Сборник электронных Российских словарей

a, A/Z, aai, aar, abbreviation, abbreviation expansion, abc, abend, abi, abide, abide by the programming standards, ability, able, abnormal, abnormal termination, abort, abort edit, about, abridge, abridgement, absentee-user job, absolute address, absolute addressing, absolute assembler, absolute code, absolute coding, absolute command, absolute coordinate, absolute coordinates, absolute data, absolute error, absolute expression, absolute instruction, absolute loader, absolute pathname, absolute program, absolute programming, absolute term, absolute value, absolute vector, abstract, abstract data type, abstract declarer, abstract machine, abstract semantic network, abstraction, abuse, accelerated testing, acceleration time, accelerator, accent, accent character, accented symbol, accept, accept data, acceptance, acceptance acknowledgement, acceptance phase, acceptance sampling, acceptance tester, acceptance testing, access, access address, access audit, access by key, access circuitry, access code, access control, access cycle, access denied, access file attribute, access inconsistency, access keys, access list, access lock, access matrix, access method, access mode, access path, access restriction, access right, access rigth, access scan, access time, access value, access variable, access vector, access-control mechanism, access-oriented method, accessibility, accessory program, accomodation capability, accordion folding, account, account number, accountable file, accounting, accounting file, accounting information, accounting problem, accounting system, accreditation, accumulate, accumulated operating time, accumulator, accumulator register, accuracy, accuracy rating, acd, ACIA, ACK, acknowledge, acknowledge character, acknowledged connectionless operation, acknowledgement, ACL, ACM, acms, acoustic coupler, acoustic modem, acquire more memory, acquisition, acs, action, action entry panel, action message, action time, activate, activate button, activate key, activation, activation frame, activation record, active, active domain, active file, active job, active page, active star, active task, active value, activities, activity, activity factor, activity identifier, actual, actual address, actual argument, actual coding, actual data, actual decimal point, actual derived data item, actual hours, actual parameter, actual result data item, actual source data item, actual storage, actual time, actual value, actuator, acyclic graph, ad hoc access, ad hoc query, ad hoc user, Ada, adapt, adaptability, adaptation, adapter, adapter card, adaptive channel allocation, adaptive dialog, adaptive interface, adaptive learning, adaptive routing, adb, add, add time, add-in, add-in card, add-in memory, add-in module, add-on, add-on device, addend, adder, addin, adding, addition, addition item, addition record, additive operator, addon, addres field, address, address alignment, address arithmetic, address assignment, address blank, address bus


B, B-test, B-tree, back, back channel, back end interface, back face, back out, back panel, back slash, back-end, back-end computer, back-end processor, back-face removal, backarrow key, backboard, backbone, backbone line, backbone network, backend, background, background color, background computing, background image, background job, background mode, background printing, background process, background processing, background program, background queue, background region, background task, backgrounding, backing, backing memory, backing storage, backing-out, backing-up, backlog, backout, backplane, backplane slot, backrolling, backslant, backslash, backspace, backspace a file, backspace a record, backspace character, backspace key, backspacing, backspark, backtrace, backtracing, backtrack icon, backtracking, backup, backup capacity, backup command, backup copy, backup device, backup file, backup log, backup programmer, backup version, backup volume, Backus Normal form, Backus Notation, Backus-Naur form, backward, backward chaining, backward compatibility, backward read, backward reference, backward wind, backward-chaining, backward-compatible, bad, bad call format, bad call format error, bad checksum, bad command, bad command error, bad data, bad unit, bad unit error, badge, badge reader, bag, bag of tricks, bagbiter, bagbiting program, balanced merge sort, balanced multiway search tree, balanced sample, balanced tree, ball, ball-point pen, ball-point pencil, band chart, band matrix, band printer, bandwidth, bang, bank, bank conflict, bank select, bank switching, bank-by-phone, banner, banner page, banner word, bar, bar chart, bar code, bar code scanner, bar graph, bar scanner, barcode, bare board, bare board tester, bare hardware, bare machine, barf, barrel, barrel printer, base, base address, base and displacement, base mode, base name, base number, base page, base register, base-bound registers, base-limit registers, base-page addressing, baseband LAN, based integer, based variable, baseline, baseline test environment, BASIC, basic access method, basic coding, basic concept, basic configuration, basic direct access method, basic hardware, basic indexed sequential access method, basic monitor, basic partitioned access method, basic processor, basic sequential access method, basic telecommunication access method, basic test, basing, batch, batch application, batch communication, batch computing, batch entry, batch file, batch hardware, batch header, batch job, batch mode, batch monitor, batch processing, batch trailer, batch updating, batch work, batch-oriented, batching, battery operation, battery-operated computer, battery-run, baud, baud rate, Baudot code, BCD, BCD arithmetic, BCD code, BCPL, bcs, bdc, BDOS, be dated after, be sure, be sure to put a label, beam, bebugging, bed in, bed-of-nails tester, beep, beeper, beepihg, beetle, before image


C, c, cabinet, cable, cable connector, cable interface, cable layout, cache, cache memory, cached catalogue, caching, cad, CAD system, CAD/CAM, cage, calaulating time, calculate, calculation, calculation key, calculator, calculus, calendar management, call, call address, call by name, call by number, call by pattern, call by reference, call by value, call chain, call error, call expression, call instruction, call number, call to subroutine, call word, call-reply system, called program, called station, caller, calligraphic display, calligraphic plotter, calling branch, calling device, calling program, calling sequence, calling station, calling task, CAM, CAMAC, camera ready copy, campus-based center, CAN, cancel, cancel character, cancel command, cancel key, cancellation, candidate key, candidate package, canned data, canned paragraph, canned software, cannot do the copy, cannot found file, canonical schema, cant, cap, capabilities, capability, capability architecture, capability machine, capability-based addressing, capacity, capaАity slackness, capital, capital letter, capital letters, capitalization, capitals mode, caps lock, capsulation, caption, capture, CAR, card, card back, card connector, card deck, card feed, card image, card slot, caret, carriage, carriage advance, carriage assembly, carriage release, carriage return, carriage return character, carriage return key, carrier, carrier stationery, carry, carry bit, carry clear, carry digit, carry flag, carter, Cartesian coordinates, cartesian product, cartridge, cartridge disk, cartridge disk drive, cartridge tape, cas, cascaded carry, cascading, case, case frame, case sensitive, case shift, case statement, case structure, case-insensitive search, case-method dialogue, case-sensitive language, case-sensitive search, cash dispansing bank teller, cashe, cashe memory, cassette, cassette tape, cassette-based computer, cast, cast operator, casual user, casualty, cat, catalog, catalog index, cataloged data set, cataloged procedure, catalogue, catanation, catatonia, catenation, causal dependency, causal relation, cause to be added, cause-and-effect relation, cav, ccia, CCITT, CCP, CCU, cd, CDC, cddi, cde, cdfs, cdi, CDL, cdma, cdpd, CDR, cdrom, cdrw, CDS, ceiling N, cell, cell array, cem, center, centering, centerline, central computer, central processing unit, central processor, centralized routing, ceo, certainity factor, certainity value, certainty factor, certificate, certification, certification procedure, CGA, cgi, cgm, chain, chain code, chain printer, chained file, chained key, chained list, chaining, challenge, chance variable, change, change bit


da, dae, daemon, dagger operator, daisy chain, daisy wheel, daisy-chain topology, daisy-wheel printer, daisywheel, dama, damage, dangling pointer, dangling reference, dans, dap, DARPA, das, dasd, dash, data, data abstraction, data access arrangement, data acquisition, data acquisition system, data acquisition unit, data addressed memory, data administrator, data aggregate, data area, data array, data attribute, data bank, data base, data base administrator, data base key, data base machine, data base management system, Data Base Task Group, data block, data blocking, data bug, data bus, data byte, data capture, data cartridge, data cell, data chaining, data channel, data chunk, data classification, data cleaning, data collection, data collection form, data collection system, data collision, data communication, data communication channel, data communications, data compaction, data component, data compression, data contamination, data contention, data control block, data corruption, data definition, data definition language, data definition name, data definition statement, data density, data dependency, data description language, data design, data development, data dictionary, data directory, data display, data display device, data display unit, data division, data domain, data driven, data element, data entity, data entry, data entry screen, data entry terminal, data error, data feedback, data field, data file, data filter, data flow, data flow architecture, data flow diagram, data format, data gathering, data gathering system, Data General, data generation, data handling, data handling system, data handling unit, data independence, data input, data integrity, data interface, data item, data language, data layout, data line, data link, data link channel, data link layer, data link protocol, data loss, data manipulation language, data medium, data model, data module, data movement, data network, data object, data organization diagram, data output, data packing, data path, data plotter, data policy, data port, data preparation, data preparation system, data presentation, data presentation layer, data presentation protocol, data processing, data processing center, data processing department, data processing engineer, data processing equipment, data processing system, data protection, data purification, data rate, data record, data reduction, data representation, data retrieval, data retrieval system, data security, data set, data set catalogue, data sharing, data sink, data source, data span, data specification, data station, data storage, data store structuring, data stream, data structure, data structure diagram, data structure language, data switching center, data system, data tablet, data terminal, data terminal equipment, data theory, data time, data token, data transfer, data transfer channel, data translation, data transmission channel, data transparency, data type, data unit, data usability, data validation, data vector, data verification, data vetting, data word, data-base language, data-base management, data-base procedure, data-base processor, data-base query, data-driven, data-entry screen, data-flow, data-idependent, data-in, data-in mode, data-limit registers, data-out, data-out mode, data-query language


E-register, EA, ead, eager, eager evaluation, ear, early failure, earmark, EAROM, ease, easy-to-test, easy-to-test architecture, ebb, EBCDIC, ebr, ecard, ecc, echo, echo printing, echo-printing, echoing, ECMA, ecne, economically viable, ecs, ECSW, ED, edcc, edd, edge, edge character, edge smearing, edit, edit check, edit command, edit cursor, edit mode, edit session, edit word, editing, editing character, editing clause, editing key, editing session, editing statement, editing terminal, editing window, editor, edms, EDP center, EDP community, education software, educational computing, edulcorate, eff, effect, effective address, effective instruction, effective lifetime, effective time, effective value, efficiency, efficient use, effort, EGA, egoless programming, eigenvalue, eigenvector, eight's complement, eights complement, ein, eis, eisa, either-way, elaborate, elaborate design, elaboration, elapsed time, elapsed time clock, electives, Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, electron-beam writing, electronic calculator, Electronic Data Processing, Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator, electronic desktop, electronic dictionary, Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Calculator, electronic document, electronic interpreter, electronic mail, electronic publishing, electronic reminder file, electronic spreadsheet, electronic worksheet, electronically stored text, electrosensitive printer, electrostatic plotter, electrostatic printer, electrothermal printer, element, eligible, eliminate, elimination factor, elite face, ellipsis, email, embedded, embedded computer, embedded interpreter, embedded loops, embedded pointer, embedded procedures, embedded scopes, embedded software, embedding, embrace, emdash, emergency, emergency button, emergency completion, emergency diagnostics, emergency maintenance, emergency shutdown, emergency signal, emergency state, emmi, emphasis, empty, empty loop, empty medium, empty set, empty string, empty value, empty word, emulate, emulation, emulator, emx, en, enable, enabled interrupt, enabling a line, enabling technologies, encapsulated type, encapsulating, encapsulation, encipher, enclosing, enclosing scope, enclosure, encode, encoded data, encoded keyboard, encoder, encoding, encoding device, encription, encrypted data, encrypted file, encryption, encryption key, end, end node, end of construction, end of file, end of volume, end user, end-around borrow, end-around carry, end-around shift, end-of-file indicator, end-of-medium character, end-of-message character, end-of-tape marker, end-of-tape warning, end-of-text character, end-of-transmission character, end-of-word character, end-to-end, end-to-end communication, end-to-end protocol, end-to-end reliability, end-user computing, end-user language, end-user performance, endash, endogenous variable, engine, engineer, engineering, engineering approach, engineering change, engineering characterization, engineering data, engineering design, engineering development, engineering factors, engineering instruction, engineering instructions


facade, face, face left, face right, face-change character, faceplate, facet, facet of design, facilities, facilities assignment, facility, facsimile, facsimmile printer, fact, factbase, factor, factor out, factorization, factory setting, factory testing, factory-configured, factory-hardened keyboard, factual knowledge, fade operation, fail, fail-safe, fail-safe design, fail-safe disconnection, fail-safe feature, fail-safe operation, fail-safe system, fail-soft, fail-soft system, fail-stop, failproof, failure, failure access, failure detection, failure diagnostics, failure effects, failure message, failure mode, failure prediction, failure prevention, failure situation, failure-free, fair use, fake host, fallback, fallback recovery, fallible, false, false code, false data, false drop, false statement, false-code check, falsehood, family, fan-fold paper, fanfold, faq, far jump, far plane, fast, fast access, fast channel, fast Fourier transform, fast memory, fast storage, fast time scale, fast unit, fast-response, fastening hardware, faster, fat, fatal error, fatal failure, fatal hard error, father file, father node, father tape, fault, fault avoidance, fault coverage, fault defect, fault detection test, fault diagnosis, fault domain, fault event, fault finding, fault folding, fault intolerance, fault isolation, fault isolation testing, fault location time, fault lookup, fault signal, fault simulator, fault time, fault treatment, fault tree, fault-intolerant, fault-tolerant, fault-tolerant computing, fault-tolerant system, faulty, faulty circuit, faulty module, faulty node, faulty operator intervention, favorable outcome, fax, fcs, fcsi, fdd, fddi, fdl, fdse, feasibility condition, feasibility study, feature, feature extraction, feature recognition, feature set, feature vector, featurism, fed, federated, federating of subsystems, federation, fee, feed, feed pitch, feed wheel, feedback, feedback circuit, feedback image, feedback system, feedback unit, feedback vision, feeder, feedforward, feedforward network, feeding, feep, feep sound, feeper, felt-tip pen, female connector, fence, fep, fetch, fetch cycle, fetch time, fetching, fhs, fiber, fiber cable, Fibonacci numbers, Fibonacci search, fidelity, field, field adjustable, field data, field engineer, field evaluation, field extractor, field fixes, field mark, field selection, field separation character, field testing, field width, field-performance data, field-replaceable, fifo, FIFO algorithm, FIFO list, FIFO processing, FIFO queue, fifth generation computer, fifth generation project, figure, figures shift, file, file addressing, file allocation, file allocation table, file attribute, file composition, file crunching, file data, file description block, file device, file directory, file disposition, file error, file event, file feed


gain, gain a programming experience, gain an access, gallop test, galloping 1's and 0's test, galloping column test, galwrec test, game, Gantt chart, gap character, gap digits, gappn, garbage, garbage collect, garbage collection, garbage collector, garbage-collect, garble, garbled file, garbled message, gas-plasma display, gatekeeper, gateway, gateway computer, gateway server, gather, gather write, gather writing, gathering, gcc, gdmo, GE, gear, gedanken, gedanken experiment, general, general concept, general error, general failure, general-purpose computer, general-purpose register, general-purpose system, generality, generalization, generalized data base, generalized DBMS, generalized facilities, generate, generation, generation data set, generation number, generative grammar, generative modeling, generator, generic, generic command, generic definition, generic description, generic expert system, generic font, generic frame, generic function, generic key, generic module, generic name, generic operation, generic package, generic procedure, generic subroutine, generic type, genericity, geographically distributed, geographically distributed system, geographically-distributed, geometric database, geometric graphics, geometric object, geometry, geometry treatment, get, getting acquainted, gfs, ghost, ghost image, gibberish, gigabyte, GIGO, gis, give an error message, GKS, glare, glass box, glass box expert, glass teletype, glitch, global, global identifier, global optimization, global variable, glop, glork, glossary, gm, gnu, go, go to sleep, go/no-go tester, go/no-go testing, goal, goal function, goal-driven, goal-invoked interpretation, goal-seeking, goals thrashing, gobble, gobble down, gobbler, golf-ball, golfball printer, good, goop, gosip, GOTO, GOTO statement, governing, governor, gpl, grabber, graceful, graceful degradation, grachical package, gradual failure, graft operation, graftabl command, grain size, grammar, grammatical, grammatics, granularity, granule, graph, graph editor, graph follower, graph theory, grapheme, graphic, graphic approach, graphic character, graphic data, graphic display, graphic display unit, graphic documentation, graphic expression, graphic feedback, graphic interface, graphic job, graphic mode, graphic pallet, graphic pen, graphic primitive, graphic tablet, graphic terminal, graphical communication, graphical kinematics, graphical output primitive, graphical tools, graphical-interfaАe database, graphics, graphics coprocessor, graphics digitizer, graphics editor, graphics formatter, graphics generator, graphics hardware, graphics language, graphics mode, graphics pad, graphics set, graphics software, graphics terminal, graphics window, graphing, Gray code, gray level, gray scale, gray scale image, gray-csale picture, gray-level, gray-level imaging, grayscale, greater than search, green-phosphor display, grid, grid chart, grind, grind for a bit, grok, gronk, gronked, groove


habituation, hack, hack together, hack upon, hack value, hacker, hackerese, hackers, hacking, hackish, hackishness, hada, hair, hairy, hakmem, hal, half, half title, half word, half-adder, half-adjust, half-bridge, half-byte, half-duplex circuit, half-duplex operation, half-mesh, half-space key, half-splitting, half-toning, half-word, halftone, halt, halt command, halt instruction, halt key, halted state, halve, ham, Hamming code, hanbook of something, hand-generated, hand-held computer, hand-printed character, hand-written character, handheld calculator, handheld computer, handle, handler, handling, handling error, handshake, handshake sequence, handshaking, handshaking protocol, handshaking time, handwriting recognition, hang-up, hanging indent, hangup, hard, hard automation, hard copy, hard copy terminal, hard disk, hard drive, hard error, hard error status, hard failure, hard image, hard link, hard page break, hard sectored disk, hard space, hard stop, hard-copy output device, hard-disk unit, hard-to-type command, hardcoded, hardcopy, hardcopy documentation, hardcopy machine, hardcopy terminal, hardcore, hardcory printer, hardsector disk, hardware, hardware check, hardware compatibility, hardware compatible, hardware component, hardware configuration, hardware constraint, hardware design engineer, hardware division, hardware environment, hardware error, hardware forwarding, hardware independence, hardware interrupt, hardware malfunction, hardware module, hardware multiplication, hardware overheads, hardware price/performance, hardware redundancy, hardware restriction, hardware sprite, hardware stack, hardware subprogram, hardware support, hardware writing, hardware-assisted, hardware-intensive, hardware-programmed, hardware/software input device, hardwired, hardwired knowledge, hardwired sequence, harsh environment, Hartley, hash, hash addressing, hash mark, hash table, hash total, hashing, hashing algorithm, hashing function, HASP, have trouble running the program, hazard, hci, hdl, HDLC, HDLC station, hdms, hdtv, head, head-per-track disk, header, header label, header table, heading, heading line, health, healthy cell, heap, heap manager, heavy business use, heavy divider sheet, heavy duty software, heavy-duty, hedging, height, height of tree, height-balanced tree, held, hello message, help, help command, help facilities, help library, help line, help menu, help mode, help on help, help request, help screen, help window, helpful hint, Hercules graphics adapter, hesitation, heuristic, Hewlett-Packard Company, hex, hexadecimal, hexadecimal digit, hexadecimal format, hexadecimal notation, hft, HGA, hi, hi res, hibernating process, hibernating task, hibernation, hidden caption, hidden file, hidden line, hidden surafce, hidden-line removal, hidden-surface removal, hide, hiding, hierarchical, hierarchical access method, hierarchical addressing, hierarchical data, hierarchical data base, hierarchical direct access method


i/o, i/o limited program, I/O list, I/O port, i/o-bound task, IA, iAPX, IBM, IBM environment, IBM PC, IBM PC RT, IBM-compatible, IBM-compatible computer, ibn, IC, IC computer, ICAI, icand, icda, icfa, ici, ICL, icon, iconic programming, iconify, icts, id, idapi, idde, idea processor, identical, identification, identification byte, identification card, identification character, identification mark, identifications division, identifier, identifier list, identifier word, identify, identifying attribute, identifying vector, identity, idiotproof, idl, idle, idle character, idle mode, idle terminal, idle time, idms, IEEE, IEEE 488 interface, ien, ier, ietf, if and only if, if clause, if statement, if this is the case, if-else structure, IF-statement, IF-THEN-ELSE, iff, IFIP, ignore, ignore character, ih, ile, ill mem ref, ill-conditioned, ill-defined problem, ill-posed problem, illegal, illegal access, illegal character, illegal code, illegal command, illegal digit, illegal function, illegal instruction, illegal operation, illegal sequence, illegal symbol, illegal use, illegal-comand check, illusion, ilmi, imac, image, image copy, image creator, image data, image display, image element, image fault, image field, image file, image generation, image graphics, image memory, image printer, image processing, image regeneration, image restoration, image scale, image scanner, image segment, image segmentation, image storage, image task, image understanding, image warping, image-based, imager, imagery, imaging, imap, imho, imitate, immediate access, immediate access memory, immediate address, immediate addressing, immediate constituent grammar, immediate data, immediate mode, immediate operand, immediate operation, immutable file, IMP, impact printer, imparity check, imperative, imperative language, imperative statement, imperative verb, imperfect data, imperfection, implementation, implementation module, implementation phase, implementation specification, implementator, implementer, implication, implicit, implicit dialogue, implicit knowledge, implied address, implied addressing, implied call, implied coercion, implied warranty, imply, import, import in pieces, import list, important, imported, impossible unit, impression, improper character, improper command, improper-command check, improvement time, impure data, impure function, imr, IMS, in a good shape, in directory, in parameter, in-circuit, in-circuit emulator, in-circuit testing, in-cut connection, in-depth audit, in-house line, in-house programming, in-house software, in-house tools, in-house training, in-line, in-line check, in-line code, in-line comment, in-line documentation, in-line program, in-line subprogram, in-line subroutine, in-line subroutine expansion, in-out parameter, in-process job, in-system reconfigurability, in-warranty failure, inaccessible, inaccuracy, inactive


jack, jacket, jackplug, jad, jaggies, jagging, jam, jamming, jcl, jedgar, jerry-rigged test, jitter, job, job accounting, job batch, job class, job control, job control language, job control statement, job cost accounting, job deck, job definition, job description, job entry, job file, job input stream, job library, job management, job mix, job name, job output stream, job priority, job processing, job queue, job scheduler, job setup, job skills, job stacking, JOB statement, job step, job stream, job-oriented terminal, jobname, jock, joggle, join, joint, journal, journal file, journalizing, joystick, joystick lever, jpeg, judder, jukebox, jukebox-type, jumbogroup, jump, jump address, jump greater, jump if above, jump if below, jump if not above, jump if not equal, jump if not less, jump if not overflow, jump if not parity, jump if not sign, jump if not zero, jump if parity, jump if parity odd, jump if sign, jump instruction, jump table, jumper, jumper setting, junction, junior programmer, junk mail, justification, justification-based, justify, justment, juxtapose, juxtaposition


K, KAPSE, Karnaugh map, KBD, Kbit, kbms, kbs, Kbyte, keep, keep files secure, keep track of information, kernel, kernel language, kernel mode, kernel operation, kerning, key, key board, key click, key concept, key features, key field, key function, key in, key item, key lock switch, key locking, key off, key on, key out, key sorting, key variable, key word, key-driven, key-in, key-pad, key-verify, keyboard, keyboard actions, keyboard decoding, keyboard display, keyboard editing, keyboard entry, keyboard format, keyboard input, keyboard inquiry, keyboard instruction, keyboard layout, keyboard layout pattern, keyboard lock, keyboard lockout, keyboard menu, keyboard mode, keyboard printer, keyboard reassignments, keyboard time-out, keyboard-select, keycap, keyed access, keyed sequential access method, keying, keyline, keylock, keymap, keypad, keypad formatter, keysets, keystroke, keystroke counter, keystroke memory, keystroke operation, keystroke-driven, keyswitch, keytape, keyword, keyword parameter, keyword-in-context index, kill, kill of process, kill point, killer, kilobaud, kilobit, kilobyte, kiloword, kinematics, KISS-principe, KISS-principle, kit, kludge, kludgy, kluge, kluge around, kluge up, knowledge, knowledge acquisition, knowledge base, knowledge based, knowledge engineer, knowledge engineering, knowledge frame, knowledge information, knowledge machine, knowledge representation language, knowledge-based, knowledge-based system, knowledge-bearing construct, knowledge-of-results display, knowledgebase, knowledgebase interface, knowledgebase machine, known good


L-value, l2-list, label, label block, label command, label constant, label data, label field, label identifier, label stationery, label variable, labeled block, labeled common, labeled key, labeling, labware, lag, lagging feedback, laissez-faire testing, lambda calculus, lament, lamer, LAN, landing zone, landscape, landscape display, language, language binding, language construct, language converter, language data, language implementor, language processor, language structure, language subset, language translator, language-specific, language-specific machine, LAP, lapm, laptop, laptop computer, large computer, large scale, large scale integration circuit, large-grain, large-scale, large-scale computer, large-scale integration, large-scale user, laser plotter, laser printer, laser storage, last in first out, lat, lata, latency, latency time, latent, latent image, lattice, lau, law, lay user, layer, layered, layered document, layering, layout, layout character, layout chart, layout constant, layout design, layout geometry, LCD display, lead, lead-in, lead-out, leader, leader tape, leading blanks, leading decision, leading zeros, leaf node, leapfrog test, learn mode, learning, learning by association, learning by doing, learning by example, learning by insight, learning program, learning to use the system, leased channel, leased circuit, leased line, least frequently used, least recently used, least significant bit, least significant digit, least squares fitting, least-recently-used, least-squares method, leaves, lec, led, LED display, ledger, left aligned, left angle, left arrow, left brocket, left justification, left justified, left justify, left recursive grammar, left shift, leftmost, leftmost character, leftmost position, leg, leg test, legal, legal notes, legal-move generator, legibility, lel, length, length parameter, less or equal, less than, letter, letter chain, letter code, letter quality printer, letter-quality printer, letter-quality printing, lettering, letters shift, level, level of confidence, level structuring, lever, lexeme, lexer, lexical analyzer, lexical analyzer generator, lexical scan, lexical unit, lexicographic order, LF, lgpl, liason, libr, librarian, library, library access, library call, library cell, library disk, library element, library facilities, library program, library subprogram, library subroutine, library tape, library unit, license, license agreement, license fee, license program, life, life duration, life-cycle, lifetime, LIFO processing, LIFO queue, ligatura, light, light button, light gun, light pen, light pen attention, light pen control, light pen detection, light yield, light-pen interruption, lighted key, lightpen, lights, ligth-pen hit, likelihood, likely outcome, LIM, limit, limit test, limit-type search, limitation, limited, limited availability


M, M-code, mac, MAC project, machihe-associated, machihe-independent, machihe-oriented, machihe-readable, machihe-sensible, machihe-treatable, machinable, machine, machine address, machine available time, machine charges, machine code, machine computation, machine hours authorized, machine instruction, machine intelligence, machine language, machine learning, machine length word, machine readable, machine script, machine sensible, machine time, machine translation, machine verification, machine word, machine-created halt, machine-dependent, machine-dependent language, machine-independent, machine-independent language, machine-limited system, machine-oriented language, machine-readable character, machine-readable code, machine-readable data, machine-readable document, machine-specific software, machinery, Macintosh, Maclisp, macro, macro assembler, macro body, macro call, macro declaration, macro definition, macro definition library, macro expansion, macro generation, macro generator, macro instruction, macro language, macro library, macro parameter, macro processor, macro prototype, macro substitution, macroassembler generator, macrocode, macrocommand, macrocommand generator, macrodefinition, macroexerciser, macroinstruction language, macrolibrary, macroprogramming, macros, MACSYMA, magenta color, magic number, magnetic card, magnetic carrier, magnetic character, magnetic character printer, magnetic disk, magnetic document, magnetic drum, magnetic page writer, magnetic surface, magnetic tape, magnetic tape subsystem, magnetic tape transport, magnetic tape unit, magnetic-head assembly, magnetic-ink character recognition, magneticaly sensed document, magnetographic printer, magnitude, magnitude comparison, mail, mail box, mail system, mailbox, mailbox service, mailbox system, mailing list, main frame, main index, main loop, main memory, main menu, main program, main storage, main variable, mainframe, mainframe computer, mainline, maintain, maintainability, maintainer, maintenance, maintenance charges, maintenance costs, maintenance department, maintenance instruction, maintenance of user enthusiasm, maintenance software, maintenance standby, maintenance time, maintenance work, major, major failure, major key, majority voter, make, make changes, make selections, make sure, make-versus-buy decision, makefile, makeup time, making, male connector, malfunction, malfunction detection, malfunction diagnosis, malfunction rate, man, man-computer graphics, man-hour, man-hours, man-machine communication, man-machine interface, man-machine interfacing, man-machine system, man-made dialogue, man-made failure, man-made fault, manage, manageable unit, management, management data, management facilities, management game, management graphics, management information, management information system, management problem, management technology, manager, managerial application, mandatory attribute, mandatory retention, manifest constant, manifolding, manipulated variable, manipulation, mantissa, manual, manual computation, manual control, manual entry, manual intervention, manual mode, manually, manually operated, manufacturer, manufacturing database, manufacturing fault, manufacturing testing, many-reel file, map, map file, mapi, mapped system, mapping, mapping domain, mapping mode, mapping table, mapping window, MAPSE, marching ones and zeros test, margin, margin setting, marginal check


n, N-bit word, N-bounded wait, N-byte word, N-card chassis, N-digit word, N-dimensional array, N-high disk drive, N-megabyte disk, N-order logic, N-plus-a-half loop, n-segment display, N-slot backboard, N-slot case, N-slot chassis, N-slot enclosure, N-space indention, n-tuple, na, naive simulation, naive user, NAK, naked machine, name, name clash, name conflict, name server, name space, named command, named library, names conflict, names table, namespace, naming, naming class, NAND, narrative, narrative matrix, national layout, National Semiconductor, nationality of the keyboard, native instruction, native language, native mode, native mode compiler, native mode language, native operating system, natural interface, natural join, natural language, natural language front-end, natural language interaction, natural language interface, natural language understanding, natural languare interface, natural number, natural-language database, naught check, navigate, navigation, navigation support, navigator, near exhaustive testing, near plane, near-letter quality text, NEC, needle printer, needs, negate, negation, negative, negative acknowledgement, negative check, negative computer zero, negative file, negative jump, negative zero, negotiation, nest, nested, nested calls, nested iteration, nested loops, nested macros, nested structure, nesting, nesting level, nesting of statements, nesting storage, net, net node computer, network, network access controller, network access machine, network address, network architecture, network awareness, network capacity, network card, network configuration, network contention, network controller, network data base, network database, network delay, network diagram, network drills, network front end, network generation, network layer, network layer protocol, network node, network operating system, network port, network processor, network protocol, network reconfiguration, network server, network structure, network support, network technique, network terminal, network topology, network-level compatibility, network-oriented language, networked, networked computer, networking, networking capability, neutral zone, new, new-line character, newly formatted disk, newly starting job, Newton's method, Newtons method, next, next pointer, nibble, nice changes, nickname, nil, nine's complement, nines complement, nitty-gritty details, NL interface, NLQ, NLQ-mode, no archive specified, no fee may be charged for, no feeis charged, no files found to copy, no operation, no paper, no subdirectories exist, no-charge time, no-op, no-op instruction, no-operation, no-paper error, no-response status, node, node computer, node splitting, noise, noise cancellation, noise killer, noise-immunity, noiseless channel, noisy channel, non von Neumann computer architecture, non-contiguous, non-DOS disk, non-DOS disk error, non-impact printer, non-numeric data, non-programmer user, non-system disk, non-von computer, non-von Newman computer, nonarithmetical operation, nonauthorized user, noncommercial use, noncomponent side, noncontrollable variable, nondata operation, nondestructive backspace, nondestructive cursor, nondestructive read, nondetermenism, nondisclosure agreement, nondistinct image, nonequivalence, nonerasable storage, nonexistence code check, nonexistent code, nonfaulty, nonformatted, nonformatted data, nonglare screen


obey, object, object code, object coding, object computer, object file, object language, object library, object machine, object module, object program, object store, object-based, object-oriented, object-oriented architecture, object-oriented database, object-oriented language, object-oriented programming, object-space methods, object-time, object-token, object-verb syntax, objective, oblique, obliterate, observability, observed data, obtain access, oc, Occam, Occam razor, occur, occurence, occurrence, oce, OCR-A font, octal, octal notation, octet, octree, od, oda, odapi, odbc, odd, odd parity, odd symbols, odd-even check, odd-parity check, odds in favor, odl, odma, oem, off, OFF condition, off state, off time, off unit, off-bit, off-duty, off-hook signal, off-line, off-line application, off-line computing, off-line diagnosis, off-line documentation, off-line equipment, off-line mode, off-line operation, off-line output, off-line printer, off-line storage, off-line system, off-line unit, off-nominal tests, off-screen formatting, off-the-peg program, off-the-shelf, off-the-shelf availability, off-the-shelf chip, off-the-shelf computer, office, office automation, office automation system, office computer, office computing, office equipment, office information, office network, office terminal, office-document architecture, offline, offload, offpeak hours, offset, offshoot, offspring task, offtopic, oid, OK, ok, OK message, olb, ole, oli, Olivetti, oltp, om, omission, omnipresent program, omw, on, ON condition, on line help, on state, ON statement, on time, on unit, on-bit, on-call maintenance, on-demand log, on-line, on-line assistance system, on-line computing, on-line data, on-line data base, on-line detection, on-line diagnosis, on-line diagnostics, on-line documentation, on-line entry, on-line environment, on-line maintenance, on-line mode, on-line operation, on-line printer, on-line processing, on-line programming, on-line storage, on-line test, on-line tutorial, on-line unit, on-off action, on-position, on-screen formatting, on-screen graphics, on-screen menu, on-site, on-site programmer, on-the-fly, on-the-fly document, on-the-fly garbage collection, on-the-fly printer, ona, onboard, one level up directory, one screen at a time, one-address instruction, one-chip micropocessor, one-dimensional array, one-for-one translation, one-level address, one-of-a-kind list, one-on-one computer, one-pass compiler, one-purpose computer, one-shot job, one-shot operation, one-time fee, one-to-many relation, one-to-one assembler, one-to-one correspondence, one-to-one evaluation, one-to-one relation, one-touch access, one-way communication, one-way interaction, one-way only channel, ones complement, online, onscreen fundamentals, oodb, oops, op code, opacity, opaque expert, opcode, open, open a file, open circuit, open loop, open prepress interface, open recent, open shop, open source, open source software, open subroutine, open system, open systems architecture, open systems interconnection


P-code, P-counter, P-operation, pabx, pacing, pack, package, package body, package generator, package specification, packaged, packager, packaging, packed, packed array, packed data, packed decimal, packed decimal number, packed word, packet, packet assembly, packet disassembly, packet interleaving, packet switched network, packet switching carrier, packet switching network, packet-mode terminal, packing, pad, PAD 2, pad character, page, page break, page check, page control block, page exit, page fault, page fault interrupt, page footer, page footing, page frame, page header, page locking, page mode, page pool, page printer, page printing, page proof, page style, page table, page through file, page wait, page-at-a-time printer, page-at-a-time printing, page-in, page-level, page-out, page-up key, page-width printer, page-width printing, pageable, paged system, pager, pagination, paging, paging device, paging hardware, paging policy, paging-in, paging-out, paint, paint program, paintbrush program, painters algorithm, paity flag, palette, pama, pan scrolling, Pandorra box, pane, panel, panel tapping, panning, paper, paper feed, paper guide, paper skip, paper slew, paper tape, paper tape punch, paper tape reader, paper throw, paper throw character, paper tractor, paper-and-pencil, paper-moving device, paperless office, papersize, para, paragraph, paragraph assembly, paragraphing, parallel, parallel adder, parallel computer, parallel data, parallel interface, parallel language, parallel port, parallel processing, parallel search, parallel testing, parameter, parameter block, parameter delimiter, parameter mismatch, parameter not supported, parameter passing, parameter passing by name, parameter passing by reference, parameter passing by value, parameter qualifier, parameter specification, parameter word, parameterized test, parameters not compatible, parbox, parent, parent group, parent node, parent page, parent process, parent-child structure, parent-offspring tasking, parentheses, parentheses-free notation, paris, parity, parity bit, parity check, parity error, parse, parser, parsing, part, partial evaluation, partial failure, partial matching, partial pathname, partial word, partial-match retrieval, partition, partition of the fixed disk, partitionable network, partitioned access method, partitioning, Pascal, pass, pass counter, pass key, pass-the-buck protocol, passing, passing data, passive graphics, passive star, password, password authentication, password authentification, password identification, password propagation, password protected, password protection, password security, past copy, paste, paste buffer, paste command, paste operation, pasteboard, patch, patched program, path, path command, path of least effort, path test, path too long, pathname, pathspec, pathway, pattern, pattern fill, pattern matching, pattern recognition, pattern-matching filter, pause, pause command, PC, pc, PC compatible, PC DOS


qbe, qbf, qbm, qic, quad density disk, quadtree, qualification, qualified call, qualified name, qualifier, qualifying bit, quantified variable, quantifier, query, query answer, query by example, query completion, query composer, query facilities, query language, query mode, query unit, question mark option, question-answer mode, question-answering system, question/answer dialogue, questionable coding, questions and answers, queue, queue discipline, queue operation, queued access, queued access method, queued indexed sequential access method, queued sequential access method, queued telecommunication access method, queueing overheads, queueing technique, queueing theory, queuing, queuing discipline, queuing network, queuing problem, queuing theory, quick, quick reference, quick sort, quick-and-dirty walkthrough, quiet error, quinbinary, quit, quit command, quotation mark, quotation marks, quoted string, quotient, QWERTY keyboard


r/w memory, racf, radio button, radix, radix complement, radix notation, Radix-50, radix-minus-one complement, ragged array, raid, raise, raised floor, RAM, RAM disk, ramdisk, random access, random access device, random action, random distribution, random error, random fault, random file, random noise, random number, random number generator, random order, random sample, random sequence, random variable, random variate generation, random walk, random-access memory, random-access storage, random-number generator, random-scan display, randomizing, range, range check, range of addresses, range sensing, ranked data, rape, rapid prototyping, rapid prototyping methodology, ras, raster, raster count, raster display, raster display device, raster graphics, raster plotter, raster processor, raster scan, raster unit, raster-scan device, raster-scan graphics, raster-scan technique, rasterization, rat's nest program, rate, rated, rated voltage, rating, rating data, ratio, raw, raw data, ray-casting method, Rayleigh-Ritz method, rc, rd command, rda, rdbms, reachability, read, read fault, read fault error, read is less than size in header, read operation, read rate, read time, read-in program, read-only, read-only memory, read-only storage, read-write head, read/write memory, read/write storage, readability, readable, reader, readonly, readout, readout device, ready, ready condition, ready flag, ready light, ready mode, ready status word, ready task, ready/not ready device, real, real address mode, real constant, real part, real storage, real time, real time processing, real user, real variable, real-life environment, real-time, real-time access, real-time application, real-time calculation, real-time clock, real-time communication, real-time data, real-time environment, real-time executive, real-time kernel, real-time mode, real-time operation, real-time output, real-time problem, real-time response, real-time system, real-time testing, real-world, real-world problem, reallocation, realm, realm data item, rearrangement, reasonability check, reasonable error, reasonableness test, reasoner, reasoning, reasoning chain, reasoning system, reasoning technique, reassign, reassignment, reauthenticating, reboot, rebuild, recall, recall data originally entered, recast, receipt, receive, receive window, receive-only terminal, receiving terminal, recent, recent files, reciprocal, reclaimer, recognition, recognizer, recompile, reconfigurability, reconfigurable, reconfiguration, reconfigure, reconstruct, reconstruct program from memory, record, record blocking, record carrier, record cluster, record count, record descriptor word, record gap, record group, record instance, record layout, record locking, record separator character, record type, record zero, record-keeping, record-oriented device, recorder file, recording, recording density, recording device, recover command, recoverable error, recoverable malfunction, recovery, recovery data, recovery from disk, recovery procedure, recovery unit, recovery/restart facilities, rectangle, rectified


S-expression, saa, sacred, safe, safe shutdown, safeguard, safety device, safety factor, safety interlock, safety margin, salt, salvager, salvation program, sam, sample, sample input mode, sample program, sample size, sample space, sample unit, sampled data, sampling, sampling distribution, sampling method, sampling test, sampling tests, sampling unit, sanserif, sapphire-tip digital wand, sas, satellite computer, satisfiability, saturation, saturature testing, save, save area, savepoint, saving, scalability, scalable, scalable system, scalar, scalar type, scalar variable, scale, scale difference, scale factor, scale parameter, scaled, scaler, scaling, scaling factor, scaling model, scaling unit, scan, scan graphics, scan line, scanner, scanning, scanning bar, scarce, scatter, scatter loading, scatter write, scenario, scene, scene analysis, schedule, schedule off, schedule time, schedule users, scheduled operation, scheduled user, scheduler, scheduling, scheduling algorithm, schema, schema compiler, schemata, schematic diagram, scheme, science, science-oriented language, scientific application, scientific computer, scientific notation, scientist, scissoring, scope, scope mode, scope rules, score, scrambled, scrambling, scratch, scratch a file, scratch file, scratch tape, scratch-pad memory, screen, screen display, screen dump, screen editing, screen editor, screen formatting, screen frequency, screen generator, screen hard copy, screen image, screen management, screen memory, screen message, screen refresh, screen updating, screen-oriented, screen-oriented capabilities, screenful, screening test, script, script language, scroll, scroll away, scroll bar, scroll through the text, scrollbar, scrolling, scrolling bar, scrolling region, scrolling through, scrolling to distant place, scs, scsi, sculptured keyboard, sdc, sddi, SDLC, sdma, se, seamless interface, search, search area, search argument, search attribute, search command, search domain, search image, search instruction, search key, search pattern, search space, search string, search time, search tree, search word, searchcase, seat, second generation computer, second normal form, second-level address, second-system effect, secondary, secondary access method, secondary attribute, secondary channel, secondary entry point, secondary index, secondary key, secondary station, secondary storage, secondary word, secondhand computer, section, sector, sector buffer, sector not found error, sectoring, secure, secure storage, security, security accreditation, security attribute, security classification, security clearance, security declaration, security filter, security kernel, security margin, security model, security policy, security protection, security standard, security table, security terminal, see, seek, seek access, seek area, seek error, seek instruction, seek time


tab, tab stop, tabbing environment, table, table argument, table column, table function, table look-up, table look-up instruction, table lookup, table of contents, table row, table-driven graphics, tableau, tablet, tablet coordinates input device, tabletop, tabular, tabular data, tabular environment, tabular language, tabular presentation, tabular text, tabulate, tabulation, tabulation character, tabulator key, tabulator setting, tactile keyboard, tag, tag and drag feature, tag field, tag mark, tag number, tagged architecture, tagged file, tail, tailless mouse, tailor-made, tailored, tailored architecture, tailoring, take, take an instruction, take as a datum, take away, take down, take from, take out, take up, takedown, takedown operation, takedown time, talk, talk address, talk to mainframe computers, talker, talker address, talking computer, talking terminal, tally, tamper-proof chip, tampering, tap, tap a wire, tape, tape bootstrap routine, tape cartridge, tape cassette, tape deck, tape drive, tape file, tape group, tape jam, tape label, tape leader, tape limited, tape mark, tape tester, tape trailer, tape transport, tape zone, tape-bound, tape-bounded, tape-limited, tape-moving device, tapefile, tapi, tapping, tarball, target, target alphabet, target computer, target conversion, target diskette, target language, target machine, target processor, target program, target record, target system, target text, task, task body, task code, task family, task identification, task image, task management, task mode, task planner, task pool, task queue, task scheduler, task specification, task state, task switching, task tailoring, task variable, task-constrained interface, task-oriented, task-oriented dialogue, task-specific, task-specific event, task-to-task communication, task/modality compatibility, taskbar, tasking, tautology, TCB, tcpip, tdm, tdma, teaching machine, team, team operation, technical computer, technical data sheet, technical requirements, technical shakedown phase, technical validation, technical writer, technically viable, technique, technology, technology database, telecommunication, telecommunication access method, telecommunication code, telecommunication line, telecommunication monitor, telecommunication terminal, telecommunications, telecommunications control unit, telecommunications network, telecommute, telecommuter, telecommuting, telecomputing, teleconference, teleconferencing, telemarketing, telematics, telephone communications unit, teleprocessing, telesoftware, teletext, teletype, television display, television terminal, telex server, teller, teller terminal, teller work station, template, temporal, temporal binding, temporal knowledge, temporary, temporary data set, temporary disk, temporary error, temporary file, temporary ordering, temporary realm, temporary storage, temporary storage device, temporary variable, ten's complement, ten-key numerical keyboard, tenancy, tenant, tens complement, tentative specifications, term, terminal, terminal computer, terminal configuration, terminal device, terminal emulator


U-turn, U-turn back, UART, UCS, udf, udm, ulp, ultimate, ultimate load, ultimate user, ultrafast computer, ultrareliable, ultraspeed, umbral, umig, umount, unallocate, unallowable, unambiguous sentence, unary minus, unary operation, unary operator, unassemble, unassigned variable, unattended, unattended operation, unattended terminal, unattended time, unattented, unauthorized, unauthorized access, unauthorized operation, unauthorized reference, unauthorized use, unauthorized user, unavailability, unavailable, unbalance, unbalanced brackets, unbalanced parentheses, unblanking, unblocking, unbound variable, unbuffer, unbuffered, unbundled attribute, unbundled product, unbundling, unburdening, uncertainty, uncheck, unchecked language, uncompatible data, unconditional, unconditional branch, unconditional jump, unconditional jump instruction, unconditional transfer, unconditional transfer instruction, unconditioned line, unconnected, uncountable, uncouple, uncoupling, uncrunching, undecidability, undecipherable, undeclared symbol, undeclared variable, undefined, undefined notion, undefined symbol, undefined variable, undelete, undent, under directory, underflow, underline, underline character prompt, underlining, underload, underlying computer, underlying hardware, underlying structure, underscore, undershoot, underspecified cue, understandability, understander, understanding, undesired event, undetectable error, undetectable failure, undetectable fault, undirected, undirected graph, undo, undocumented feature, unexpected error occured, unfailing, unfavorable outcome, unformatted, unformatted capacity, unformatted data, unformatted disk, unformatted display, unformatted input-output, unformatted record, unguarded, unhooking, uni, UNIBUS, unices, unicity, unicode, unident, unidirectional, unidirectional channel, unidirectional printing, unification, unified architecture, unified bus, unified database, unified-bus architecture, unifield word, uniform scaling, unify, unilateral, uninitialized variable, uninstall, union, union catalogue, union operation, uniproccessor design, uniprocessing, uniprocessor configuration, uniprocessor system, unique, unique identifier, unique name, unit, unit address, unit assignment, unit construction, unit control block, unit matrix, unit number, unit of allocation, unit of language, unit of operation, unit record, unit testing, unit time, unit vector, unit-to-unit compatibility, universal quantifier, universal set, universe, universe of discourse, univocal correspondence, UNIX, unknown, unlabeled, unlabeled key, unlabeled statement, unless otherwise specified, unlikely outcome, unlimate user, unlink, unlinked file, unload, unloaded, unloading operation, unlock, unlocking, unmaintable program, unmake, unmanned, unmapped system, unmarked word, unmasked interrupt, unmatched, unmatched key, unmodified state, unmount, unnamed file, unoperable mode, unpack, unpackaged chip, unpacked data, unpacked decimal, unpacked decimal representation, unparser, unplug, unpopulated memory card, unpredictable behavior, unprintable character, unprotected field, unquantifiable, unreadable program


v, V-format, V-operation, vac, vacancy, vacant, valid, valid data, valid option, validate, validation, validation criterion, validity, validity check, valuator, value, value assignment, value list, value parameter, value-added carrier, value-added network, value-added service, van, vaporware, variability, variable, variable address, variable block, variable data, variable declaration, variable field, variable identifier, variable instruction, variable length, variable length record, variable name, variable range, variable text, variable type, variable value, variable-length, variable-length block, variable-length code, variable-length field, variable-length record, variable-length word, variable-word-length, variance, variant field, variant record, variation, variety, variplotter, varying duty, vat, VAX/VMS, vcc, vci, vdi, vds, vdt, VDU, vector, vector computer, vector descriptor, vector generator, vector graphics, vector length, vector-mode display, vectoring, vectorization, vectorize, vectorizer, veification mode, Veitch chart, Veitch diagram, velocity, vendor, vendor programmable, vendor-manufactured software, vendor-specific, Venn diagram, ver command, veracity, verb, verb-object syntax, verbal answer, verbal command, verbal input, verbal input/output, verbose listing, verification, verification and validation, verifier, verify, verify command, verifying, verity, Versatec, versatility, version, version control, version number, version numbering scheme, version of the image, vertex, vertical, vertical cursor, vertical microinstruction, vertical microprogramming, vertical parity, vertical processor, vertical redundancy check, vertical spacing, very-high-level language, very-large-scale integrated circuit, vesa, vetting, vfs, VGA, viability, viable, vicinity, video, video buffer, video cable, video cassette, video disk, video display terminal, video keyboard terminal, video memory, video monitor, video overlay, video picture, video RAM, video task, video terminal, videocoupler, videodisk, videograph, videomatics, videopulse, videosignal, videoswitch, videotex, videotex terminal, view, view design, view of data, view point, view volume, viewbox, viewdata, viewer, viewing, viewing angle, viewing transformation, viewpoint, viewport, vim, violation, violator, virgin, virgin paper, virgin system, virgin tape, virtual, virtual address, virtual address mode, virtual block number, virtual call, virtual circuit, virtual computer, virtual connection, virtual console, virtual derived data item, virtual device, virtual disk, virtual file, virtual image, virtual interface, virtual machine, virtual page, virtual processor, virtual protocol, virtual result data item, virtual source, virtual source data item, virtual space, virtual storage, virtual storage access method, virtual storage allocation, virtual storage interrupt, virtual storage management, virtual telecommunication access method, virtual terminal, virtual value, virtual-circuit protocol, virtualization, virus


wabi, wait, wait condition, wait loop, wait operation, waiting list, waiting loop, waiting process, waiting task, waiting time, waitmark, waiver, walk, walkdown, walking column test, walking test, walkover, walkthrough, wall, wall outlet, wallpaper, wallpaper file, wan, wand, wane, Wang Laboratories Inc., warm backup, warm boot, warm restart, warm standby, warning, warning diagnostics, warning lights, warning message, warning signal, warping, warranty, warranty data, warranty life, warranty lifetime, warranty service, waste instruction, wastebasket, watch facilities, watchdog, watchdog routine, wave, wave effect, waveform, waveform diagram, wavefront-oriented, wax, way, way of behavior, way of megre, WCS, weak coupling, weak entity, weak external reference, weak impression of typing, wear, wear-and-tear, wearout, wearout failure, web, wedgitude, weed, weight, weight function, weight vector, weighting factor, well-formed, well-structured, wfs, what, What You Do Is What You See, What You See Is What You Get, wheel, wheel printer, where-used tree, while loop, while structure, WHILE-statement, whirlpool, white, white overlay, white space, white-space character, whitespace, who-are-you character, wholeness, why command, wide carriage, wide display, wide graphics, wide use, wide word, wide-area network, wideband, widget, widow, widow and orphan control, widow line, width, wild card, wildcard, wildcard character, wildcard designation, wildcard matching, winchester, Winchester disk, winchester technology, wind, window, window layout, window manager, window of vulnerability, window size, window-based, window-full scrolling, window-oriented, window-save feature, windowed, windowing, windowing system, windowing transformation, windows manager, winner, wipe-out, wire board, wire frame representation, wire printer, wire-frame model, wired, wired-in check, wired-in program, wired-program computer, wiretap, wiring card, wiring diagram, wiring layout, wiring scheme, witness line, witten-in word, wizard, wizardry, wobbling, word, word boundary, word capacity, word formation, word graph, word instruction, word length, word processing, word processing equipment, word processor, word serial, word size, word space, word wrap, word wrap-around, word-building, word-by-word, word-erasable, word-for-word, word-organized memory, word-oriented, word-processing software, word-wide, wording, wordwrap, work, work area, work factor, work file, work out, work station, work tape, work volume, workbench, workbench technology, workflow, workgroup, workhorse, working area, working condition, working conditions, working directory, working equation, working set, working space, working storage, working voltage, workload, workload factor, worksheet, workspace, workstation, world access


x window system, X-reference, X-series recomendations of CCITT, X-shaped, X-Y plotter, X-Y table, X25 network, xcoff, xdp, xe, XENIX, xerocopy, xerograph, xerographic printer, xerography, xerox, Xerox Corporation, Xerox PARC, xml, XOFF, XON, XOR, XPS, XPS shell, xsl, XY graph


Y-shaped, YACC, yes-no decision, yield, yield a flavor, yn, yoke


zap, zero, zero bit, zero complement, zero compression, zero constant, zero crossing, zero data, zero error capacity, zero fill, zero flag, zero insertion, zero kill, zero stuffing, zero suppression, zero-access storage, zero-address, zero-address instruction, zero-level address, zero-suppression, zero-wait-state, zerofilling, zeroing, zeroize, zif, ZIF connector, zig-zag folding, zip, zip file, zone, zoned format, zoom, zoom command, zoom feature, zoom in, zoom out, zoom to fit, zooming

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