tariff agreement, tariff barrier to trade, tariff concessions, tariff law, tariff policy, tariff rank, tariff rates, tariff rebates, tariff system, tariff union, tariff value, tariff war, tariff zone, task, task rate with bonus, task time, task work, task-work, tax, tax abatement, tax allowance, tax assessment, tax base, tax bearer, tax burden, tax collection, tax collector, tax concessions, tax credit, tax dodgers, tax evasion, tax excuse, tax exempt, tax funds, tax in kind, tax loss carry-back, tax notes, tax on land, tax on profits, tax on trade, tax payer, tax proceeds, tax qualified, tax rate, tax rates, tax refund, tax remissions, tax reserve certificates, tax return, tax revenue, tax revenues, tax screw, tax withholding, tax-exempt, tax-free, taxability, taxable, taxable capacity, taxable income, taxable profits, taxation, taxpayer, teaching staff, team, team-mate, tear, technical, technical adviser, technical assistance, technical backwardness, technical conditions, technical crop, technical crops, technical difficulty, technical economys, technical guidelines for setting out priorities, technical manpower, technical personnel, technical programme, technical progress, technical school, technical staff, technical study groups, technical superiority, technical terms, technically based standard, technician, technicist, technics, technique, technological, technological know-how, technological progress, technological supremacy, technology, technology evaluation, teen-age, teller, temper, temper credit expansion, temper the impact of inflation, temperate zone


ullage, ultimate, ultimate consumer, ultimate load, ultimate result, umbrella project, unacceptable, unacceptable terms, unaccepted, unaccepted draft, unaccommodated, unaccomplished, unadjusted data, unadjusted production index, unallotted, unallotted shares, unanswerable, unapplied, unapplied funds, unappropriated, unappropriated balance, unappropriated funds, unappropriated profits, unascertained, unascertained facts, unassesable, unassorted, unattainable, unavailable, unavailing, unavailing efforts, unavoidable, unavoidable delay, unaware, unbalance, unbalance in foreign trade, unbalanced, unbearable, unbearable conditions, unbeaten, unbecoming, unbiased estimate, unbound, unbounded, unbridled speculation, unbusinesslike, uncalled, uncalled capital, uncertain, uncertainty, unchallengeable, unchangeable, unchanged, unchecked, unchecked advance, uncivil, uncivilized, unclaimed, unclaimed goods, uncollectable bills, uncollectible bills, uncommercial, uncommercial undertaking, uncommissioned, uncommitted balances of appropriations, uncommon, unconditional, unconditional refusal, unconditional tender, unconfirmed, unconfirmed facts, unconstitutional strike, uncontrolable, uncontrolled, uncontrolled liberty, unconvertible, uncovered, uncovered paper money, uncustomed, undenounced, undepreciated value, under ban, under clause 5 of the agreement, under no consideration, under one's hand and seal, under reporting, under such conditions, under the circumstances, under the oppression, under the stipulation that, under-activity, under-age, under-developed country, under-employed capacity, under-lease, under-populated, under-secretary, under-the-counter, under-the-table, underbid, undercapitalized, undercharge, underconsumption, undercut, underdeclaration, underdeclaration of income, underdeveloped, underdeveloped countries, underemployment, underemployment equilibrium, underestimate, underexporting, undergo, undergo a change, undergo treatment, undergrade, underimporting, underinsurance, underinvestment, underlaying data, underlie, underlying, underlying condition, underlying principles, undermanned, undermine unity, undernourishment, underpay, underpin, underpressed, underprivileged, underproduce, underproduction, underrate, underreporting, undersaving, undersell, understanding, understate, understatement, understock, undertake, undertake the sale, undertaker, undertaking, undertime, undertone, undervaluation, undervalue, underwork, underwrite, underwriting, underwriting commission, underwriting rate, underwriting syndicate, undeveloped, undischarged, undisclosed, undisclosed buyer, undistributed, undistributed profits, undivided, undivided authority, undo, undoing, undoubted, undue, undurable, undurable goods, unearned, unearned income, uneconomic, uneconomical, unembarrassed, unemployed, unemployed capital, unemployment, unemployment benefit, unemployment compensation, unemployment exchange, unemployment insurance, unemployment relief, unencumbered, unendowed, unengaged, unentered, unequal, unequipped, uneven, unexecuted, unexhausted, unfair, unfair competition, unfair firm, unfair judgement, unfair labour practices, unfair list, unfair practices, unfavourable, unfavoured


vacancy, vacant, vacant lands, vacant position, vacate, vacate office, vagabond, valid, valid claim, valid objection, valid until recalled, validate, validation, validity, vallance, valorization, valorize, valuable, valuation, value, value basis of prices, value data, value engineering, value exports fob, value flows, value index, value of commodity, value of currency, value of exports, value of imports, value of labour, value of sales, value of shipments, value terms, valued, valued policy, valueless, valuer, van, vandalism, vanguard, vanish, vanquish, vanquish an opponent in debate, vanquisher, vantage, vantage place, variability, variable, variable budget, variable capital, variable dividend securities, variable exchange rate, variable expenses, variance, variation, varied, varied stock, variety, various, vary, varying, vast, vast scale, vast sums of money, vault, vegetable, vegetable farm, vegetable garden, vehement, vehement strife, vehicle, vehicles, vehicular, veil, vein, velocity, velocity of circulation, velvet, vendible, vending, vending machine, venture, verbal, verbal agreement, verbal arrangement, verbal contract, verbal understanding, verge, verifiable, verification, verifying fulfilment, verity, verity an account, versality, versus, vertical trust, vertical union, vest, vest power in smb, vested capital, vested interests, vesting day, veto, vexed, viable economy, vice, vice-chairman, vice-consul, vice-versa, victim, victorious, victual, victualling, view, views, vigilance, vigorous, vigour, village, village community, villager, villeinage, vindicate, vine, vintage, violate, violate commitments, violate obligations, violation, violence, violent, violent discrepancy, violent efforts, virgin, virgin and fallow lands, virgin land, virgin soil, virtual, virtually, virtue, virtues and shortcomings, visible, visible accounts, visible items, visible supplies, visible supply, visible trade, visible trade balance, visual media, vital, vital record, vital register, vital statistics, vitality, vocational, vocational school, vocational technical training, vocational training, void, void contract, voidable, voidable contract, volume, volume index, volume of a loan, volume of business, volume of exports, volume of imports, volume of output, volume of production, volume of trade, volume of traffic, volume-produce, voluntary, voluntary bodies, voluntary liquidation, voluntary settlement, voluntary society, vote, vote a ticket, vote down, vote into Parliament, voted budget, voter, voting, voting by secret ballot, voting list, voting power, voting trust, vouch, voucher


wage, wage a campaign, wage a contest, wage a war against smb, wage and salaried workers, wage and salary income, wage bill, wage category, wage ceiling, wage claim, wage control, wage cut, wage demand, wage development, wage differential, wage employment, wage escalation, wage floor, wage grade, wage incentive, wage increase, wage labour, wage labourer, wage negotiations, wage package, wage plus-bonus system, wage policy, wage pressure, wage rate, wage rate book, wage rate fixing, wage rates distribution, wage restraint, wage scale, wage settlement, wage sheet, wage slavery, wage tax, wage war, wage work, wage worker, wage-earner, wage-freeze, wage-fund, wage-levelling, wage-push, wage-rate schedule, wage-rates and skills handbook, wage-struggle, wage-worker, wagebill, wages and salaries, wages bills, wages costs, wages fund, wail-and-see policy, wait-and-see, wait-and-see attitude, waiter, waiting attitude, waiting game, waitress, waiver of right, walk-mill, walk-out, walking-paper, Wall Street, Wall Street nabobs, Wall Streeter, waller, wane, wangle, wangle statistics, want, want of goods, want of money, want of stock, wantage, war, war bonds, war crimes, war debts, war effort, war insurance, war loan, war of aggression, war of attrition, war of extermination, war risk insurance, war surplus, war-monger, war-preparation boom, war-swollen, war-wearied, war-worn, war-worn region, ward, warden, ware, warehouse, warehouse foreman, warehouseman, warehousing, wares, warfare, warfare agent, warlike, warlike equipment, warlike gesture, warlike preparations, warmonger, warn, warning, warrant, warrant of attorney, warrant of death, warrant of distress, warrant weight, warrantable, warrantee, warrantor, warranty, warrior, Warsaw Pact countries, Warsaw Treaty Organization, wash sale, washerman, wastage, waste, waste iron, waste land, waste of fuel, waste of money, waste paper, waste product, waste products, waste stowage, waste utilisation, waste water, wasteful, wasteful expenditure, wasting assets, water, water craft, water power, water power plant, water power resources, water rights, water shipments, water supply, water transport, water-borne, water-proof, water-rate, water-supply, water-supply map, water-way, watered capital, watered stock, watershed, watertight, watertight alibi, watertight plan, waterwork, wave, wave of enthusiasm, wave of indignation, way, way station, way train, ways and means, ways and means advances, Ways and Means Committee, we can well afford, weak, weak demand for goods, weaken, weakening, weakening of demand, weaker tendency in prices, weakness, weakness in sterling, weakness of an argument, wealth, wealthy, weapon, weapons of annihilation, wear, wear and tear, weave, weaver, weaver's loom, weaving, weaving factory, weaving mill, week, weekly, weekly fixtures, weekly instalment, weekly payments




yard, yardage, yarn, year, year of plenty, year-end earnings summary, yearbook, yearly, yearly closure, yearly income, yearly installment, yearly report, yearly sale, yearly settlement, yellowback, yen, yield, yield a loss, yield a profit, yield increase, yield interest, yield of bonds, yield of capital, Young Communist League, youth movement


zonal price, zone, zone for industry, zone tariff, zone time, zoning

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