Сборник электронных Российских словарей

a posteriori information, a posteriori probability, a posteriori probability estimation, a priori estimate, a priori evaluation, a priori information, a priori probability, a priori uncertainty, A to D converter, a-ary alphabet, A-code, A-key, A-mode, A-scrambling, abelian group, abnegation number, abnormal access, absorbing wall, abstract algebra, abstract algorithm, abstract alphabet, abstract automation, abstract operation, abstract representation, abuse, abuse input, abuse terminal, abuse-free, abuse-free cryptosystem, abuse-free cryptosystem, abuse-free system, abuser, abuser-friendly, abusive action, abusive activity, ACC, acceptability, acceptable risk, acceptance, access, access administrator, access algorithm, access area partition, access attempt, access attribute, access audit, access authorisation matrix, access authorization, access by key, access capability, access card, access card reader, access category, access check, access checking, access class, access code, access condition, access context, access control, access control bit, access control card, access control category, access control center, access control checking software, access control cryptosystem, access control cryptosystem, access control database, access control device, access control facilities, access control field, access control hardware, access control hardware, access control information, access control key, access control key, access control label, access control list, access control list system, access control lock, access control log, access control matrix, access control means, access control mechanism, access control model, access control module, access control package, access control procedure, access control product, access control program, access control protocol, access control routine, access control rules, access control service, access control software, access control storage, access control store, access control switch, access control system, access control unit, access controller, access criteria, access decision, access delay, access denial, access error, access event, access failure, access filter, access from a terminal, access group, access guarding, access history, access ID, access identification, access identifier, access indicator, access key, access key, access key system, access level, access limitation, access line, access list, access lock, access lockout, access log, access management system, access manager, access matrix, access matrix model, access mechanism, access mode, access number, access object, access on a need-to-know basis, access parameter, access password, access password, access password, access path, access period, access permission, access permission matrix, access point, access port, access privilege, access privilege bit, access procedure, access program, access protection, access protocol, access regime, access request, access restriction, access right, access rights byte, access route, access routine, access safeguard, access safeguard, access screening, access security, access security device, access sequence, access strategy, access string, access structure, access subject, access supervision, access terminal, access the data, access threat, access time, access to channel, access to cipher keys, access to secrets, access tree, access verification, access via network, access violation, access-barred signal, access-control method, access-control technique, access-controlled, access-denial probability, access-denial time, access-priority table, accessed data, accessed object, accessibility, accessing device, accessing process, accessor, accident, accidental access, accidental destruction, accidental disclosure of information, accidental entry, accidental erasure


B-Crypt algorithm, B-LP model, back door access, back to back operation, back tracking, back-door entrance, back-side access, back-to-back connection, backbone line, backbone network, background investigation, background noise, background signal, backtracking, backup, backup backup information, backup battery, backup communication network, backup copy, backup detection, backup device, backup disk, backup facilities, backup file, backup procedure, backup service, backup system, backup tape, backward asymmetric encryption, backward asymmetric encryption, backward channel, backward channel, backward computation, backward signal, bad burglar, bad call, bad checksum, bad cyberpunk, Bad Guy, bad hacker, bad password, bad password, bad password, bad traveller, badge, badge access, badge access control, badge reader, badging, badguy, badware, Baesian rule, baggage checking system, balance, balance of zeros and ones, bamboozlement, band, band arrangement, band scrambler, band splitter, band splitter/inverter, band splitting, band-limited channel, band-limited channel, band-split filter, band-splitting scrambler, band-splitting scrambler, band-width constrained channel, band-width constrained channel, bandlimited signal, bandshift inverter, bandwidth, bandwidth compression, bandwidth expansion, bandwidth expansion coefficient, bandwidth expansion factor, bandwidth extension, bandwidth-conserving cryptoalgoritm, bandwidth-preserving operation, bank, bank card, banned, banned access, bar code, bar-code scanner, barbed tape, barbed wire fence, Barker code, Barker sequence, Barker string, barrier, barrier penetration, barrier protection, base, base key, base key, baseband signal, baseband transmission, based secure communication, based secure telecommunication, basic access function, basic privacy level, basic telecommunication access method, basic telecommunication access technique, basis function, batch, batch message processing, batch terminal, battery, battery backed memory, battery-powered bug, baud rate, Baudot code, Bayes' theorem, Bayesian estimate, Bayesian evaluation, BCH code, BDAM, be checked out for security, be on scrambler, be on scrambler, beaconing, beep, beeper, beeping signal, befuddle, behavioral characteristic, behavioral coefficient, behavioral device, behavioral factor, Bell-LaPadula model, benchmarking, benign environment, benign software, BER, Bernoulli sequence, Bernoulli string, best-first search, beta test, between lines access, between lines attack, between lines entry, bidimensional scrambling, bidirectional asymmetric encryption, bidirectional asymmetric encryption, bidirectional key, bidirectional key, big ear, bigram, bigram cipher, bijection, bijective public key cryptosystem, bijective public key cryptosystem, bijective public key system, bilateral key, bilateral key, bilateral key exchange, bilinear cipher, biliteral alphabet, binary addition, binary additive stream cipher, binary additive stream ciphering, binary alphabet, binary arithmetic, binary channel, binary channel, binary cipher conversion table, binary ciphpertext, binary code, binary coded data, binary coded information, binary coder, binary codeword, binary coding, binary cryptogram, binary cryptosystem, binary cryptosystem, binary data, binary digit, binary erasure channel, binary erasure channel, binary field, binary key, binary key, binary key stream, binary message, binary message, binary multiplication, binary number, binary representation, binary representation of number, binary search, binary sequence, binary sequence generator, binary sequence with controllable complexity, binary space, binary state, binary string, binary string with controllable complexity, binary symmetric channel


C, cabinet, cable, cable-based network, Caesar cipher, Caesar substitute, Caesar substitution, cage, calculation, calculator, call, call access, call indicator, call monitor, call request, call setup message, call setup message, call setup procedure, call setup protocol, call setup time, call tracing, call-in, call-screening process, callback, callback approach, callback device, callback method, callback modem, callback protection, callback security system, callback technique, called station, called terminal, caller, calling mode, calling regime, calling station, calling terminal, camera, campus network, cancel character, cancel symbol, cancellation, candidate, candidate for key, candidate key, candidate key, CAO, capabilities list, capability, capability access control system, capability-based protection, capacitive card, capacitive coupled device, capacity, capture, captured password, captured password, captured password, car tracking device, card, card access, card access control, card entry system, card identification code, card issue center, card issuer, card key, card key, card payphone, card reader, card user, card-access lock, card-based access control, cardholder, cardinality, carrier, cascade cipher, cascaded coding, case, casual eavesdropper, casual intruder, categorization, category, cation code, catoptrical cryptography, caution, caveat, CBC, CBC mode, CBC regime, CBMS, CCS, CCSC, CCSEP, CCTV system, CCTVS, CDP, cell, cellophone, CELP, center, center key, center key, central keying authority, central processor unit, central station system, centralized control, centralized key distribution, centralized key generation, centralized key management, centrally produced key, centrally produced key, centrally produced keys, cepstrum analysis, certainty, certainty of Identification, certificate, certificate log, certificated key, certificated key, certification, certification authority, certification log, certification test, certification testing, certified mail, certified prime, certified signature, certified signature, CESG, CFB, CFB mode, CFB regime, cfeck value, chain, chain cipher, chained ciphpertext, chained cryptogram, chained key, chaining, chaining cipher, chaining mode encryption, chaining mode encryption, challenge and reply authentication, challenge code, challenge signal, challenge value, challenge-and-response ID, challenge-and-response identification, challenge-responce sequence, challenge-responce string, challenge-response mechanism, challenge-response personal ID, challenge-response personal identifier, challenge-response protocol, challenge/response method, challenge/response technique, chance, change, change a key, change a key, changeable key, changeable key, changeable password, changeable password, changeable password, changed-address intercept, changed-address interception, changeover, changeover to spare key, changer, changing, channel, channel assignement, channel capacity, channel coding, channel command, channel induced error, channel medium, channel message, channel message, channel separation, channel spacing, channel statistics, channel vocoder, channel-attached device, character, character analyzer, character array, character code, character deletion, character dependence, character frequency, character oriented protocol, character recognition, character set, character signal, character spacing, character string


D, DAA, DAC, dactylogram, dactylography, daily code, daily key, daily key, daily keying element, damage, damage-causing infector, damage-causing virus, damaged data, danger alarm system, DAS, data, data abuse, data access, data access arrangement, data access equipment, data access program, data access routine, data access system, data acquisition, data aggregation, data alteration, data ambiguity, data array, data attribute, data authentication, data authentication algorithm, data authentication code, data authentication key, data authentication key, data availability, data backup, data bit, data block, data byte, data cancellation, data chamber, data checksum, data ciphering processor, data ciphering unit, data classification, data communication, data communication equipment, data communication network, data communication protection, data communication security, data compatibility, data compression, data compression modem, data compression program, data compression routine, data confidentiality, data confidentiality service, data content protection, data continuity, data control, data converter, data corruption, data crime, data cryptography, data definition language, data description language, data diddling, data duplication, data encapsulation, data enciphering key, data enciphering key, data encrypting key, data encrypting key, data encryption algorithm, data encryption device, data encryption equipment, data encryption key, data encryption key, data encryption mode, data encryption package, data encryption processor, data encryption regime, data encryption standard, Data encryption standard, data entry terminal, data field, data file access, data file owner, data fink control protocol, data flow, data flow granularity, data format, data frame, data framework, data grade circuit, data hierarchy, data ID, data identifier, data identity, data insertion insertion, data integer, data integrity device, data integrity mechanism, data integrity service, data interchange format, data interlock, data key, data key, data link cryptor, data link encryption, data link encryption, data link encryption standard, data link encryptor, data link modem, data loss, data manipulation, data marking, data message, data message, data modification, data origin authentication, data path, data presentation, data privacy, data privacy key, data privacy key, data processing, data processing asset protection, data processing audit, data processing environment, data processing operation, data processing problem, data processing security, data processing system, data processor, data protection criteria, data protection legislation, data protection procedure, data protection unit, data rate, data recovery, data reduction algorithm, data report, data retention time, data retrieval, data scrambler, data scrambler, data scrambling device, data screening, data security, data security audit, data security device, data security engineering, data security equipment, data security facilities, data security manager, data security measures, data security module, data security software, data security strategy, data segment, data sequence, data service, data set, data signaling rate, data specification, data speed, data string, data synthesis, data tablet, data tampering, data telecommunication, data terminal equipment, data theft, data throughput, data throughput rate, data transfer, data transfer rate, data transmission, data transmission errors, data transmission link, data transmission speed, data transmission system, data transmission validity, data-based information, data-carrying lifetime, data-ciphering operation, data-compression code, data-dependent access, data-dependent check, data-dependent encryption, data-dependent encryption, data-dependent key, data-dependent key, data-dependent protection, data-dependent restriction, data-in-voice modem, data-initiated control, data-operation key, data-operation key


E, E quotient, e-d algorithm, e-mail, E-mail message, E-mail message, E-mail network, E-mail privacy, E/D, E3 cryptosystem, E3 cryptosystem, E3 system, EA, easily guessed password, easily guessed password, easily guessed password, easy-to-break cipher, easy-to-remember password, easy-to-remember password, easy-to-remember password, eavesdropper, eavesdropper's access, eavesdropping, eavesdropping by emanation, eavesdropping by wiretap, eavesdropping connection, eavesdropping detection protocol, eavesdropping detector, eavesdropping equipment, eavesdropping on telephone conversations, eavesdropping opponent, eavesdropping threat, eavesdropping transmitter, eavesdropping vulnerability, EBS, ECB, ECB method, ECB mode, ECB regime, ECB technique, ECC, echo, economic intelligence, ECPH, ECPH-operation, ECPL, EDI, EDP security, EE, effect, effectively unbreakable cryptosystem, effectively unbreakable cryptosystem, effectively unbreakable system, efficient code, efficient coding, EFT, egress, Ek, EK, EK transform, EK transformation, eKxy data, election scheme, election scheme, electrified fence, electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic eavesdropping, electromagnetic emanation detection, electromagnetic emanation intercept, electromagnetic emanation interception, electromagnetic emission, electromagnetic environment, electromagnetic pickup, electromagnetic radiation analysis, electromagnetic survivability, electromagnetic vulnerability, electronic access, electronic banking system, electronic break, electronic breaking, electronic bug, electronic bug detector, electronic burglar alarm, electronic cipher unit, electronic code book, electronic codebook, electronic codebook mode, electronic codebook regime, electronic countermeasures survey, electronic cryptographic device, electronic cryptography, electronic data processing security, electronic debugging sweep, electronic document, electronic document delivery, electronic eavesdropper, electronic eavesdropping, electronic eavesdropping device, electronic emission security, electronic entry, electronic envelope, electronic espionage, electronic exposure, electronic funds transfer, electronic handkerchief device, electronic intelligence, electronic intercept, electronic interception, electronic intruder, electronic key, electronic key, electronic key access control, electronic key distribution, electronic key management device, electronic key management system, electronic keyboard, electronic keyboard, electronic keying, electronic lock, electronic mail, electronic mail message, electronic mail message, electronic mail service, electronic mail system, electronic message unit, electronic monitoring equipment, electronic penetration, electronic pollution, electronic search, electronic security, electronic security module, electronic signature, electronic signature, electronic snooping device, electronic spying, electronic stethoscope, electronic surveillance, electronic surveillance detector, electronic surveillance device, electronic surveillance system, electronic sweeping, electronic tag, electronic tampering, electronic thievery, electronic vibration detector, electronic-banking device, electronic-codebook method, electronic-codebook technique, electronic-eavesdropping countermeasures, electronically generated key, electronically generated key, electronically signed document, electronically transferring key, electronically transferring key, element, elementary key, elementary key, ELINT, elliptic curve cryptosystem, elliptic curve cryptosystem, elliptic curve system, emanation, emanation emission security, emanation integer, emanation security, emanations control, emanations protection, embeddable, embeddable device, embeddable module, embedded code, embedded cryptography, embedded delta modulation, embezzlement, embezzler, embossed card, EMC protection, emendation, emergency, emergency alarm, emergency analyzer, Emergency Broadcasting System, emergency erase button, emergency erasure, emergency key, emergency key, emergency maintenance, emergency response, emergency service, emergency signal, emergency situation, emission, emission detection sensor, employee, employee access, employee awareness, employee badge, employee ID, employee identification, employee information


F-scrambling, F-T-scrambling, FA, fabric, fabricated message, fabricated message, FAC, FAC problem, facilities, facsimile cryptor, facsimile encryption, facsimile encryption, facsimile encryptor, facsimile information, facsimile scrambler, facsimile scrambler, facsimile scrambling, facsimile terminal, factor, factor-ring, factoring, factoring algorithm, factoring time, factorization, factorization algorithm, factorization cryptosystem, factorization cryptosystem, factorization problem, factorization system, factorization theorem, factors, factory installed key, factory installed key, factory programmed key, factory programmed key, factual information, faed length string, fail secure lock, fail-safe circuit, fail-safe lock, fail-safe operation, fail-safe system, failed login attempt, failed logon, failfactors, failure, failure access, failure state, fake, fake acceptance, fake key, fake key, fake message, fake message, fallibility, false, false acceptance, false acceptance error, false acceptance rate, false alarm, false alarm rate, false alarm signal, false call, false code, false denial, false information, false key, false key, false message, false message, false refection, false rejection error, false rejection rate, false synchronization, false synchronization, false-negative error, false-positive error, falsification-proof, falsified data, family key, family key, FAR, FAST, Fast data encipherment algorithm, fast data encryption algorithm, fast Fourier transform, fast Fourier transform operation, fast-access retrieval, fatigue, fault, fault correction time, fault detection test, fault detection testing, fault protection, fault tolerance, fault-diagnosis, fault-tolerance problem, fault-tolerant, fault-tolerant network, faulty operator intervention, favourite password, favourite password, favourite password, FAX, fax cryptor, fax encryptor, fax message, fax message, fax system, fax-pionage, faxed information, Faximile, faxmodem, FBI, FEAL, FEAL algorithm, feasibility, feasible attack, feasible decrypting, feasible decryption, feasible solution, feature, feature extraction, feature extraction method, feature extraction technique, feature selection, FEC, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Information Processing Standards, Federation against software theft, feed forward shift register, feedback, feedback channel, feedback channel, feedback coefficient, feedback loop, feedback method, feedback path, feedback polinomial, feedback shift register, feedback technique, Feistel cipher, felony, fence, fence associated sensor, fence disturbance sensor, fence intrusion detection system, fence penetration vibration, fence sensor, fence zone, fenced area, Fermat number, Fermat theorem, Fermat's test for primeness, fetch protection, fetch protection bit, fey importation, fey negotiation, fey notarization, FFT operation, Fiat-Shamir technique, fiber optic cable, Fibonacci search, Fibonacci sequence, Fibonacci string, fibre optic sensor, fiduciary, field, field cipher, field element, field inspection, field-mode encryption, field-mode encryption, fifty-fifty chance, file, file access, file access code, file access data unit, file access password, file access password, file access password, file grow coefficient, file grow factor, file ID, file key, file key, file label, file management system, file protection code, file record, file security, file security key, file security key, file security system, file transfer, file transfer access and management standard, file transfer protocol, file-level protection, file-shared network, FILESEC


gain access, gain information, Galois field, Galois field arithmetic, Galois field cryptosystem, Galois field cryptosystem, Galois field of q elements, Galois field system, Galois field theory, Galois field transform, game theoretic cryptography, game-theoretic, game-theoretic approach, gap, garbage, garbage collection, garble, garble expansion, garble extension, garbled data, garbled message, garbled message, garbled text, gate, gate keeper, gate out, gateway, gateway server, gathering, GCD, GCHQ, gear, general cryptosystem, general cryptosystem, general ID, general identifier, general management, general privacy level, general purpose modem, general purpose network, general solution, general system, generalized cryptosystem, generalized cryptosystem, generalized system, generate a ciphpertext, generate a cryptogram, generating function, generating matrix, generating polinomial, generation, generator, generator polinomial, generic information, generic key, generic key, genuine key, genuine key, genuine message, genuine message, genuine random sequence, genuine random string, geometric transposition cipher, geometry, GF, GF cryptosystem, GF cryptosystem, GF system, GFq, gibberish, given away information, glas breakage detector, glass, global key, global key, go green, Golomb's randomness postulates, good cipher, good key, good key, good sign-on, Goppa code, Goppa polinomial, Goppa-code cryptosystem, Goppa-code cryptosystem, Goppa-code system, government channel, government channel, Government Communications Headquarter, government employee, government object, government regulation, government-endorsed cryptor, government-endorsed encryptor, grab, grabber, grabber program, grant access, grant right, granularity, graph-theoretic approach, graph-theoretical model, graphical presentation, graphoanalysis, greatest common denominators, greatest common divisor, greedy program, Green book, group, group key, group key, group signature, group signature, group theory, guaranteed protection, guard, guard digit, guard key, guard key, guard receiver, guard service, guard station, guard-key, guardband, guarded door, guarding, guess, guess the key, guess the key, guess the password, guess the password, guess the password, guessability, guessed solution, guessing attack, GW


hack, hackee, hacker, hacker attack, hacker dial-in, hacker infiltration, hacker prevention, hacker-proof, hacking, haclung spying, Hagelin machine, half-duplex channel, half-duplex channel, half-duplex mode, half-duplex regime, Hamming code, Hamming distance, hand geometry, hand geometry ID, hand geometry identification system, hand geometry identifier, hand reader, hand signature dynamics, hand-delivered key, hand-delivered key, hand-held, hand-held device, hand-held key entry device, hand-written message, hand-written message, hand-written signature, hand-written signature, handheld ID, handheld identifier, handheld metal detector, handheld password generator, handheld terminal, handling, hands-free access control, hands-free access control system, hands-off device, handshake, handshake identity code, handshake method, handshake technique, handshaking, handshaking algorithm, handshaking information, handshaking procedure, handshaking process, handshaking protocol, handshaking request, handwriting analysis, handwriting recognition, hard, hard copy, hard copy information, hard copy key, hard copy key, hard mathematical problem, hard problem, hard-copy keying, hard-copy terminal, hard-to-break, hard-to-break cipher, hard-to-invert function, hard-to-remember password, hard-to-remember password, hard-to-remember password, hard-to-trace call, hard-wire entry, hardcopy, hardened container, hardness, hardware, hardware assisted ciphering, hardware assisted encryption, hardware assisted encryption, hardware ciphering, hardware compatibility, hardware component, hardware cryptography, hardware encryption, hardware encryption, hardware environment, hardware implementation, hardware implemented encryption, hardware implemented encryption, hardware infector, hardware key, hardware key, hardware level, hardware malfunction, hardware protection, hardware redundance, hardware redundance, hardware safeguard, hardware safeguard, hardware security, hardware security module, hardware tools, hardware transparency, hardware virus, hardware-based access, hardware-based key, hardware-based key, hardware-based security, hardware-enforced mode, hardware-enforced regime, hardware-implemented cryptosystem, hardware-implemented cryptosystem, hardware-implemented system, hardwired, hardwiring, harmful access, harmonic component, harmonica bug, harmonically distorted signal, hash, hash code, hash function, hash tools, hashed sequence, hashed string, hashing, hashing algorithm, hazard, hazard analysis, HCI, HDLC, header, header encryption, header encryption, header information, heading, headset, heat sensor, heat-night vision device, heterogenity, heterogenous network, heuristic algorithm, heuristic analysis, heuristic approach, heuristic method, heuristic procedure, heuristic routing, heuristic solution, heuristic technique, heuristics, hex key, hex key, hexadecimal key, hexadecimal key, hidden channel, hidden channel, hidden data, hidden file, hidden key, hidden key, hidden key cryptosystem, hidden key cryptosystem, hidden key system, hidden transmitter, hidden writing, hiding, hierarchical access, hierarchical category, hierarchical classification, hierarchical decomposition, hierarchical method, hierarchical model, hierarchical network, hierarchical organization, hierarchical routing, hierarchical structure, hierarchical system, hierarchical technique, hierarchically structured network, hierarchy, hierarchy level, high access class, high density communication, high density telecommunication, high imjedance tap, high imjedance tapping, high integrity program, High Level Data Link Control, high level network, high risk area, high security, high security cipher, high security ciphering, high security encryption, high security encryption, high security object, high security system, high speed encryption, high speed encryption, high speed processing, high user


IACCI, IACR, IC card, icon, ICV, ID, ID card, IDEA, idempotent, idempotent element, idempotent polinomial, identifiable, identifiable attribute, identifiable environment, identification, identification badge, identification card with cryptographic protection, identification character, identification characteristic, identification code, identification facilities, identification information, identification mark, identification number, identification procedure, identification sign, identification signal, identification symbol, identification table, identification token, identification word, identification/verification mechanism, identificator desactivation, identifier, identifier key, identifier key, identifier word, identify, identify the key, identify the key, identifyee, identifying attribute, identifying card, identifying device, identifying evidence, identity, identity card, identity check, identity intercept, identity interception, identity key, identity key, identity paper, identity print out, identity proofing, identity request, identity token, identity verification, identity verification procedure, identity-based, identity-based access control, identity-based cryptosystem, identity-based cryptosystem, identity-based protocol, identity-based security policy, identity-based signature scheme, identity-based signature scheme, identity-based system, idiomorph, idle bit, idle mode, idle regime, IDS, IIR filter, illegal access, illegal code, illegal command, illegal copying, illegal entry, illegal manipulation, illegal network monitor, illegal operation, illegal password, illegal password, illegal password, illegal request, illegal terminal, illegal use, illegality, illegally copied software, illegitimate message, illegitimate message, illicit access, illicit communication path, illicit copying, illicit information, illicit intercept, illicit interception, illicit transmitter, illicit use, illuminator, image, image processor, image segmentation, image sensor, imagery, imagery analysis, imagery information, imagery intelligence, imaging, IMINT, imitate, imitative communication, imitative telecommunication, immitative communication deception, immune to cryptoanalysis cryptosystem, immune to cryptoanalysis system, immune to eavesdropping, immunity, immunity from eavesdropping, immunization, immutable code, impartial third-party, impasse, impediment, impersonate, impersonate the transmitter, impersonate the user, impersonation, impersonation attack, impersonator, impervious protection, implanted code, implanter, implement security, implementation, implementation of algorithm, implementation of security program, implicit, importation, impose restriction, impossible to deny signature, impossible to deny signature, impostor, impostor acceptance, impostor terminal, impression, imprevious, imprint, improper access, improper activity, improper code, improper encryption, improper encryption, impulse noise, impunity, IN, in cipher, in the black, in-built, in-circuit encryption device, in-line cryptography configuration, in-line cryptor, in-line encryptor, in-the-clear communication, in-the-clear message, in-the-clear message, in-the-clear telecommunication, inaccessible, inaccessible area, inadequate control, inadequate security, inadvertent access, inadvertent alarm, inadvertent disclosure, inadvertent emission, inadvertent modification, inadvertent threat, incidence matrix, incident, incident response, incoming message, incoming message, incoming radiation, incoming user, incompatibility, incomplete block, incomplete data, incomplete information, incomprehensible, inconsistence, incontestable, incorrect input, incorrect password, incorrect password, incorrect password, increasing sequence, increasing string, incremental coder, indecipherable


Jacobi symbol, jam, jam-beater, jammer, jamming generator, jamming magnetic field, jamming signal, jeopardy, jitter, job, job entry terminal, joint signature, joint signature, journal, joy-riding, jumble, jumble process, jumpering, junk


K-bit cipher feedback mode, K-bit cipher feedback regime, K-bit output feedback mode, K-bit output feedback regime, KAK, KBD, KCA, KCC, KDC, KDP, KDS, KEA, keeper, KEK, Kerberos, kernel, kernel isolation, kernel software, kernel-based operating system, kernelized operating system, KES, key, key agreement, key agreement protocol, key area, key assignement, key attribute, key authentication center, key authentication code, key bank, key base, key bit, key bits sequence, key bits string, key block, key book, key book, key break, key breaking, key byte, key card, key card system, key carrier, key cerfitication authority, key certification, key certification authority, key certification center, key chain, key change, key change, key change interval, key change rate, key change transaction, key changeover, key channel, key channel, key character, key checksum, key clustering, key clustering cryptanalysis, key code, key combination, key component, key composition, key compromise, key compromise countermeasures, key computation, key copy, key creation function, key crunching, key cryptosystem, key cryptosystem, key cycle period, key cycling, key database, key decoder, key deletion, key delivery, key dependence, key depth, key derivation, key derivation operation, key destruction, key diffusion, key disclosure, key disestablishing, key disk, key dissemination, key distribution, key distribution algorithm, key distribution by codebook, key distribution center, key distribution channel, key distribution channel, key distribution cryptosystem, key distribution cryptosystem, key distribution device, key distribution information, key distribution mechanism, key distribution node, key distribution protocol, key distribution scheme, key distribution scheme, key distribution service, key distribution system, key distribution unit, key diversity, key encryption, key encryption, key encryption key, key encryption key, key entry, key entry port, key entry procedure, key equivocation function, key erasure, key escrow cryptosystem, key escrow cryptosystem, key escrow system, key establishment, key estimate, key evaluation, key exchange, key exchange algorithm, key exchange protocol, key exchange system, key exchange via a third-party, key exhaustion, key exhaustion attack, key expansion, key expansion algorithm, key extension, key extraction, key fill, key fill device, key format, Key Gen, key generating module, key generation, key generation algorithm, key generation and distribution system, key generation function, key generation unit, key generator, key generator controller, key generator module, key handling, key hash, key hashing, key holder, key holder, key ID, key identification, key identifier, key identifier parameter, key in, key index, key index signal, key indexing, key injection, key injector, key injector port, key input, key input algorithm, key insertion, key insertion unit, key installation, key installator, key integer, key interchange key, key interchange key, key interchange system, key library, key life, key lifetime, key list, key load, key load button, key loader, key loader module, key loading, key loading device, key lock, key lock protection, key lock system, key locked equipment, key loss, key management algorithm, key management center, key management facilities, key management facility, key management information, key management mechanism, key management module, key management operation, key management procedure, key management program, key management protocol, key management scheme, key management scheme


L-fold secrecy, label, label assignement, label-based control, labeled security protection, labelled information, labelled message, labelled message, labelled output, labelling, lag time, Lagrange interpolating polinomial, Lagrange interpolation formula, Lagrange multiplier, language, language redundance, language redundance, LANSEC, larceny, large integer factorization, large linear complexity sequence, large linear complexity string, large-integer arithmetic, large-volume communication, large-volume telecommunication, laser audio window interceptor, laser bug, laser card, laser eavesdropping, laser listening system, laser micro, laser microphone, laser mike, laser monitoring system, laser scanner, laser window scanner, late entry in communication, latency, latent repetition, lattice reduction, lattice security model, law, law enforcement agency, law enforcement personnel, law of large numbers, lawbreaker, lawful user, LAWN, lawsuit, lax security, lay signature, lay signature, layer, layered networking protocol, layerwise authentication, layout, LEAF, leak, leakage, leakage channel, leakage channel, leakage path, leakage prevention, leakage radiation, leaked information, leaker, leakproof, least access, least clearance, least clearance, least favorable case, least posssible privilege, least privilege, least privilege principle, least significant bit, least square estimation, least-cleared user, legal message, legal message, legal protection, legal security measures, legality checking, Legendre symbol, legislation, legitimate access, legitimate application, legitimate channel, legitimate channel, legitimate communication, legitimate data, legitimate message traffic, legitimate message traffic, legitimate path, legitimate receiver, legitimate telecommunication, legitimate user, Lempel-Ziv compression, length, length of protection, length of the key, less cleared user, letter, letter frequency distribution, letter key, letter key, letter-by-letter encryption, letter-by-letter encryption, letter-by-letter substitute, letter-by-letter substitution, letter-frequency cryptanalysis, letter-pattern cryptanalysis, letter-pattern method, letter-pattern technique, level, level of confidentiality, level of protection, level of sensitivity, level of vulnerability, level quantization, LFSR, liability, library, licence number, licensing, lie detector test, lie detector testing, life, life span, lifetime, light alarm, likelihood, likelihood approximation, likelihood function, limit, limit access, limitation, limited access, limited access authorization, limited area, limited availability, limited key, limited key, limited protection, limited-resource eavesdropper, line, line adapter, line detector, line disconnection-type device, line eavesdropping, line encryption device, line induction noise, line modem, line security, line tapper, linear algebra, linear cipher, linear complexity, linear congruence, linear congruential sequence, linear congruential string, linear correlation, linear distribution, linear feedback shift register, linear mapping, linear phase sequence, linear phase string, linear prediction, linear prediction analysis, linear prediction coding, linear predictive coder, linear predictive coding, linear predictive coding algorithm, linear predictive parameter, linear predictive vocoder, linear predictor, linear recurring sequence, linear recurring string, linear shift register sequence, linear shift register string, linear sieve algorithm, linear space, linear span, linear threshold function, linear transformation based cipher, linear vector space, linetapping, linguistic coding, linguistic structure, link, link access procedure, link control protocol, link cryptography, link encryption, link encryption, link encryption device, link encryption key, link encryption key, link key, link key, link security


m-bit ciphertext feedback cipher, M-key, m-sequence, MAC, MAC key, machine, machine cryptography, machine cryptology, machine-readable, machine-readable badge, machine-readable carrier, machine-readable form, magnetic bug, magnetic card access control system, magnetic card ID, magnetic card identification, magnetic ink record, magnetic ink recording, magnetic keycard, magnetic record, magnetic recorder, magnetic recording, magnetic remainence, magnetic stripe token, magnetic striped card, magnetic tape file, magnetic tape residue, magnetically coded card, magnetizable ink, mail, mail box, mailbox channel, mailbox channel, main circuit interception system, main file, main parameter, maintenance, major key, major key, majority circuit, majority decision, make-up time, malefactor, malevolent attack, malevolent user, malfeasance, malfunction, malicious, malicious access, malicious alteration, malicious attack, malicious damage, malicious device, malicious exposure, malicious hacking, malicious infector, malicious insider, malicious logic, malicious modification, malicious person, malicious program, malicious software, malicious threat, malicious user, malicious virus, mall, man-machine interaction, man-machine intercom, management, management action, management activity, management channel, management channel, management decision, management information, management information file, management information system, management trail, manager, managerial control, managerial function, Manchester coding, mandatory access control, mandatory access control authorization, mandatory protection, mandatory security, manipulation, manual, manual encryption, manual encryption, manual entry device, manual key distribution, manual key entry, manual signature, manual signature, manufacturer's key, manufacturer's key, manufacturer-installed key, manufacturer-installed key, many-digit variable, map, mapping, mapping function, mapping rule, mark, mark/space ratio, market, marking, Markov cipher, Markov process, Markovian dependence, Markovian process, mask tone, masking, masking cipher, masking distortions, masking noise scrambler, masking noise scrambler, masking sequence, masking signal, masking signal generation, masking signal removal, masking string, masquerade, masquerade attack, masqueraded user, masquerader, massive search, master encryption/decryption unit, master key, master key, master key fill, master key mode, master key regime, master password, master password, master password, matched keys, matched pair of keys, matching, matching key, matching key, matching operation, matching protocol, material, materiality, mathematical brute force, mathematical cryptanalysis, mathematical fingerprint, mathematical model, mathematical security, mathematical verification, mathematically determined security, mathematically related keys, mathematically-based encryption, mathematically-based encryption, mating, matrix, matrix algebra, matrix cipher, matrix cryptosystem, matrix cryptosystem, matrix inversion, matrix key distribution scheme, matrix key distribution scheme, matrix multiplication, matrix rank, matrix representation, matrix system, matrix-based cipher, maximal length generator, maximal length shift register, maximal order complexity, maximal period generator, maximal sequence, maximal string, maximal-length linear shift register, maximal-length shift register sequence, maximal-length shift register string, maximum length polinomial, maximum likelihood, maximum likelihood estimate, maximum likelihood evaluation, maximum likelihood ratio, maximum-length sequence, maximum-length string, maximum-likelihood decoding, maximum-likelihood estimation, McEliece' cryptosystem, McEliece' cryptosystem, McEliece' system, MDC, mean square value, meaningful decrypting, meaningful decryption, meaningful message, meaningful message, meaningful word, means, measure


n-ary relation, N-code, n-dimensional vector, n-gram, n-gram substitute, n-gram substitution, n-person rule, n-stage shift register, n-th order polinomial, n-tuple, name, named key, named key, named object, named subject, named user, naming, narrowband channel, narrowband channel, narrowband signal, narrowband speech coding, narrowband voice encryption, narrowband voice encryption, National Computer Security Center, National Computer Systems Laboratory, national security, National Security Agency, national security information, national security protection, native key, native key, natural language, natural number, NCSC, NCSL, near-telephone speech quality, need-to-go principle, need-to-know, need-to-know rule, need-to-know access, need-to-know authority, need-to-know information, need-to-know principle, need-to-know privilege, need-to-know protection, need-to-know restriction, need-to-know separation, nefarious, negative acknowledgement, negligence, negotiable document, negotiated key, negotiated key, negotiation, negotiation process, net key variable, NETSEC, netware, network, network access, network access channel, network access channel, network access control, network access control device, network access control system, network access controller, network adapter card, network administrative center, network composition, network control information, network control protocol, network controller, network cryptosystem, network delay, network element, network integer, network intercom, network intrusion detection system, network key, network key, network key server, network level, network linked device, network management center, network model, network node, network operating system, network privacy controller, network protocol, network resource, network security, network security architecture, network security center, network security model, network security module, network security monitor, network security server, network server, network software, network structure, network system, network user ID, network user identification, network user identifier, network vulnerability, network-level access control, network-level protocol, networked access, networked data, neural net chip, never-repeated sequence, never-repeated string, new employee indoctrination, NewDES, next bit test, nibble, night mode, night observation device, night regime, night vision device, night vision glass, nightscope, NLFSR, no read up, no write down, node, node encryption, node encryption, node key, node key, node-by-node encryption, node-by-node encryption, noise, noise blanker, noise immunity, noise masking, noise sequence, noise signal, noise string, noise stripper, noise-like, noise-like sequence, noise-like string, noisy channel, noisy channel, non-accessibility, non-adjacent one sequence, non-adjacent one string, non-attended sensor, non-cheatable, non-contact card reading, non-crashing, non-deterministic polinomial, non-deterministic polinomial completeness, non-deterministic polynomial-time problem, non-deterministic Turing machine, non-disclosure, non-disclosure security, non-discretionary security system, non-empty set, non-error expanding cipher, non-error propagating cipher, non-expanding cryptor, non-expanding encipherer, non-expanding encryptor, non-failure operating probability, non-forgeable, non-forgeable document, non-homogeneous polinomial, non-interceptible, non-invertibility, non-invertible function, non-kernel, non-kernel software, non-legitimate access, non-linear algorithm, non-linear conversion, non-linear cryptosystem, non-linear cryptosystem, non-linear feedback, non-linear feedback shift register, non-linear function, non-linear key, non-linear key, non-linear logic, non-linear mapping, non-linear shift register, non-linear system, non-linear transposition, non-negative integer, non-predictable code, non-predictable number, non-predictable value, non-prime, non-prime number, non-protected control, non-recallable key, non-recallable key, non-repeatable pseudorandom number generator, non-repeating key


O book, OBFB, OBFB mode, OBFB regime, object, object classification, object code, object granularity, object privilege, object-dependent control, oblivious, oblivious transfer, observation space, observer, obstacle, obvious password, obvious password, obvious password, odd prime, OFB, off-hook caller, off-hook signal, off-hook tap, off-hook tapping, off-network encryption, off-network encryption, off-site storage, off-site store, offence, office, office information system, officer, official, offline authentication, offline cipher device, offline ciphering, offline control, offline cryptanalysis, offline cryptographic operation, offline cryptor, offline device, offline encryption, offline encryption, offline encryption device, offline encryptor, offline ID, offline identification, offline mode, offline regime, old message, old message, old password, old password, old password, on the fly, on-and-off bug, on-hook tap, on-hook tapping, on-site control, on-site radiation, on-the-air key loading, on-the-fly encryption, on-the-fly encryption, one-chip microprocessor, one-dimensional scrambler, one-dimensional scrambler, one-dimensional scrambling, one-dimensional sequence, one-dimensional string, one-dimensional transform, one-dimensional transformation, one-key cryptography, one-key cryptosystem, one-key cryptosystem, one-key system, one-master-key approach, one-master-key cryptosystem, one-master-key cryptosystem, one-master-key system, one-time cipher, one-time ID, one-time identifier, one-time key, one-time key, one-time key ciphering, one-time key encryption, one-time key encryption, one-time key use, one-time pad, one-time pad encryption, one-time pad encryption, one-time password, one-time password, one-time password, one-time signature, one-time signature, one-time tape, one-time-key cryptosystem, one-time-key cryptosystem, one-time-key system, one-time-only authorization, one-time-pad cryptosystem, one-time-pad cryptosystem, one-time-pad system, one-time-tape cryptosystem, one-time-tape cryptosystem, one-time-tape system, one-to-many mapping, one-to-one correspondence, one-to-one correspondence function, one-to-one enciphering transform, one-to-one enciphering transformation, one-to-one function, one-to-one mapping, one-to-one relation, one-to-one substitute, one-to-one substitution, one-to-one substitution cipher, one-valued mapping, one-way channel, one-way channel, one-way cipher, one-way cryptoalgoritm, one-way cryptography, one-way encryption, one-way encryption, one-way encryption algorithm, one-way function, one-way function with a trap-door, one-way key, one-way key, one-way key distribution, one-way permutation, one-way property, one-way reversible operation, one-way sequence, one-way string, one-way synchronization, one-way synchronization, one-way transform, one-way transformation, one-wayness, one-word key, one-word key, one-word key encryption, one-word key encryption, onion skin, online access, online authentication, online ciphering, online communication, online control, online cryptanalysis, online cryptographic operation, online cryptooperation, online cryptor, online data, online encryption, online encryption, online encryption device, online encryptor, online key management, online telecommunication, online unit, onlooker, onslaught, opcode, open circuit alarm, open design principle, open frequency search, open source intelligence, Open System Interconnection, Open System Interconnection model, open zone, opening, openness, operable time, operating environment, operating mode, operating personnel, operating procedure, operating regime, operating sequence, operating string, operating system infector, operating system virus, operating time, operation, operation analysis, operation code, operation execution time, operation information, operation key, operation key, operation mode, operation regime, operation research, operation security, operation sequencing, operation speed


P-box, P-key, p-time algorithm, PAC, PAC key, package, packaging, packet communication, packet control, packet encryption, packet encryption, packet switch, packet switched network, packet switching, packet telecommunication, packet terminal, packet-mode encryption, packet-mode encryption, packet-mode terminal, pad, pad character, pad symbol, padded message, padded message, padding, padding bit, padding field, padlocking security, pair, paired comparison, pairwise authentication, pairwise key, pairwise key, pairwise shared secret, palmprint, PAN, panel, panning spectrum analyzer, panoramic protocol analyzer, panoramic surveillance receiver, paper, paper-tape key, paper-tape key, paperless office, parallel line bug, parallel listening, parallel listening attack, parallel listening breaker, parallel telephone tap, parallel telephone tapping, parallel-to-serial conversion, parameter, parameter coding, parameter mismatch, parameter set, parameter setting, parameter space, parameter specification, parametric estimation, parametrization, paraphrase, parasitic tap, parasitic tapping, Paretial function, parity, parity bit, parity check, parity check bit, parity check circuit, parity check code, parity check matrix, parity checking, parity error, parity-protected key, parity-protected key, parole, partial information, partial sequence, partial string, partially known plaintext cryptanalysis, partially ordered set, partition, partitioned database, partitioned security mode, partitioned security regime, partner, party, pass, pass key, pass key, pass secret, pass-algorithm, pass-number, pass-through technique, passage, passcard, passcode, passing, passive attack, passive eavesdropper, passive infiltration, passive information intercept, passive information interception, passive intercept, passive interception, passive protection, passive surveillance, passive threat, passive wiretapping, passphrase, password, password access, password access control, password algorithm, password assignement, password authentication, password capability, password change module, password check, password checking program, password control, password control circumvention, password cracking, password cracking algorithm, password encryption algorithm, password entry device, password expiration, password file, password generation algorithm, password generation device, password generator, password grabber, password guessability, password guesser, password holder, password image, password level, password lifetime, password management, password method, password phrase, password procedure, password propagation, password protection, password protection mechanism, password repeatability, password security, password security system, password selection, password space, password table, password technique, password update, password updating, password usage standard, password violation, password-based access, password-based access control, password-based access control system, password-based authentication, password-based user ID, password-based user identification, password-callback access, password-controlled intercom, password-protected, password-protected key, password-protected key, password-protected software, password-protected terminal, passwording, past information, patching, patent protection, patent repetition, path, pattern, pattern matching, pattern matching attack, pattern recognition, pattern word, patternlessness, payphone, PCA, peer authentication, peer entity, peer entity authorization, peer interaction, peer relation, peer-to-peer authentication, peer-to-peer communication, peer-to-peer protocol, peer-to-peer telecommunication, pen-up/pen-down signals, penalty, pending key, pending key, penetrate safeguard, penetrate safeguard, penetration, penetration aids


QR, quadratic complexity, quadratic congruence, quadratic form, quadratic residue, quadratic residue code, quadratic residue generator, quadratic residue method, quadratic residue technique, quadratic sieve, quadratic sieve factoring algorithm, quadratie residuosity problem, quadrature mirror filter, qualification, quality, quantization, quantizer, quantlzed signal, quasi-biometric device, quasi-cyclic code, quasi-linearity, quasi-random code, quasiperiodicity, quasirandom number generator, quaternary DES algorithm, question-and-answer sequence, question-and-answer string, question-and-answer technique, question-answer method, question-answer technique, questionnaire logon access, queued access, quick-plant bug, quinqueliteral alphabet, quintuple, quotient, quotient function


r-th residue cryptosystem, r-th residue cryptosystem, r-th residue system, RACF, radiating device, radiation, radiation detection, radiation emitting cable, radiation monitor, radiation protected, radiation security, radiation test, radio, radio bug, radio bugging device, radio eavesdropping, radio eavesdropping device, radio frequency bugging device, radio frequency detector, radio frequency flooding, radio frequency ID, radio frequency identification, radio frequency interference emission, radio monitoring service, radio paging system, radio reconnaissance service, radio search, radio security, radio tag, radio tap transmitter, radio-delivered computer infector, radio-delivered computer virus, radiomonitoring, radiophone, rafting code scrambling, Rainbow Series, rampant, random, random bit generator, random bit pattern generator, random cipher, random ciphering, random code generator, random coding theorem, random coefficient, random cryptanalysis, random distribution, random effects model, random encryption, random encryption, random error, random error correcting code, random event, random factor, random information, random initialization, random key, random key, random key cryptanalysis, random key generator, random key sequence, random key string, random mapping, random masking, random message attack, random modification, random number, random number generator, random number sequence, random number source, random number string, random password, random password, random password, random password generator, random permutation, random process, random sample, random search, random seed, random set, random stream, random variable, random-spurious padding, randomization, randomized block, randomized data, randomized encryption, randomized encryption, randomized information, randomized text, randomizer, randomizing, randomizing algorithm, randomizlng sequence, randomizlng string, randomly chosen bit, randomly chosen key, randomly chosen key, randomly chosen password, randomly chosen password, randomly chosen password, randomly generated, randomly generated key, randomly generated key, randomly selected, randomly selected key, randomly selected key, randomness, randomness of sequence, randomness postulates, randomness test, randomness testing, range, range of function, range reduction coefficient, range reduction factor, ranged data, rank, rank statistics, rapid cryptosystem, rapid cryptosystem, rapid system, RAS, rate, rate of key change, rating, ratio, rational number, re-configuration, re-establishing, re-initialisation, re-injected shift register, re-inverter, re-inverting, re-radiation, read, read access, read back key, read back key, read into memory, read protection, read-out protection, read-protected, readable plaintext, reader, reading, reading device, reading test, real number, real time vocoder, real traffic, real traffic, real-time calculation, real-time coding, real-time decrypting, real-time decryption, real-time encryption, real-time encryption, real-time mode, real-time regime, real-time sensor, rearrangement, reassigned key, reassigned key, reauthentication, reblock, receive level, receive terminal, received message, received message, receiver, receiver terminal, receiver's key, receiver's key, receiving ciphering unit, receiving entity, receiving modem, reception, recerd screening, recession analysis, recheck, recipient, recipient crypto unit, recipient's key, recipient's key, reciprocal cipher, reciprocal number, reciprocal number cryptosystem, reciprocal number cryptosystem, reciprocal number system, reciprocal process, recirculating shift register, reclassify, recognition, recognition algorithm, recognition badge, recognition code, recognition signal, recognizer


S, s-box, S-key, S/N ratio, sabotage, safe against cryptanalysis, safe channel, safe channel, safe computing system, safe key, safe key, safe room, safe time, safeguard, safeguarding, safeguarding scheme, safeguarding scheme, safety, salami technique, salt, sampie space, sample, sample and hold circuit, sample data, sample estimation, sample sequence, sample string, sample-based scrambler, sample-based scrambler, sampler, sampling frequency, sampling interval, sampling process, sampling rate, sampling theorem, sanitizing, sat scrambler, scan, scanner, scanner device, scanning, scanning bug detector, scanning sensor, scattering diagram, scavenging, scenario, schedule, scheme, SCI, SCOCE, SCOMP, scramble, scramble code, scrambled bit stream, scrambled conversation, scrambled information, scrambled message, scrambled message, scrambled mode, scrambled output, scrambled pattern, scrambled regime, scrambled sequence, scrambled signal, scrambled string, scrambled telephone, scrambled transmission, scrambled voice, scrambled waveform, scrambler, scrambler circuit, scrambler mode, scrambler regime, scrambling, scrambling algorithm, scrambling code, scrambling device, scrambling equipment, scrambling generator, scrambling key, scrambling key, scrambling keyboard, scrambling keyboard, scrambling matrix, scrambling mechanism, scrambling method, scrambling operation, scrambling parameter, scrambling process, scrambling program, scrambling scheme, scrambling scheme, scrambling sequence, scrambling string, scrambling technique, scrambling telephone set, screamer, screen mimic, screened operator, screened personnel, screening, screening process, screening wall, scrubbing, SCS, SDLC, seal, sealed object, search, search algorithm, search attribute, search endoscope, search key, search key, search receiver, search space, search team, searched key, searched key, second coding, second key, second key, second order complexity, secondaire attribute, secondary document, secondary key, secondary key, secrecy, secrecy coding, secrecy communication, secrecy communication system, secrecy control, secrecy cryptosystem, secrecy cryptosystem, secrecy of the communication, secrecy system, secrecy telecommunication, secret, secret area, secret clearance, secret clearance, secret communication, secret decrypting key, secret decrypting key, secret handshaking, secret key, secret key, secret key algorithm, secret key cipher, secret key cryptoalgoritm, secret key distribution, secret key encryption, secret key encryption, secret parameter, secret password, secret photography, secret service, secret sharing, secret sharing scheme, secret sharing scheme, secret sympathetic ink, secret telecommunication, secret transformation algorithm, secret wiring patch board, secret writing carbon paper, secret zone, secret-cleared user, secret-key agreement, secret-key cryptography, secret-key cryptosystem, secret-key cryptosystem, secret-key system, secret-sharing system, sectional time division scrambling, secure, secure access, secure access management software, secure against eavesdropping, secure area, secure authentication, secure boundary, secure broadcasting, secure cabinet, secure call, secure card, secure channel, secure channel, secure cipher, secure communication, secure communication channel, secure communication channel, secure communication over insecure channel, secure communication processor, Secure communication processor, secure communication protocol, secure communication service, secure computation, secure configuration management, secure connection protocol, secure conversation


T-scrambling, table, table look-up approach, table lookup, tablet, tabulation method, tabulation technique, tactical encryption device, tactical privacy level, tactical protection, tactile keyboard, tactile keyboard, tactoring program, tag, tag-protected key, tag-protected key, tagged key, tagged key, tailgating, take-and-grant model, talker, talker authentication, talker recognition, tamper, tamper detection, tamper exchange, tamper proofing, tamper protection, tamper resistance, tamper resistance enclosure, tamper resistant box, tamper resistant hardware, tamper resistant hardware, tamper responding, tamper responding security, tamper response security, tamper sensor, tamper-free, tamper-free channel, tamper-free channel, tamper-proof, tamper-proof card, tamper-proof case, tamper-proof checksum, tamper-proof chip, tamper-proof device, tamper-resistance, tamper-resistant device, tamper-resistant module, tamper-responding system, tampered access, tampering, tap, tap alarm, tap detection, tap detection equipment, tap in, tap protection, tap-killer, tap-off, tap-proof telephone, tape, tape alarm, tape backup, tape degausser, tape disrupter, tape reader, tape record, tape recording, tape starter, tape-recorder detector, taping dynamics, tapped, tapped ciphpertext, tapped circuit, tapped cryptogram, tapped information, tapped line, tapped room, tapper, tapping, tapping attack, tapping detection unit, tapping device, target, target area, target cryptogram, target information, target protection, target room, targeted line, targetting, task, task force, taut wire fence, taxonomy, TCB, TCSEC, TCU, TCVR, TDM scrambling, team, technical intelligence, technical protection, technical safeguard, technical safeguard, technical security means, technical vulnerability, technique, technological attack, tele-noctovisor, telecommunication, telecommunication access, telecommunication access method, telecommunication access mode, telecommunication access regime, telecommunication access technique, telecommunication monitor, telecommunication security, telecommunication session, teleconference system, teleconferencing, telefax, telegraph link, telegraph modem, telenetwork, telephone, telephone access, telephone acoustic coupler, telephone analysis, telephone analyzer, telephone analyzing antubugging system, telephone answering device, telephone bug, telephone bug destroyer, telephone bug receiver, telephone bugging, telephone call recorder, telephone compromise, telephone conversation interception unit, telephone cryptor, telephone eavesdropping, telephone encryption unit, telephone encryptor, telephone line access, telephone line tap, telephone line tapping, telephone monitor, telephone monitoring system, telephone number decoder, telephone privacy device, telephone probe, telephone protocol, telephone scrambler, telephone scrambler, telephone scrambling, telephone security, telephone security device, telephone tap, telephone tap detector, telephone tapping, telephone voice scrambler, telephone voice scrambler, telephone-operated bug, teleport, teleporting backup, teleprinter, teleprinter communication, teleprinter telecommunication, teleprivacy, teletext, teletype communication, teletype telecommunication, teletypewriter, television monitor, televoting, telex, telex tape cryptor, telex tape encryptor, telex terminal, telexterminal, tell-tale emission, TEMPEST, TEMPEST certification, TEMPEST certified equipment, TEMPEST device, TEMPEST product, TEMPEST protection, TEMPEST secure equipment, TEMPEST shielding, TEMPEST suppression, TEMPEST test, TEMPEST-certified, TEMPEST-protection, TEMPESTizing, template matching, temporal distance, temporary code, temporary key, temporary key


ubiquituos access, UBS information, UIC, UID, ultrasonic alarm, ultrasurvivable, unacceptable intruder, unacceptable message, unacceptable message, unambiguity, unambiguous ID, unambiguous identification, unanthorised functionality, unanthorized data, unanthorized dial-in, unanthorized disclosure, unanticipated interruption, unattended access, unattended operation, unauthentic message, unauthentic message, unauthorised communication, unauthorised telecommunication, unauthorised transmission, unauthorized, unauthorized access, unauthorized access blocking, unauthorized activity, unauthorized alteration, unauthorized application, unauthorized copying, unauthorized decrypting, unauthorized decryption, unauthorized dissemination, unauthorized entrance, unauthorized entry, unauthorized individual, unauthorized information, unauthorized information generation, unauthorized listener, unauthorized login, unauthorized modification, unauthorized monitor, unauthorized opening, unauthorized operation, unauthorized outsider, unauthorized party, unauthorized passage, unauthorized password, unauthorized password, unauthorized password, unauthorized penetration, unauthorized person, unauthorized process, unauthorized program, unauthorized reading, unauthorized receiver, unauthorized reception, unauthorized release, unauthorized terminal, unauthorized traffic, unauthorized traffic, unauthorized transmitter, unauthorized use, unauthorized user, unbootable disk, unbreakability, unbreakable algorithm, unbreakable code, unbreakable cryptoalgoritm, unbreakable cryptosystem, unbreakable cryptosystem, unbreakable key, unbreakable key, unbreakable security, unbreakable system, UNC, uncertainty, unchangable key, unchangable key, unclassified, unclassified but sensitive information, unclassified information, unclassified network, unclassified security level, uncleared, uncleared personnel, uncompromised key, uncompromised key, unconcealed plaintext, unconditional authentication, unconditional secrecy, unconditional security, unconditionally cryptosecure, unconditionally secure, unconditionally secure cipher, unconditionnally secure system, uncontrolled environment, uncontrolled terminal, uncopyable, uncopyable disk, uncorrelated sequence, uncorrelated string, undecipherability, undectdable problem, undegraded speech, undeniable signature, undeniable signature, under-classification, undermine the security, underutilization, undesired event, undetectable access, undetected error, undetected monitor, undetected penetration, undirected communication, undirected telecommunication, unduplicatable key, unduplicatable key, unenciphered text, unencrypted, unescorted access, unescorted entrance, unfactorable, unforgeability, unforgeable ID, unforgeable identifier, unforgeable signature, unforgeable signature, unicity, unicity distance, unicity point, unidirectional channel, unidirectional channel, unidirectional function, unidirectional handshaking, unidirectional property, uniform distribution, uniform sequence, uniform string, unintelligible, unintended access, unintended access path, unintended receiver, unintentional eavesdropping, unintentional emission, unintentional human error, unintentional threat, uninterceptable, uninterrupted operation, uninterruptible power supplier, uninterruptible power supply, uninterruptible power system, unique decipherability, unique decrypting, unique decryption, unique factorization, unique factorization theorem, unique ID, unique identifier, unique solution, unique substitute, unique substitution, uniquely encryptable, unit, universal ID, universal identifier, universal key, universal key, universally accessible key, universally accessible key, univocal correspondence, unkeyed substitute, unkeyed substitution, unknown ID, unknown identifier, unknown key, unknown key, unknown parameter, unlimited access, unlock the cipher, unmodifiable, unordered sequence, unordered string, unpatterned sequence, unpatterned string, unpredictability, unpredictable code, unpredictable key, unpredictable key, unpredictable sequence, unpredictable string, unprotected line, unprotected state, unpublished key, unpublished key, unreadable data, unreadable key, unreadable key


V-mail, vaccine, vacuum cleaner method, vacuum cleaner technique, valid combination, valid entry, valid password, valid password, valid password, valid user, validating authority, validation, validation pattern, validation procedure, validity, validity bit, validity check, validity test, valuable information, value, value analysis, value class, value-added network, value-adding, values, vandal-resistant, vandalism, variable, variable bitrate coding, variable permutation, variable split-band scrambler, variable split-band scrambler, variable-length code, variable-length key, variable-length key, variable-length message, variable-length message, variable-length password, variable-length password, variable-length password, variance, variate, varying feedback shift register, vault, VBR coding, vector, vector excitation speech coder, vector quantization, vector quantizer, vector space, vector space of dimension n, veracity, verifed cryptographic strength, verifiability, verifiable, verifiable proofing, verification, verification algorithm, verification handshaking, verification key, verification key, verification operation, verification password, verification password, verification password, verification pattern, verification point, verification procedure, verification process, verification protocol, verification stamp, verification table, verification time, verification word, verified protection, verified software, verifier, verifier device, verify the key, verify the key, Vernam cipher, very important person protection, vestibule man-trap verifier, VF, viability, vibration, vicious program, video codec, video encryption, video encryption, video monitor, video signal, video surveillance, video surveillance system, videoconference, videodata, videophony, videotape recorder, videotaped information, viewer, Vigenere cipher, Vigenere encryption, Vigenere encryption, Vigenere square, violation, violation report, violator, violator's model, VIP protection, viral detection, viral infection, virology, virtual channel, virtual channel, virtual password, virtual password, virtual password, virus, virus antidote, virus attack, virus code, virus detection program, virus eradicating program, virus filtering, virus implanter, virus infection, virus infiltration, virus killer, virus onslaught, virus path, virus prevention product, virus program, virus protection, virus protection product, virus protection program, virus protection software, virus removal, virus replication, virus resistance, virus signature, virus signature, virus threat, virus writer, virus-infected program, virus-infected software, virus-killing software, visitor, visual alarm, visual communication, visual cryptography, visual information, visual monitor, visual perception, visual recognition, visual signal, visual surveillance, visual telecommunication, Vitterbi algorithm, VMS, vocal stress analyzer, vocal tract, vocoder, vocoding, vocoding algorithm, voice, voice activation, voice authentication, voice authentication system, voice band link, voice bandwidth, voice changer, voice cipher, voice cipher system, voice ciphering, voice ciphering TCVR, voice ciphering tranceiver, voice ciphering unit, voice coder, voice coder-decoder, voice coding, voice communication, voice communication link, voice communication system, voice compression, voice cryptography, voice cryptosystem, voice cryptosystem, voice digitization, voice digitization rate, voice digitizing, voice encoding, voice encoding algorithm, voice encription device, voice encryption unit, voice frequency, voice frequency channel, voice frequency channel, voice grade channel, voice grade channel, voice grade circuit


W.F., walk-through, walk-through metal detector, wall, wall listening micro, wall listening microphone, wall listening mike, Walsh transform, Walsh transform, WAN, wanted signal, warfare, warning, warning device, warning mechanism, warning message, warning message, warning protection, warning sign, warning signal, wastebasket, watchdog, watchdog ID, watchdog identifier, watching facilities, watchman, watchpost, watchword, watermark, watermark card, waveform, waveform coder, waveform coding, waveform encoding, waveform scrambling, waves, weak authentication, weak cipher, weak key, weak key, weak link, weak password, weak password, weak password, weak protection, weak signature, weak signature, weakening, weakly autocorrelated sequence, weakly autocorrelated string, weakness, Weegand technique, weight, weighted addition, weighted linear prediction, weighted parameter, weighted sum, weighting function, wet secret writing, white collar crime, white noise, white noise encryption, white noise encryption, white noise masking, white-noise-based random number generator, whitening W.F., wide approach, wide area network, wide band speech coding, wide deviation frequency displacement scrambling, wideband voice encryption, wideband voice encryption, wilful, wilful destruction, window, window bug, window scanner, wire eavesdropping device, wire fabric, wire fabric fence, wire fraud, wire intrusion detector, wire tracing, wire-tap channel, wire-tap channel, wire-tap threat, wired logic smart card, wireless bug, wireless bugging device, wireless hardware, wireless intrusion monitor, wireless micro, wireless microphone, wireless mike, wireless modem, wireless telephone, wireline, wireline modem, wireman, wiretap, wiretap defeat system, wiretap detector, wiretap law, wiretap-proof telephone, wiretapped channel, wiretapped channel, wiretapped line, wiretapper, wiretapping, wiretapping attack, withstand cryptanalysis, witness hiding, word, word chain, word intelligibility, word recognizer, word weight, word-by-word processing, word-by-word transfer, word-spotting method, word-spotting technique, word-usage frequency, work, work characteristic, work coefficient, work factor, work function, work key, work key, work zone, work-break cost, work-factor, work-function, workarea, workfactor, working key, working key, working key register, workstation, world-readable file, world-writable file, worm, worst case analysis, worst-case complexity, worst-case condition, wrist watch camera, write access, write guard, write protection, write-once memory, write-protected, write-protected boot disk, writer, writing, written signature, written signature, wrong code lock, wrong code lockout, wrong decision, wrong ID, wrong identification, wrong information, wrong key, wrong key, wrong receiver, wrongly entered key, wrongly entered key


X-distribution, x-or function, X-ray system, X-screening, X-text, XOR, XOR function, XOR operation, XOR operator, XOR-ed, XOR-operation


Yellow Book, YSB scrambler, YSB scrambler


zero, zero-filling, zero-knowledge, zero-knowledge authentication, zero-knowledge ID, zero-knowledge identification, zero-knowledge interactive proof system, zero-knowledge proofing, zero-knowledge protocol, zero-knowledge scheme, zero-knowledge scheme, zero-one distribution, zeroization, zeroize switch, zeroizing, Ziv-Lempel complexity, zonal key, zonal key, zone, zone key, zone key, zoning

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