Сборник электронных Российских словарей

$100 mln will be assessed on the regular scale


a microeconomic level, a piece of gold, a piece of silver, a ship of 1000 tons burden, abandon, abandon a claim, abandon convertibility, abandon gold standard, abandon goods to the insurer, abandon price control, abandonment, abandonment of option, abate, abatement, ability, ability produce, ability to pay, ability to produce, ability to repay, ability to work, able, able-bodied, abnormal, aboard, abolish, abolish a duty, abolish a tariff, abolish a tax, abolishment, abolition, abolition committee, absence, absence from work, absence of personal responsibility, absence of plan, absence rate, absence without leave, absentee, absentee landlord, absentee owner, absentee owners farm, absenteeism, absenteeism rate, absolute deviation, absolute value, absolve, absorb, absorb the output of the schools, absorbing capacity, absorption, absorption capacity, absorption capacity of a developing country, abstain, abstain from entering into contracts, abstinence, abstinence theory, abstract, abstract of account, abstract of statistics, abundance, abundant, abundantly, abuse, abuse of benefits, abuse of credit, abuse of economic power, abuse of rights, accelerate, accelerated depreciation, accelerateed depreciation, accelerateing premium, accelerateing wage rate, accelerating premium, accelerating wage rate, acceleration, acceleration coefficient, acceleration factor, acceleration of growth, acceleration principle, accept, accept an offer, accept goods, acceptable, acceptable quality level, acceptable quality range, acceptance, acceptance bill, acceptance credit, acceptance of work, acceptance test, acceptance trials, access, access to markets, access to markets for commodities, access to technology, accession, accession rate, accessorial, accessorial services, accessory, accessory work, accident, accident experience, accident free, accident frequency rate, accident insurance, accident preventatives, accident prevention, accident rate, accident risk, accident severity rate, accident statistics, accidental, accidental damage to fixed capital, accidental loss, accommodate, accommodation, accommodation unit, account, account book, account department, account document, account equipment, account executive, account holder, account in ones custody, account of charges, account production, account showing the status of, account valuation, accountability, accountable, accountancy, accountant, accountant officer, accounting, accounting clerk, accounting conventions, accounting currency, accounting device, accounting entry, accounting framework, accounting information, accounting machine, accounting mechanism, accounting methods, accounting period, accounting practice, accounting price, accounting principles, accounting procedure, accounting records, accounting system, accounting unit, accounts in use, accounts outstanding, accounts payable, accounts payable liabilities, accounts receivable, accounts with a long time to run, accrual, accrual basis of accounting, accrual from trade transactions, accrue, accrue a right, accrued interest, accrued items, accrued liabilities, accrued taxes, accrueing income, accumulate, accumulated data, accumulated debt, accumulated depreciation, accumulated divided, accumulated error, accumulated interest, accumulated stocks, accumulation, accumulative, accumulative saving, achieve, achieve complementarity in regional pattern of industrial development, achievement, acquire, acquirement, acquisition, acquisition and replacement estimates, acquisition costs, acquisition of market power, acquisition of technology, acquisitiveness, acquit, acquitance roll, acquittance, acquittance roll, acreage allotment, across the board, across the board reduction of duties, across the board wage increase


back, back a loan, back country, back flow, back freight, back interest, back pay, back shift, backer, background, backhaul, backing, backlog, backlog in housing, backlog of debts, backlog of demand, backlog of licences, backlog of orders, backlog of work, backward, backward bad debt, backward debt reserve, backward debts insurance, backward management, backwardness, bad, bad bargain, bad debt, bad debt reserve, bad debts insurance, bad management, bail, bailee, bailment, bailor, bailout, balance, balance accounts, balance available in surplus account, balance cost, balance in hand, balance method, balance of account, balance of appropriations, balance of appropriations shall be surrendered, balance of claims, balance of claims and liabilities, balance of debt, balance of direct investment flow, balance of fixed assets, balance of goods and services, balance of industrial enterprise, balance of international indebtedness, balance of long term capital flow, balance of manpower, balance of merchandise trade, balance of money income and expenditure of the population, balance of payment account, balance of payments, balance of payments position, balance of payments statement, balance of services, balance of short-term transactions, balance of shot-term transactions, balance of the account, balance of the estimate, balance of trade, balance of transfers and grants, balance of visible trade, balance of working time, balance on current account, balance on deposit, balance on net liquidity, balance on transfers and grants, balance out, balance sheet, balance sheet data, balance sheet entries, balance sheet items, balance sheet of money relations, balance sheet of national wealth, balance the books, balance value, balance-sheet entrys, balance-sheet items, balanced budget, balanced distribution, balanced expansion of the world economy, balanced growth, balanced industrial development, balanced industrial structure, balanced plan, balanced sample, balances of all unpaid assessed contributions, balances with foreign banks, balancing, balancing entry, balancing items, balancing the production capacity, bale, ban, band chart, bank, bank accommodations, bank account, bank adjuster, bank auditing, bank automation, bank balance, bank branchs, bank clearings, bank community, bank credit line, bank deposit velocity, bank discount, bank guarantees, bank issue, bank of circulation, bank of issue, bank rate, bank return, bank service charge, bank statement, bank stock, bank-holidays, bank-notes, banked, bankers acceptance, bankers bank, bankers commercial credits, banking business, banking community, banking costs, banking facilitys, banking interests, banking support, bankrupcy, bankrupcy proceedings, banks clearing house, bans on trade, bar chart, bar diagram, bar graph, bare necessities, bargain, bargain money, bargain sale, bargained fee, bargaining, bargaining strength, barter, barter payment arrangements, barter transaction, base, base charge, base data, base industry, base magnitude, base metals, base of the post adjustment system, base period, base price, base rate, base scales, base scenario, base time, base year, base year coefficients, base-period prices, basic, basic account in balance of payments, basic activitys, basic aggregate, basic assets, basic commodities, basic data, basic document, basic fee, basic funds depreciation, basic materials, basic point, basic rate, basic research, basic salary, basic services factor, basic services sector, basic standard, basic studys, basic table, basic target price, basic value, basis, basis concept of supply and demand, basis of assessment, basis point, basket, basket of goods, batch, batch production, be drained of funds


cadastre, calculate, calculate interest, calculated, calculating, calculating machine, calculating machines, calculating price, calculation, calculation interval, calculation of costs, calculation of exchange, calculation problem, calculator, calculus, call, call deposit, call in outstanding loans, call loan, call-forward, callable, cancel, cancel debts, cancelation, canvass, canvass survey, capability, capacity, capacity became operational, capacity factor, capacity of markets, capacity production, capacity utilization rate, capacity value, capacityies became operational, capacityies rate, capacityies requirements, capacityies utilization rate, capita, capital, capital account, capital account balance, capital account reconciliation, capital accumulation, capital aid, capital aid for economic development, capital allowances, capital amount, capital assets, capital attrition, capital coefficient, capital consumption, capital consumption allowances, capital contribution, capital cost per unit of output, capital costs, capital costss, capital equipment, capital expenditure budget, capital expenditures, capital flow, capital formation, capital formation sector, capital fund, capital fund outlays, capital gain, capital gain tax, capital gains, capital goods, capital goods investment, capital grants, capital holdings, capital input-output coefficient, capital inputs, capital intensive, capital invested, capital invested per dollar of output, capital investment, capital investments, capital items, capital management policy, capital market, capital movements, capital outlay, capital outlays, capital per man-hour, capital per worker, capital planning, capital productivity, capital reinvestment, capital renewals, capital repair, capital repairs, capital replacement, capital requirements, capital requirements of production, capital resources, capital retirement, capital saveing technological progress, capital shortage, capital spending, capital spending intentions, capital stock, capital structure, capital supply, capital transactions, capital transfers, capital turnover, capital utilization, capital value, capital-employment ratio, capital-output, capital-output ratio, capital-saving devices, capital-saving innovations, capital-saving technological progress, capital/employment ratio, capitalization, capitalization of overhead charges, capitalization of technology, capitalization period, capitalize, capitalized cost, capitalized earning power, capitalized rights, capitalized total cost, capitalized value, capitation, capitation grant, capitation tax, carcass, carcass weight, carcass weight basis, carcass weight equivalent, card, card box, card index, card-punching, card-reading, cardinal reconstruction, cargo, cargo bulk, cargo carrier, cargo insurance, cargo rates, cargo ship, cargo turnover, carnet, carriage, carriage free, carrier, carry, carry forward, carry forward of losses, carry over, carry-over, carry-over stock, carry-over stocks, carrying capacity, carrying charge, carrying costss, carrying out time, cartel, case, case study, case studys, case work, case worker, cash, cash a check, cash account, cash advances, cash allowance, cash and carry selling, cash and realizable goods, cash balance, cash basis of accounting, cash bonuss, cash book, cash budget, cash crop production, cash crops, cash delivery, cash department, cash dividend, cash down, cash fixed costss, cash flow, cash grain farm, cash holding, cash holdings in banks, cash in advance, cash in bank, cash in vault, cash issue, cash journal, cash list, cash management, cash money, cash on hand


daily, daily allowance, daily average, daily paid staff, daily proceeds, daily receipts, daily receiptss, daily record, dairy products dry content, damage, damage certificate, damaged goods, damages paid, dampen, dampened cycle, dampened oscillation, dampening of prices, data, data are not available, data base, data collecting, data collection costss, data collection framework, data collection vehicle, data conversion, data handling, data handling procedure, data handling system, data in, data input, data limitation, data out, data problems, data processing, data processing machines, data processing rate, data processing system, data recording, data remote processing, data retrieval, data smoothing, data stored in the central computer, data translation, date, date closing, date of delivery, date of payment, date of sealing, date of the census, day, day book, day labour, day labourer, day labourers, day of entry, day off, day rate, day shift, day wages, day-to-~, day-to-~ control, day-to-~ needs, day-to-~ work, days of grace, de facto balance, dead, dead beat, dead line, dead loss, dead season, dead stock, dead time, dead work, deadweight, deadweight... ton in ballast, deal, deal in cars, dealer, dealer discounts, dealer franchise, dealers in securities, dealers in securitys, dealing, dealings, dear money, dearness allowance, death, death annuities, death annuitys, death benefit, death duty, death of equipment, death rate, debenture, debenture interest, debit, debit a sum against the account of ..., debit accounts, debit an account, debit and credit, debit balance, debit debts, debit entry, debit item, debt, debt consolidation, debt contracted on hard terms, debt conversation, debt creation, debt crunch, debt financing, debt limit, debt liquidation, debt management, debt market, debt moratorium, debt of defered maturity, debt of deferred maturity, debt position, debt ratio, debt rearrangements, debt relief, debt repayment, debt rescheduling, debt retirement, debt service, debt service obligations, debt service payments, debt service ratio, debt servicing, debt servicing costs, debt servicing costss, debt servicing problem, debt surviving costs, debt-to-equity ratio, debtor, debtor creditor relationships, debtor nation, debtor position, decade averages, decelerate, deceleration, decennial census, decimal place, declaration, declaration of origin, declaration of payment, declared dividend, decline, decline in prices, decline of export markets, declining, declining balances method, declining marginal efficiency of capital theory, declining sectors of the economy, decontrol, decontrol prices, deductable, deductable costs, deductible costss, deduction, deduction from internal reproduction, deduction of 5 per cent, deduction of expenses, deduction of expensess, deed, deed of conveyance, deed of reception, deed on conveyance, deed to the house, defalcation, defalcator, default, default on bonds, default on interest, default on international obligation, defaulted securities, defaulted securitys, defaulting customer, defaultion bonds, defect, defective, defective competition, defective product, defective work, defects list, defense bill, defer, defer income, defered demand, defered expenses, defered income, defered liabilities, defered payment, deferred charges, deferred payments, deferred shares, deficiency, deficient, deficient capacityies


earmark, earmarked gold, earn, earn a living by ..., earn ones living by, earned rate average, earned surplus, earner, earnest, earnest money, earning, earning assets, earning capacity of land, earning potentials, earning power, earning retained in the business, earnings from foreign investments, earnings from insurance and brokerage, earnings measures, earnings of factors of production, earnings of management, earnings on new capital, earnings per man-hour, earnings stability, earnings summary, ease, ease custom formalities, easing, easing of market, easing of market of gold, easy, easy market, easy money, econometric model, economic, economic accountability, economic accounting, economic achievements, economic activity, economic activitys, economic advancement, economic advancement and social progress, economic affairs, economic and social framework, economic and social infrastructures, economic and social systems, economic behavior, economic benefits, economic calculation, economic capacity, economic competition, economic conditions, economic crisis, economic cycle, economic dislocation, economic disparity, economic down-turn, economic efficiency, economic environment, economic equilibrium, economic event, economic executive, economic goods, economic health, economic imbalance, economic incentives, economic independence, economic indexes, economic life, economic life of equipment, economic lot size, economic magnitudes, economic measure, economic measures, economic mechanism, economic method, economic might, economic miracle, economic mobilization, economic motivation, economic motivations, economic opportunities for gainful employment, economic opportunity, economic opportunitys, economic order, economic outlook workers, economic patent, economic pattern, economic phenomena, economic plan, economic planner, economic planning, economic plans, economic potential, economic problems, economic projections, economic prospect, economic recovery, economic sanctions, economic scenario, economic self- sufficiency, economic self-sufficiency, economic situation, economic statistics, economic status, economic strategy, economic survey, economic system, economic tasks, economic theorist, economic time series, economic transactions, economic unit, economic volume of output, economic warfare, economic waste, economic-size plants, economical, economically, economically active population, economically adapted crops, economically exploitable reserves, economically feasible, economically inactive population, economically sized farm, economics, economics department, economics individualistic ~, economics of enterprise, economics of industrial firm, economics of input and output, economics of planning, economist, economize, economy, economy class, economy in capital charges, economy of labour force, economy of large scale, economy of scale, economy undergoing change, economys of bulk transactions, economys of integration due to common costs, economys of local specialization, economys of localization, economys of mass production, economys of scale, economys of standardization, ed system, educational establishment, educational grant, educational standard, effect, effect insurance, effect payment, effect repair, effective, effective capacity, effective date, effective demand, effective exchange rate, effective interest rate, effective life in the use, effective output, effective power, effective price, effective protection of industrial property, effective tax rate, effective value, effects of a sale, efficiency, efficiency engineer, efficiency factor, efficiency man, efficient, efficient labour, efficient planning of the working day, elaborate planning, elastic, elastic demand, elastic supply, elasticity, elasticity coefficient, elasticity of demand, elasticity of demand and supply, elasticitys between different factors, electrical engineering, electronic computer, element, elementary flow, eligible, eligible beneficiary, eligible companies, elimination of post, embargo, embodied, embodied labour, embodied technology, emergency, emergency communication


fabric, fabricate, fabricated, fabricated materials, fabricated parts, fabricateing works, fabrication, face, face amount, face value, facial, facial account, facilitate, facilitateing marketing agencies, facilitation, facilities and standards of service, facility, facilitys and standards of service, facilitys available for generation of power, factor, factor analysis, factor combinations, factor costs, factor costss, factor demand, factor earnings, factor endow, factor endowment, factor incomes, factor inputs, factor into, factor markets, factor matrix, factor of merit, factor of proportionality, factor payments, factor pricing, factor remunerations, factor restrictions, factor returns, factor services, factor substitutions, factor-price equilibrium, factor-~ analysis, factors markets, factors of production, factory, factory burden, factory committee, factory costss, factory goods, factory inspectors, factory layout, factory ledger, factory management, factory outlet, factory overhead, factory sales branch, factory shipments, factory starts, factory waste, factory-made goods, fail, failing, failure, failure to deliver, failure to pay, failure to work a patent, fair, fair competition, fair employment practice, fair employment practices commissions, fair price, fair prices, fair quantities, fair return, fair supply, fair trade practice, fair-labour-practice acts, false declarations, family, family accounts statistics, family allowance, family allowances, family budget, family budget schedule, family budget studies, family budgets, family business, family enterprise, family entrepreneur, family farm, family industry, family planning, family settlement, family workers, famine, famine price, famine relief, fare, farm, farm budget analysis, farm business, farm business summary, farm capital, farm capital goods, farm enterprise, farm firm, farm foreclosures, farm hand, farm hands, farm implement stores, farm implements, farm improvements, farm income, farm input suppliers, farm inputs, farm labour, farm land use, farm layout, farm machinery, farm manager, farm mechanization, farm operators, farm organization, farm parity ratio, farm performance, farm population, farm practice, farm prices, farm prices support, farm produce assembler, farm produce buyer, farm product processors, farm production inputs, farm production technology, farm receipts, costs and profits, farm rent, farm resources, farm sector, farm services, farm statistics, farm structures, farm surpluses, farm surpluss, farm tenure status, farm workers, farmer, farmers produce, farming, farming plant, farmland, farms gate-price, fault, faulty, faulty goods, favorable development environment, favour, favourable, favourable accounts, favourable balance, favourable balance of trade, favourable credit facilitys, favourable most treatment, favourable passive accounts, favourable trade outlook, favoured treatment, feasibility, feasibility study, feasible, federal, federal budget, federal combines, federal employees, federal expenditure, fee, feed, feed back factor, feed conversion ratio, feed grain, feed grains, feed supplements, feed supplies, feed supplys, feed-back, feed-back channel, feed-back costss, feed-back effect, feeder, feeder roads, feeding stuffs, feedlot, feedstock, fertilizer feedstock, fidelity clause, fiduciary standard, field, field accounts unit, field and headquarters staffing, field establishment


gain, gain sharing, gainful, gainful employment, gainful occupation, gainful workers, gainfully occupied population, gainings, gains in the capital fund, galloping inflation, gang, gang boss, gang foreman, ganged, gap, gap in the balance, gap in the data, garnishment, garnishment of wages, gauge, gauged, gauging, general, general accountant, general accounting, general administrative expensess, general agency, general agent, general average, general business situation, general cargo, general census of population, general commission agent, general crop farm, general crop farmer, general economic equilibrium, general employment, general engineering, general equilibrium, general equilibrium of labour market, general estimate, general expenses, general expenses items, general factor, general farms, general foreman, general fund, general government sector, general government service, general labour, general layout, general least cost substitution principle, general ledger, general manager, general meeting, general office, general overhaul, general overhead, general price level, general purpose computer, general purpose type, general report, general service department, general service posts, general ship, general store, general strike, general stuff, general system theory, general temporary assistance, general theory, general totality, general unit of accounts, general worker, general-overhead-type costss, generalize, generalized financing agreements for stocks, generalized preference system, generate, generate employment, generateing in bulk, generation, generation time, geological examination, geometric, geometric average, geometric average of prices, geometric distribution, geometric mean, gestation period, gift, gift tax, gilt-edged securitys, giveaway programmes, global, global average target, global communication system, global permit, global quota, global quotas, global slump, global total, glut, glutted market, go into black, go to money market for funds, go under-, going, going business, going concern, going rate, going value, going wage, gold, gold backing, gold bullion clause, gold clause, gold cover, gold exchange monetary, gold exchange monetary system, gold exchange standard, gold flows, gold inflow, gold link, gold parity, gold point, gold points, gold pool, gold reserve, gold reserves, gold reserves drain, gold standard, gold stock, gold substitutes, gold tranche drawing rights, gold-bullion clause, gold-exchange monetary system, gold-exchange standard, gold-value clause, good, good bargain, good delivery, good offices, good ordinary brand, good title, good will, goods, goods carried, goods entering international trade, goods entering world trade, goods in circulation, goods in danger of being attached, goods in process, goods in transit, governance, governing, governing by objectives, government, government activitys, government consumption, government debt, government deficit, government employee, government enterprise, government intervention, government promotion, government receipts, government receiptss, government regulation, government securities, government spending, government take, government workers, governmental non-interference with business, grace, grace period, grace period of a loan, grade, grade of quality, grade testing, graded, graded a tax, grading, graduate, graduate student, graduated income tax, graduation, graduation curve, graduation work, grain, grain basis, grain bill, grain equivalent, grain exchange, grain in bulk, grain pool, grain supply, grant, grant a patent, grant credit


half gross, hand, hand made, hand to-mouth, hand work, hand-to-mouth buying, handbook, handicraft, handicraft industry, handing agent, handle, handle the credit, handling, handling agent, handling capacity, handling charge, handling equipment, handling time, hands wanted, harbour accommodation, harbour authorities, hard, hard cash, hard credits, hard currency, hard labour, hard lending, hard money, hard works, hard-core, hard-core developing countries, hard-core unemployment, hard-ware, hardware, hardware cost, hardware costs, harmonizing the interests, hauling costss, have money on loan, hazard, head, head of a family, head office, head quarters, head tax, head workman, head-quarters, heading, health, health centers, health certificate, health education, health facilities, health hazard, health hazards, health insurance, health protection, health service, health statistics, heaviness, heavy, heavy casualties, heavy crop, heavy debts, heavy duties, heavy duty, heavy duty equipment, heavy duty machine, heavy engineering, heavy expenses, heavy fuel, heavy industry, heavy loss, heavy market, heavy order, heavy repair, heavy service, heavy taxes, heavy traffic, hedge, hedge against contingencies, hedge patents, hedging patents, hidden, hidden costs, hidden inflation, hidden profit, hidden reserve, hidden unemployment, high, high capacity machine, high capital cost, high capital costs, high cost of money, high credit, high efficiency, high employment budget, high employment economy, high farming, high finance, high finish, high finish goods, high grade merchandise product, high living, high money, high office, high power, high pressure economy, high pressured, high priced labour, high quality, high season, high speed computer, high speed of operation, high speed repair, high-demand policy, high-geared wage system, high-investment economy, high-level, high-powered money, high-speed computer, high-speed operation, high-waste, higher profit crops, highest bidder, highly package transfer, hire, hire money, hire purchase, hire-purchase, hire-purchase sale, hired, hired labour, hired man, hiring, hiring hall, historical costs, historical data, historical prices, historical series, hoard, hoarding, hold, holder, holder in due course, holder of technology, holding, holding and maintaining costs of stocks, holding capacity, holding company, holding of more than one profession, holdings, holiday, holiday pay, holiday-maker, holidays with pay, holidays without pay, home economics, home industry, home market, home office, home produce, home rule, home-made, home-work, horizontal, horizontal agreement, horizontal bar chart, horizontal expansion, horizontal integration, horizontal transfer, horse-power, hospitality allowance, hospitality costss, hospitality expenditures, hospitalization insurance, hot money movements, hotel reservation, hourly, hourly earnings, hourly expensess, hourly pay, hourly wage rates, hours, hours of attendance, hours of exchange, hours paid for, hours worked, house, house day, house keeper, house organ, house-keeping, house-keeping expensess, house-to-~ selling, housebuilder, household, household appliances, household budget, household consumption expenditures


ideal value, identical, identifiable, identifiable system, identification, identification mark, identification of foreign capital, identify, identify and measure determinants, identity, identity card, identity papers, idle, idle balances, idle capacity, idle capacitying, idle capital, idle factories, idle hours, idle land, idle machinery, idle manpower and capacity, idle money, idle overhead, idle people, idle the market is ~, idle time, illegal, illegal strike, illicit, illicit trade, im balance, imbalance, imbalance in the structure of trade and services, imbalance in trade, immediate, immediate consumables, immediate family, immediate information, immediate measures, immediate payment, immediate possession, immediate-action, immigrant, immigrant remittance, immovable, immovable property, immovables, immunity, imperfect, imperfect competition, imperfect entry, imperfect market, imperfection, implement, implements of production, implicit, implicit confidence, implicit costs, implicit rent, implicit wage, implicit-cost elements, implicitly, import, import and capital outflow controls, import balance of trade, import c. i. f., import capacity, import control, import curbs, import demand, import deposit, import deposit scheme, import duty, import duty drawbacks, import elasticity, import expenditures, import for consumption, import industries, import license, import permits, import protection, import quota, import quota system, import relief action, import requirements, import restrictions, import sensitive articles, import substitution, import substitution enterprises, import substitution industries, import surplus, importation, imported inflation, imports quantum, impose a fine, imprest, imprest account, imprest accounts, improve, improved, improved land, improved technique, improvement, improvement factor, improvement program, impulse, impulse buying, impulse goods, imputation, imputed, imputed factor incomes, imputed interest, imputed rent, imputed rent of owner-occupied dwellings, imputed salaries, in and out costss, in bond, in bulk, in coal equivalent, in current dollars, in earnest, in machine readable form, in milk equivalent, in monetary terms, in oil equivalent, in order to meet the expenditures, in physical term, in price responses, in purchasers value, in quantitative terms, in stock, in the lump, in working order, in-bond processing industrys, in-clearing bill, in-depth studys, in-service training, inability to borrow, inactive, inactive market, inactive securities, inactive securitys stocks, inactivity, inadequacy, inadequate, inborn abilitys, incapacitated, incapacitated persons, incapacity, incapacity allowance, incapacity for work, incentive, incentive earnings, incentive payments, incentive scheme, incentive system, incentive taxation, incentives scheme, incidence, incidence contract, incidence of disease, incidental contract, incidental costss, incidental expensess, income disparity, income elasticity of demand, income elasticity of trade, income flow, income retention, income velocity, incometax rebate, increase in size of organization by combination, increase in stocks, increasing return to scale, incremental capital/output ratio, incur debts, incur expensess, incur losses, incurrence of liabilities, indecisive pattern, indefinite appointment, indemnification fund, independent business unit, independent union, independent variable, index construction, index number, index of degree of concentration, index of diversification, index problem, index weights, indicative forecast, indicative planning, indicative planning figures, indicative price, indifference curve, indirect costss, indirect demand, indirect expensess


job, job age, job applicants, job applicants screening, job assignment, job class, job classification, job content, job creation, job evaluation, job evaluation manual, job family, job instruction, job lot, job lot production, job market, job offer/seeker ratio, job opportunities, job opportunitys, job order, job pattern, job placement, job price, job security, job seeker, job shop, job specification, job specifications, job vacancies, job vacancys, jobber, jobbery, jobbing, jobbing plant, jobbing shop, join, joined demand, joining, joint, joint account, joint action, joint adventure, joint agreement, joint bonds, joint council, joint demand, joint firm, joint float bottom, joint float ceiling, joint float of currencies, joint float of currencys, joint floor bottom, joint liability, joint management, joint marketing arrangements, joint marketing ventures, joint owner, joint products, joint proprietor, joint return, joint stock capital, joint stock company, joint traffic, joint venture, joint ventures, joint-stock bank, junior, junior employee, juniorpartner


keep, keep an account, keep money in a bank, keep the books, keeper, keeping, key, key currency, key factor, key future year, key industry, key industry duty, key job, key year, key-board computer, key-industry duty, keyboard computer, knock-out competition, know-how, know-how of labour, knowledge, knowledge intensive, knowledge-intensive industrys


label, labor, labour, labour agreement, labour coefficient, labour conditions, labour consultants, labour consuming, labour contract, labour cost saving, labour costs, labour discipline, labour dispute, labour efficiency, labour exchange, labour expenditure, labour expense, labour force, labour force balance, labour force movements, labour grade, labour inputs, labour intensive, labour issue, labour law, labour laws, labour legislation, labour length of services, labour management relations, labour market, labour matters, labour migration, labour mobility, labour occupational safety, labour organizations, labour outlays, labour productivity, labour protection, labour rate setting, labour rating, labour relations, labour requirements, labour saving, labour saving machinery, labour saving technological progress, labour scarcity, labour services, labour situation, labour skill, labour specialists, labour spy, labour statistics, labour supply, labour theory of value, labour turnover, labour turnover rate, labour unit cost, labour-saving capital, labour-saving processed foods, labourer, lack of comparability, lack of coordination, lading, lag, lag behind, lag coefficient, lag of expenditures behind receipts, lagged, lagged variables, lagging, lagging population, lags and lead, lags in income, lags in the flow of goods, laid delivery, laid-up ship, laissez-fair-laissez-passer, land, land and soil classification and rating system, land and soil inventory and evaluation, land cadastre, land capability, land capability classification system, land classes, land developer, land development, land development costs, land economies, land evaluation, land grant, land grant colleges, land improvement, land in production, land inputs, land investment, land nationalization, land price, land productivity, land rent prices prevailing in the market place, land rentals, land resources by use and grade, land suited for cultivation, land tenure, land under cultivation, land use, land use patterns, land user, land uses, land value, land with a long farming history, land-grant colleges, land-output ratio, land-use systems, landed, landed aristocracy, landed capital, landing policy, landlord, language allowance, lapse, lapse of an offer, lapse of patent, large capital equipment, large-scale, large-scale dismissal, large-scale equipment, large-scale industry, large-scale investments, large-scale map, large-scale programmes, large-scale project, large-scale social programme, large-scale-production, larger contributors, last price, last-hired - first-fired marginal workers, last-in-first-out system, lateral, lateral discharge, latest reading, lattice sampling, law, law clerk, law enforcement, law firm, law merchant, law of contracts, law of demand and supply, law of diminishing marginal utility, law of downward-sloping demand, law of property, law of the sea, law-merchant, lay, lay out, lay up a vessel, lay-off, laying off, laying off of work, laying out, layoffs, layout, layout of a district, layout of equipment, layout of work, lead, lead time, lead-time in investment, leader, leader hand, leader personnel, leader suppliers, leading personnel, leading price, lease, lease holding, leased land, leased property, leasehold, leasehold deed, leaseholder, leaser, leasing, leasing arrangement, leasing fees, leasing operations, leasing system, least costs, least costs equilibrium, least costs through factor substitution, least-cost output, leave, leave of absence, leave office, leave without pay, ledger, legal, legal adviser, legal and natural persons, legal constitution of the company


machine, machine accounting, machine hour, machine layout, machine load, machine power, machine shop, machine tabulation station, machine time, machine work, machine-tool, machine-tool plant, machinery, machinery and equipment, machinery parts, macro, macro analysis, macro economic, macro economic statistics, macro economics, macro statistics, macroeconomic analysis, macroeconomic measures, macroeconomics of monopolys, made-to-order, magnetic drum computer, magnetic tape computer, magnitude, magnitude of transactions, magnitudes of the variables, mail, mail order, mail order house, mailing list, main aggregate, main areas of activity, maintain, maintain capital, maintain demand, maintain prices, maintain the accounts, maintaining of the establishment, maintenance, maintenance cost, maintenance crew, maintenance fee, maintenance instruction, maintenance of the real value of the currency reserves, maintenance operation and rental of premises, maintenance services, maintenance work, maintenance-free, major alteration, major contributors, major deficit countries, major depression, major items of physical infrastructure, major land use suitability, major overhaul, major social accounts, majority, majority interest, majority ownership, majority share holding, majority shareholding, make, make a living, make abatement, make advance, make an entry, make drawing upon, make good, make good reading, make provision in the budget estimates for ..., make provision of the budgetestimates, make to order, make up the deficiency, make-up of the budget, make-up pay, make-up work, maker, makeshift, making, mal-, mal-adjustment, mal-administration, mal-distribution, mal-practice, man, man efficiency, man in charge, man-assignment, man-density, man-hour, man-hour output, man-hours of work, man-machine time, man-made, manage, manageability, manageable level, managed currency, managed exchange rate, managed money, managed paper currency, management, management and record keeping, management audit, management counsellor, management decisions, management engineer, management engineering, management expenses, management fee, management mechanism, management of demand, management overheads of stocks, management services, management structure, management system, manager, manager of sale, manager of sales, manager-operated farm, managerial, managerial and manufacturing capacity, managerial capacity, managerial control, managerial efficiency, managerial functions, managerial revolution, managerial services, managerial skills, managerial staff, managerial workers, managerialskill, managers discretional fund, managing, managing ability, managing director, managing engineer, mandatory sanctions, manifold classification, manipulation of data, manning table, manpower, manpower balance, manpower control, manpower program, manpower requirements, manpower resources, manpower skills, manpower utilization survey, manual, manual acting, manual employees, manual labour, manual work, manual worker posts, manual workers, manually, manually operated, manufacture, manufacture for stock, manufacture manager, manufactured consumer goods, manufactured items, manufacturer, manufacturers agent, manufactures sales branch, manufactures store, manufacturing, manufacturing corporations, manufacturing cost determination, manufacturing cycle, manufacturing employment, manufacturing expenses, manufacturing industry, manufacturing licensee, manufacturing order, manufacturing plant, manufacturing process, margin, margin of dumping, margin of errors, margin of protection, marginal, marginal analysis, marginal balance, marginal business, marginal capital/output ratio, marginal coefficients, marginal concept, marginal cost of output, marginal cost per unit, marginal cost producer, marginal curves, marginal data, marginal desirability, marginal disutility


n. e. c., narrow market, nation, nation wide, national, national account for production, national accounting aggregates, national accounting flows, national accounts, national accounts study, national balance sheet, national bank, national concept, national debt, national economic accounts, national economic balance, national economic planning, national economic policys, national economy, national education bill, national endow, national government, national income, national income accounts, national income used, national input coefficients, national insurance, national novelty, national patrimony, national population census, national population censuses, national price level, national product, national product accounting, national roads, national sample surveys, national services, national surveys, national totals accounting, national treatment, national union, national wealth, natural, natural and food resources, natural economy, natural gas, natural hazards, natural increase, natural indices, natural loss, natural measures, natural monopolies, natural monopolys, natural person, natural persons, natural population changes, natural population increase, natural population increases, natural resources, natural resources development, natural resources endow, natural scale, natural scarcity, natural unit of measurement, natural unitof measurement, natural waste, near money, necessaries, necessities, necessities of life, necessity, need, needy, negative, negative balance, negative entrys, negative growth, negative investment, negative list, negative rate of inventory accumulation, negative saving, negative sign, negative trade balance, negative value, negatively associated with ..., negotiability, negotiability of debt, negotiable, negotiable 15 years government bonds, negotiable a cheque, negotiable a loan, negotiable a sale, negotiable debt, negotiable document, negotiable instrument, negotiable papers, negotiable securities, negotiable securitys, negotiate a sale, negotiated fee, negotiated price quotas, negotiation, neo-orthodox economist, net, net addition, net additions to assets, net additions to consumers stocks of durable goods, net aggregate flow of financial resources, net amount, net asset value, net balance, net balances on current account, net base salary scale, net capital formation, net capital movement, net capital transfers, net cash returns, net data, net debtor position, net debtor position of a bank, net export, net factor incomes from abroad, net flows, net gain, net import, net income, net increase in the budget, net incurrence of liabilities, net inflows, net investment, net landing to the rest of the world, net lending, net loss, net measure, net migration, net money inflow, net movement of capital, net movement of funds, net national product, net of ..., net of amortization, net of depreciation, net price, net proceeds, net produce, net profit, net profit ratio, net remuneration, net return to capital, net salaries, net salary, net sale, net sales, net surplus, net transit clearing, net weight, net worth, new capacityies, new construction and maintenance, new economic order, new entrants into the labour force, new international economic environment, new international economic order, new land, new obligational authority, new open in the markets, new rules are effective beginning, new saving deposits, new savings deposits, new stock issues, next best alternative, no-par value shares, no-par value stock, nomenclature, nominal, nominal bill of lading, nominal capital, nominal cost, nominal fee, nominal income, nominal industry, nominal output, nominal price, nominal retail turnover, nominal share, nominal time, nominal value, nominal wage, nominal wages, non, non-acceptance, non-ageing, non-agricultural working force, non-cash operations transactions, non-cash transactions, non-commodity sale, non-competing groups, non-competing groups in the labour market, non-competitive conditions, non-concessional flows


object, objection, objective, objective factor, objective function, obligate, obligation, oblige, observed data, obsolescence, obsolescence of capital, obsolescent, obsolete, obsolete equipment, occupation, occupational, occupational breakdown by industry, occupational classification, occupational data, occupational disease, occupational families, occupational level, occupational mobility, occupational mortality, occupational mortality indices, occupational rate, occupational safety, occupational safety and health regulation, occupational structure, occupations wage, ocean, ocean born shipping, ocean economy, ocean-borne shipping, odd, odd come-short, odd work, oddment, of 1950 mint, of the bond issue, off season, off-, off-day, off-farm income, off-farm paid work, off-grade, off-hours job, off-line equipment, off-quality, off-season, off-shore, off-shore dollars, off-shore drilling, off-shore industries, off-shore oil, off-shore oil deposits, off-shore oil drilling, off-shore pipeline, off-shore rig, off-shore strip, off-shore well, off-take capacity, off-year, offer, offer of appointment, offered price, office, office accommodation, office accommodations, office and management personnel, office automation, office building, office equipment, office expenses, office facilities, office holder, office hours, office internal regulations, office keeper, office machines, office man, office manager, office number, office regulations, office work, official, official data, official exchange rate, official quotation, official rate of pay, official settlement balance, official trade policy, official valuation, official value, offset, offset to deficit, oil, oil and gas conservation, oil area, oil basis, oil carrier, oil conservation, oil countries, oil delivery, oil deposits, oil embargo, oil field, oil in bulk, oil money, oil net exporters, oil net importers, oil rights, oil strike, oil supply, oil tanker, oil-consuming nations, oil-field development, old, old age and survivors insurance, old age pension, old hand, old-established firm, old-timer, omission, on, on a competitive basis, on a cost sharing basis, on a costsharing basis, on a par, on a par with, on a pilot basis, on a self-sustained budget, on average, on board bill of lading, on bonus, on call, on cost, on demand, on duty, on favourable terms, on gross basis, on most favoured nation term, on net basis, on offer, on payment, on payroll account, on product-to-~ basis, on record, on sale, on shift, on site, on straight business terms, on the house, on the job training, on the record, on наибольший favoured nation terms, on-year, one-time goods, one-way classification, open, open account, open business relations, open competition, open credit, open economic system, open economy, open for general public, open interest, open market, open market and foreign accounts, open market operation, open pricing, open rate, open shop, open unemployment, open union, open work, open-end, open-end contract, open-end investment trust, open-ended preferences, open-pit operations, opening, opening balance, operate, operate a machine, operating, operating accounts, operating agency, operating capacities, operating capital, operating cash on hand, operating cycle, operating equipment, operating expenses, operating expensess, operating method, operating personnel, operating profit, operating rate


pace of economic recovery, package, package contract, package deal, package input, package licensing, package technology, package trip, packaged goods, packaged transfer, packaged transfer of technology, packageing of foreign technology, packet deal, packing, packing house, packing instructions, packing plant, paid, paid farm labourer, paid leave, paid up capital, paid vacation, paid vocation, pallet, palletd goods, panel, paper, paper circulation, paper currency, paper profit, paper standard, par, par collection of bank checks, par of exchange, par value, par value rates, par-value system, parent, parent application for a patent, parent bank, parent company, parent firm, parity, parity index, parity prices, parity rate, part, part and parcel, part payment, part performance, part time, part time farmer, part time workers, part-owner, part-owner farmer, part-time director, part-time employment, part-time farmer, part-time workers, partial disability, partial turnkey contract, participation, participation of labour in government, participation ratio in the labour force, partner, partnership, partnership agreement, party, party at fault, party not at fault, pass, pass rising costs to the consumer, passage of goods, passive, passive balance, past due bills, past labour, past sunk costss, patent, patent agreement, patent annuity, patent application, patent bank, patent control, patent cross-licensing, patent document, patent family, patent fee, patent holder, patent law, patent license, patent license convention, patent life, patent mis- use doctrine, patent misuse doctrine, patent of confirmation, patent of importation, patent of invention, patent of revalidation, patent office, patent pool, patent protection, patent register, patent rights, patent-holder, patentability, patented technology, patentee, patrimonial, patrimonial estate, patrimony, patrimony national, pattern, pattern of consumption, pattern of crops, pattern of demand, pattern of distribution, pattern of markets, pattern of trade, pattern recognition, patterns for seasonal variations, patterns of financial relation ships, pawn, pawn broker, pawn shop, pay, pay allowance, pay back, pay back period, pay by installments, pay by instalment, pay by the day, pay by the piece, pay by the week of labour, pay day, pay in cash, pay in full, pay in kind, pay list, pay load, pay master, pay off, pay office, pay-off period, pay-roll, payable, payable contributions, payable in advance, payable in arrear, payback period, payee, paying, paying capacity, paying concern, paying off, payment, payment advice, payment advise, payment agreement, payment buy in installments, payment by result, payment by the piece, payment forward, payment in anticipation, payment in cash, payment in full, payment of language bonus, payment of travel, payment operations, payment should be made on ... failing of which ..., payment towards local operating costs, payment transactions, payments and collections, payments equilibrium, payments pattern on contributions to the regular budget, payments position of a country, payments problems, payroll, payroll flows, payroll period, payroll sheet, payroll tax, payroll transactions, peak, peak cycle, peak load, peak of a cycle, peak output, peak performance, peak-to peak cycles, pecuniary, pecuniary accumulation, pecuniary accumulations, pecuniary affairs, pecuniary capital, pecuniary compensation, pecuniary institutions, pecuniary loss, pecuniary nature of capital, pecuniary payment


qualification, qualificatory, qualified, qualified majority, qualified operator, qualified purchase, qualify, qualifying employment, qualifying requirements, qualifying shares, qualifying standards, qualifying standards for foreign investment, qualifying wage, qualitative, qualitative analysis, qualitative data, qualitative restrictions, quality, quality change, quality classification, quality coefficient, quality competition, quality control, quality control inspector, quality factor, quality goods, quality guarantee, quality of life problem, quality of the data employed, quality production, quality specifications, quality testing, quantification, quantify, quantifyable factors, quantile, quantitative, quantitative analysis, quantitative characters, quantitative comparison, quantitative correlations, quantitative data, quantitative economic knowledge, quantitative measures, quantitative regulation of imports, quantitative restrictions, quantitative target, quantitative theory of money, quantity, quantity discount, quantity of a flow, quantity on hand, quantity production, quantity theory of money, quantum, quantum basket, quantum index, quantum of exports, quantum of import, quantum of imports, quantum of world trade, quarter, quarterly, quarterly account, quarterly measures, quarterly statement, quarterly statistics, quartile, quasi corporate enterprises, quasi-, quasi-agreements, quasi-money, queer money, quick, quick assets, quick liabilities, quick ratio, quick return of capital, quick sale, quick-yielding activities, quick-yielding activitys, quintile, quited exports, quota, quota holdings, quota in effect until, quota limits, quotation, quotation of the day, quote, quote a price, quote a price on a house, quoted company, quotient


rack, racket, racketeer, radio service, rail, rail consignement note, rail consignment note, rail shipments, railways freight traffic, raise, raise a claim, raise a loan, raise charity, raise funds, raise money, raise money on something, raise takes, raise taxes, raise to a power, rally, random, random distribution, random error, random experiment, random numbers, random sample, random sampling, random sampling error, random value, random variable, range, range of deviation, range of error, range of patterns, range of stability, range of variation, range of yield fluctuations, rank, ranked data, ranking, rate, rate at the close of the day, rate cutting, rate discrimination, rate of accumulation, rate of capacityies utilization, rate of capital formation, rate of change, rate of consumption, rate of delivery, rate of delivery of a program, rate of depreciation, rate of discount, rate of discounting, rate of dividend on shares, rate of effective protection, rate of exchange, rate of growth, rate of interest, rate of investment, rate of issue, rate of loading, rate of pay, rate of profit, rate of protection, rate of replacement, rate of return, rate of return on stock-holders equity, rate of salary, rate of saving, rate of tariff, rate of turnover, rate of turnover of inventory, rate of unemployment, rate scale, rate setting, rate slashing, rate war, rate-slashing, rated, rated capacity, rated power, rated value, rates of assessment, rates of charges, rates of investment, rates of wages, rating, ratio, ratio of capital replacement, ratio of capital to labour, ratio of capital to output, ratio of corporate liquidity, ratio of current assets to current liabilities, ratio of fixed assets to net worth, ratio of labour to output, ratio of margin to sales, ratio of net profits to net worth, ratio of plant to net worth, ratio of profit to sales, ratio of reserves to liabilities, rational use, rationing, rationing arrangements, ratios of capital costss, raw, raw cotton, raw data, raw materials, raw produce, raw products, raw rice, raw sugar, reach ceiling, reading, ready, ready cash, ready made, ready money, real, real accumulation, real balance, real estate, real estate bank, real estate loan, real estate mortgage, real estate tax, real estate trusts, real goods, real income movement of remuneration, real investment, real property, real resources, real retail sale, real retail sales, real saving, real-estate market, real-time computer, realignment, realistic plan, realization, realization of goods, realize, rebate, receipient, receipient country, receipient of technology, receipt, receipt book, receipts, receipts and expenses, receipts from and payments on investment, receipts from custom duties taxes and other protective measures, receipts of factors of production, receipts tax, receiptss and expenses, receiptss from custom duties taxes and other protective measures, receiptss of factors of production, receiptss tax, receivable, receivable-payable basis of accounting, receivables, receive goods into custody, receiver, receiver of technology, receiving, receiving act, receiving state, recession, recession in demand, recessionary, recessionary tendencies, recipient countries, reciprocal, reciprocal clause, reciprocal concessions, reciprocal contract, reciprocal credit lines, reciprocal principle, reciprocal privileges, reciprocal provision, reciprocal trade agreement, reciprocal value, reclaim, reclaim capital goods, reclaim land, reclamation, reclamation of barren, reclamation of barren land, reclamation of land, reclassifications of posts, recompense, reconcile, reconcile accounts, reconcile classifications, reconcile total inflow and total outflow, reconciliation, reconciliation of totals, reconstruction, record


sack, safe, safe customer, safe investment, safe land use, safeguard, safeguard clause, safeguard goods attached, safeguard local industries against outside competition, safeguard measure, safeguard principle, safeguard provision, safety, safety arrangement, safety coefficient, safety engineering, safety factor, safety margin, safety specifications, salaried, salaried employee, salaried employees, salaried man, salaried managers, salaried officers, salaried servant, salaried staff, salaries accounting, salary, salary and wages of locally recruited staff, salary earners, salary increments, salary level, salary rates, salary scale, salary scales and allowances, salary scales andallowances, salary workers, salarys accounting, salarys of international staff, sale, sale branch, sale by commission, sale for cash, sale on credit, sale on the job lot basis, sale price, saleable, saleable articles, saleable obligations, saleex-factory, sales account, sales agent, sales cartel, sales contract, sales cost, sales force, sales forecast, sales manager, sales outlets, sales pressure, sales promotion, sales representative, sales tax, sales value, salvage, salvage value, sample, sample area, sample census, sample coefficient, sample data, sample design, sample method, sample size, sample survey, sample unit, sampling, sampling average, sampling error, sampling method, sampling ratio, sampling unit, satisfy, satisfy a claim, satisfy an agreement, satisfy an obligation, satisfy demand, saturation point, save, save expenditures, saving, saving account, saving and loans association, saving bank, saving bonds, saving clause, saving deposits, saving energy, savings account, savings bank, savings deposit, savings institutions, scale, scale down, scale economy, scale economys, scale effect, scale of assessments, scale of assessments for the financial years..., scale of charges, scale of investment, scale of living, scale of operation, scale of wages, scale up, scant, scant demand, scant means, scant supply, scanty supply, scarce, scarce goods, scarce inputs, scarce raw materials, scarcity, scarcity of money, scarcity of supplies, scarcity of supplys, scarcity price, scarcity value, scatter, scattered consumer, scattered consumption, scenario, schedule, schedule items, schedule maintenance, schedule of post adjustments, schedule work, scheduling, scheme, scheme of preferences, school year, scientific advances, scientific adviser, scientific and technical achievements, scientific community, scientific management, scope, scope for investment, scope of activity, scope of an inquiry, scrap, scraping, screening, screening procedure, screening procedures, sea-borne shipping, search, search file, search file of patents, search report, search report patents, season, season fluctuations, season index, season trade, season unemployment, season variation, seasonal analysis, seasonal fluctuations, seasonal labour, seasonal unemployment, seasonal variations, seasonal, cyclical and trend price movement, seasonally adjusted, seasonally adjusted data, seasonly adjusted, seat, seat of activity, seat of business, seat of the company, second, second-best, second-hand, second-rate, secondary, secondary activity, secondary liquidity, secondary market, secondary production, secondary products, secondary strike, secondhand durabless, secondment, sector, sector analysis, sectoral interests, sectoral investments


table, table column, table entry, table line, table of interest, table of rates, table of weights and measures, table row, tabular, tabular bookkeeping, tabular calculation, tabular data, tabulate, tabulateing card, tabulateing machine, tabulating machine, tabulation, tabulator, tag, tailor-made manufacture, take, take aboard, take over, take over bid, take up, take-home pay, take-in, take-off, take-over bid, taker, taking, tangible, tangible assets, tangible goods, tangible net worth, tangible property, tangible services, tangible wealth, tangibles, tank vessel, target, target dates, target figure, target for voluntary contributions to the programme, target rate, target year, tariff, tariff adjustments, tariff advantages, tariff agreement, tariff category, tariff escalation, tariff heading, tariff preferences, tariff protection, tariff quota list, tariff rank, tariff rate of wage, tariff rate of wages, tariff rebates, tariff scale, tariff schedules, tariff system, tariff union, tariff war, tariff zone, task rate, task setting, task work, task worker, tax abatement, tax accruals, tax assessment, tax avoidance, tax base, tax benefits, tax burden, tax collection, tax concessions, tax credit, tax credit certificate, tax credit certificates, tax declaration, tax deductable, tax deductions, tax drawbacks, tax evasion, tax excuse, tax exempt, tax free interest on foreign loans, tax immunity, tax incentives, tax liable, tax qualification, tax rate, tax refund, tax remissions, tax return, tax revenue, tax stimulus programme, tax subsidy, tax value of property, tax-collector, tax-haven arrangements, tax-holidays, taxable year, taxed article, taxing authority, technical advance, technical adviser, technical assistance, technical assistance activity, technical assistants, technical determinants, technical economys, technical know-how, technical knowledge, technical outfit, technical services, technical skills, technical specifications, technical staff, techniques of estimateing the size of a market, technological advance, technological capabilitys, technological improvements, technological infrastructure, technological unemployment, technology assessment, technology evaluation, technology forecasting, technology intensive industry, technology management, technology package, technology planning, technology-intensive branchs, temperate zone, temporary admission, temporary assistance for meetings, tenant farmer, tender invitation, tender price, tenement house, tentative comparison, term of delivery, term of office, term of payment, term of protection of a patent, terminal expensess, terminal receipt, terminal wage, terms of delivery, terms of financing, terms of office, terms of payment, terms of settlement, territorial-industrial complex, territoriality of patents, test of non-obviousness of an invention, the aged, the other shop, the rest of the world, the right to terminate contract, the world total, theoretical economics, theoretical economist, third window, thousand-plus sized firms, three digit industries, three-dimensional diagram, threshold prices, thrift institutions, thrift propensity, thrifty use, through bill of lading, ticket reservation, tie-in clause, tie-in sale, tied aid, tied assistance, tied credits, tied inputs, tied loan, tied-purchasing arrangements, tight budget, tight monetary policy, tight money, tight rate, tillable land, timber carrier, timber lands, time bill, time budgets, time deposit, time discount, time discounting, time flows, time lag, time limitation clause, time of recording


ultimate, ultimate capacity, ultimate consumer, ultimate costs, ultimate destination of imports, ultimate output, ultimate reserve, ultimate use, ultimo, umbrella contract, umbrella project, un-, un-allocable expenditures, un-allocated inputs, un-applied funds, un-appropriated, un-appropriated balance, un-appropriated funds, un-authorized, un-availability of exportable surplus, un-balance, un-businesslike, un-cared-for charges, un-certainty of the exchange rates, un-claimed goods, un-covered money, un-distributed industries, un-distributed profits, un-earned income, un-economic farming units, un-efficient, un-encumbered, un-expended balance, un-favourable, un-favourable balance, un-filled, un-filled orders, un-finished, un-finished goods, un-fit, un-fit for consumption, un-funded debt, un-incorporated firms, un-limited liability, un-limited liability partnership, un-load, un-manufactured, un-marketable goods, un-obligated, un-obligated balances, un-obviousness of an invention, un-organized labour, un-packaged technology, un-packaged transfer of technology, un-packaging, un-paid balance, un-paid interest, un-pegged prices, un-pegged rates, un-pledged property, un-priced, un-productive capital, un-profitable, un-rated, un-realizable, un-recovered cost, un-remunerative job, un-requited, un-requited transfers, un-skilled, un-skilled labour, un-skilled production workers, un-skilled workers, un-tenantable, un-tied loans, un-warranted, un-watched, unadjusted data, unallocated inputs, unbalanced economy, unbiased estimate, uncertain market, uncollectable bills, uncommitted balances of appropriations, uncovered money, undated securitys, under maned, under reporting, under staffing, under-, under- bond, under- capacity, under- capitalized business, under- consumption, under- counter, under- employed, under- employment, under- employment equilibrium, under- estimate, under- estimation of danger, under- estimation of losses, under- invoicing, under- liquidity, under- loading, under- maintenance, under- manned, under- pay, under- pinning of prices, under- pinnings of economic activity, under- pricing, under- privileged, under- produce, under- production, under- rate, under- repair, under- sell, under- stock, under- utilization of production capacity, under- valuation, under- value, under- valued currency, under-invoicing, under-pricing, underemployment equilibrium, underlaying data, underprivileged countries, underrepresented countries, underrun, understated balance, undertake, undertaking, undervalued currency, underwrite, underwrite a stock issue, underwriter, underwriters, underwriting, underwriting rate, underwritting share, undeveloped land, unearned profits, uneconomic small enterprise, unemployed, unemployed capital, unemployed labour, unemployment, unemployment benefit, unemployment exchange, unemployment insurance, unemployment insurance schemes, unemployment insurance statisticss, unemployment rate, unemployment relief, unemployment reserve fund, unexpended balance, unexpended balances, unfair, unfair business practice, unfair competition, unfair employment practice, unfair labour practices, unfair trade practice, unfair trade practices, unfilled orders, unincorporated enterprises, union, union agreements on wages, hours and working conditions, union closed shop, union contract, union rates, union shop, unit, unit capacity, unit cost, unit labour cost, unit labour requirements, unit of a factor, unit of account, unit of accounting, unit of capital, unit of enumeration, unit of measure, unit of observation, unit of plant, unit of power, unit of production, unit of traffic, unit power, unit price, unit value index of export, unit value index of exports, unit value index of import, unit value index of imports, unit value of exports, unit value of imports, unit volume, unit weight, unitary elasticity, united assistance, universal


vacancy, vacant, vacation, vacation pay, valid, validation, validity, valorization, valuable, valuation, valuation basket, valuation of fixed funds, value, value a liquidation, value added, value added component, value added tax, value and volume of exports, value and volume of imports, value appraisement, value at border, value at liquidation, value balance, value data, value engineering, value export f.o.b., value flows, value import c.i.f., value indicators, value indices, value of a variable, value of capital, value of crop sold, value of external trade, value of foreign trade, value of imports, value of production, value of shipments, value of year-end inventory, value premises, variability, variable, variable capital, variable exchange, variable expense, variable expensess, variable inputs, variable levys, variable outlays, variable quantity, variable zone, variance, variation, variation in prices, variation of prices, variations in the determinants of growth, varied, varied stock, variety, vary, vary directly as..., vary inversely, vault, vault cash, velocity, velocity of money, vend, vendible, vendible coal, vending, vending machine, vendor, vendor delivery, vendue, venture, venture capital, venturer, ventures with local participation, vertical, vertical expansion, vertical integration, vessel, vessel documents, vessel ton, vessels launched, vessels under construction, vest, vested capital, vested interests, viable economy, victimization, video aids, village industry, violent fluctuations, visible balance, visible consumption, visible stocks, visible supply, visible trade deficit, visible trade of balance, vital, vital industries, vital rates, vital record, vital records, vital register, vital requirements, vital statistics, vital statisticss, vocation, vocational, vocational education, vocational guidance, vocational hygiene, vocational perfectioning, vocational school, vocational teachers, vocational training, volume, volume for business, volume index, volume of business, volume of construction, volume of imports, volume of output, volume of production, volume of shipments, volume of traffic, volume price, volume production, volume sale, volume sales, volume weight, voluntary deposits, voluntary export constraint, voting shares, vouch, vouch expenses, voucher


wage, wage and salary structure, wage arbitration, wage bill, wage category, wage control, wage costs, wage determination, wage differentials, wage earner, wage employment, wage equation, wage escalation clause, wage expenditure, wage freeze, wage incentive, wage incentive plan, wage index, wage lag, wage paid, wage pressure, wage rates, wage scale, wage settlement, wage sheet, wage system, wage tax, wage unit, wage work, wage-cut, wage-labour, wage-slavery, wage-work, wage-worker, wages and hours legislation, wages and salaries, wages in kind, wages scale, waiver, waiver clause, waiver of obligations, waiver of prohibitions, waiver of right, waiver of right..., want, want of goods, want of money, want of stock, want satisfaction, wants and needs of the consumer, war economy, ware, warehouse, warehouse bond, warehouse capacity, warehouse dues, warehouse keeper, warehouse man, warehouseing, warrant, warranted growth, warranted rate of growth, warrantor, warranty, wastage, waste, waste assets, waste coefficient, waste money, waste of capital, waste of labour, waste of material, waste products, waste utilization, wasted capacity, wasteful, wasteful resource allocation, water resources development, water shipments, way-bill, weak market, wealth, wear, wear and tear, weighing coefficient, weight, weight base, weighted arithmetic average, weighted average, weighted basket, weighted by regional composition of export and import, weighted distribution, weighted mean, weighted price index, weighted price number, weighted sampling, weighting methods, weights and measures, welfare, welfare benefits, welfare compensation, welfare economics, welfare function, welfare payments, welfare services, welfare state, well assorted stock, well-capitalized, white collar employees, white-collar employees, white-collar workers, wholesale, wholesale and export houses, wholesale business, wholesale house, wholesale margin, wholesale market, wholesale price, wholesale prices, wholesale store, wholesale trade, wholesaler, wholly, wholly fully owned subsidiary, wholly manufactured goods, wholly owned subsidiary, wholly unemployed, wide-collar productivity, widening gap between the developed and the developing countries, wild-cat strike, windfall profits, winding-up, window, window dressing, window shopping, withdraw, withdraw a credit, withdraw an order, withdraw deposits, withdraw from circulation, withdrawal, withdrawal benefit, withdrawal of capital, withdrawals of gold, withdrawn funds, withhold, withholding taxes, work, work accidents, work activitys, work allocation, work by the day, work by the piece, work collective, work for hire, work for line, work force, work in process, work in progress, work intensity, work load, work measurement, work on loan, work overtime, work schedule, work standardization, work station, work study, work study man, work task, work ticket, worker, workers council, workers crew, workers gang, workers on shot time, workers placement, workers profit sharing, workers self- management, workers self-management, workers suggestions, workers team, working, working ability, working agreement, working capacity, working capital, working conditions, working costs, working cycle, working expenditures, working hours, working load, working losses, working method, working of a patent, working order, working period, working place, working population




y-coordinate, year, year of acquisition, year of projection, year-end earnings summary, year-end surplus, yearly average, yearly series, yield


zone, zoning

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