Сборник электронных Российских словарей

"bin" method, "Dot" recording system, "quiet" piling rig


45º pipe lateral


A block, A derrick, A frame, A horizon, A line, A pole, A side of building, A-frame dam, A-frame derrick, A-frame poles, A-frame tower, A-grade wood, A-labeled door, A-one, A/O treatment, Aaron's rod, AASHO density test, AASHO rammer, abaca, abacicus, abaculus, abacus, abamurus, abandon, abat-jour, abat-sons, abat-vent, abat-voix, abate, abatement, abatement of prices, abatement of wind velocity, abatvent, abbey, Abbot compaction test, abbreuvoir, ABC system, abietic acid, ability, ability of structure to perform satisfactory, ability to resist weathering, ablation, ablative cooling, Abney level, abnormal load, abnormal loading, abnormal service conditions, abnormal vehicle unit loading, abnormal wear, aboutsledge, above ground tank, above-grade building, above-grade masonry, above-grade pipeline, above-grade structure, above-grade subfloor, above-grade wall, above-ground building, above-ground masonry, above-ground pipeline, above-ground structure, above-ground works, abradability, abradant, abrading, Abram's fineness modulus, Abrams' law, Abrams' test, abrasion, abrasion hardness, abrasion loss, abrasion of refractories, abrasion resistance, abrasion test, abrasion value, abrasion-proof, abrasion-resistant, abrasion-resistant concrete, abrasion-resisting material, abrasive, abrasive aggregate, abrasive belt, abrasive blasting, abrasive cleaning, abrasive cloth, abrasive disk, abrasive dust, abrasive grains, abrasive grinding wheel, abrasive hardness, abrasive material, abrasive paper, abrasive powder, abrasive resistance index, abrasive steel shot, abrasive strength, abrasive surface, abrasive tile, abrasive tool, abrasive wear, abrasive wear index, abrasiveness, abraum, abreast, abreuvoir, abruptness, ABS plastic, abseiling, absence, absence of defects, absence of glare, absence of style, absolute altimeter, absolute correction, absolute deformation, absolute displacement, absolute error, absolute filter, absolute humidity, absolute orientation, absolute pressure, absolute traffic capacity, absolute value, absolute value of a vector, absolute viscosity, absolute viscosity coefficient, absolute volume, absolute zero, absorbed moisture, absorbed water, absorbency, absorbent capacity, absorbent material, absorbent paint, absorbent plaster, absorbent tile, absorber, absorber plate, absorbing well, absorptance, absorption, absorption cooling, absorption cycle, absorption dehumidifier, absorption factor, absorption field, absorption loss, absorption machine, absorption of shocks, absorption of water, absorption pump, absorption test, absorption trench, absorptive coating, absorptive form, absorptive power, absorptivity, abstract, abstracting, abstraction, abut, abutment, abutment bay, abutment piece, abutment sidewall, abutment span, abutment stone, abutment surface, abutting buildings, abutting end, abutting joint, abutting tenons, abyssinian well, AC supply, AC system, acanthus, acanthus leaf, accelator, accelerate-stop distance, accelerated admix, accelerated admixture, accelerated ageing, accelerated construction, accelerated cube test results, accelerated curing, accelerated job schedule, accelerated motion, accelerated strength test, accelerated test, accelerated test for compressive strength, accelerated weathering, accelerated weathering chamber, accelerated-stop distance, accelerating agent, accelerating force, acceleration, acceleration due to gravity, acceleration lane, acceleration of hardening by heat, acceleration of set


B and better lumber, B horizon, B line, B side of building, B. coli index, baby, baby concrete mixer, bachelor house, back, back arch, back azimuth, back bearing, back bed, back blocking, back clip, back coat, back coating, back coupling, back cutting, back digger, back dipper, back edging, back elevation drawing, back elevator, back fill, back fillet, back garden, back gutter, back hearth, back heating, back iron, back lintel, back nut, back of arch, back of dam, back of tile, back of vault, back plate, back pressure, back pressure regulator, back prop, back saw, back scatter density, back scatter nuclear densimeter, back seam, back siphonage preventer, back stair, back stay, back surge, back tangent, back view, back washing, back weld, back window, back-coat, back-drop manhole, back-end, back-flushing, back-inlet gulley, back-log, back-log of needs, back-log of work, back-mixing, back-nailing, back-packing, back-pressure valve, back-sloper, back-stay cable, back-tilt, back-up block, back-up brick, backacting excavator, backacting shovel, backactor, backband, backboard, backboiler, backbone road, backcheck, backdigger, backdraft, backdraft damper, backdraught, backed finish, backer board, backer rod, backfill, backfill compactor, backfill concrete, backfill density, backfill rammer, backfill work, backfilling, backfilling blade, backfilling material, backflap hinge, backflooding, backflow, backflow barrier, backflow preventer, backform, background, background for plastering, background heating, background image, background noise, backhaul, backhaul cable, backhaul cable guide block, backhaul line, backhaul line guide block, backhoe, backhoe attachment, backhoe bucket, backhoe bucket hydraulic ram, backhoe clamping attachment, backhoe shovel, backhoe tunneling machine, backhoe-pullshovel, backhouse, backing, backing block, backing board, backing brick, backing coat, backing finish, backing hip rafter, backing masonry, backing masonry work, backing material, backing piece, backing ring, backing strip, backing tier, backing weld, backjoint, backland, backlash, backplate, backsaw, backset, backsight, backsiphonage, backslope, backsplash, backstay, backstop, backup, backup masonry, backup material, backup valve, backup wall, backup weld, backwall, backward aerofoil fan impeller, backward and forward action, backward curve fan, backward curved blade, backward tilting of the bucket, backward-dumping scraper, backwards fall of the jib, backwash, backwashing, backwater, backwater area, backwater curve, backwater effect, backwater jump, backwater profile, backwater storage, backwater structure, backwater valve, backyard, bacteria bed, bacteria plate count, bacterial contamination, bacterial filter, bactericidal admix, bactericidal admixture, bactericidal paint, badger, badigeon, baffle, baffle beam, baffle block, baffle board, baffle diffuser, baffle pier, baffle plate, baffle wall, baffled outlet drop, baffler, bag, bag conveyor, bag dam, bag filling machine, bag filter, bag lift truck, bag of cement, bag packing machine


C constant, C line, C side of building, C spanner, C-clamp, C.R.P. test, cab, cab mounted on the carrier, cabin, cabin controls, cabin court, cabinet, cabinet convector, cabinet heating, cabinet hinge, cabinet-type air-conditioner, cable, cable band, cable bent, cable clamp, cable cleat, cable clip, cable compound, cable conduit, cable conveyor, cable core, cable crane, cable crane fixed mast, cable crane movable mast, cable crane trolley, cable drill, cable drilling, cable duct, cable end, cable geometry, cable grip, cable joint, cable knife, cable layer, cable line, cable losses, cable lug, cable method of rock stressing, cable molding, cable net, cable profile, cable railway, cable reel, cable reeling drum, cable rocker bearing, cable roof, cable run, cable saddle, cable sag, cable saw, cable sheath, cable stay, cable support, cable system, cable traction, cable tray, cable trough, cable-laid rope, cable-laid rope sling, cable-operated scraper bowl, cable-stay launching girder, cable-stayed bridge, cable-stayed footbridge, cable-stayed girder bridge, cable-suspended roof, cableway, cableway bucket, cableway excavator, cableway transporter, cadastral map, cafeteria, café, cage, cairn, caisson, caisson ceiling, caisson chamber, caisson cutting shoe, caisson disease, caisson foundation, caisson gate, caisson pile, caisson type leg, cake, calcareous, calcareous clay, calcareous material, calcareous sandstone, calcinating kiln, calcination, calcination kiln, calcined gypsum, calcining furnace, calcining kiln, calcite, calcium, calcium aluminate cement, calcium chloride, calcium hardness, calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide, calcium plumbate, calcium silicate, calcium silicate brick, calcium silicate concrete, calcium-silicate products, calcrete, calcspar, calculated settlement, calculated stress, calculating, calculating assumption, calculating basis, calculating earthworks by contours, calculating earthworks by cross-sections, calculating earthworks by spot heights, calculating error, calculating operation, calculation, calculation assumption, calculation based on experimental evidence, calculation chart, calculation error, calculation formula, calculation hypothesis, calculation method, calculation of anchorage force, calculation of areas, calculation of loading, calculation of stresses, calculation of wall thickness, calculation operation, calculation table, calculation value, calculations in table form, caldarium, calfdozer, caliber, calibrated orifice, calibration, calibration correction, calibration curve, calibration error, calibration template, caliche, calico strip, California bearing ratio test, caliper, caliper survey, calking, call, call box, callback, calling, calling for tenders, calorific value, calorifier, calorimetry, calyx, calyx boring, cam, cam clamp, cam shaft, camber, camber beam, camber block, camber rod, cambered, came, camera, camera transit, Camkometer, camp, camp car, camp ceiling, camp sheathing, camp sheeting, campanile, camphor glass, camping city, campus, can, can hook, can of fade, canal, canal bank, canal bed, canal bridge, canal check, canal concrete paver, canal head, canal lift, canal lining, canal lock, canal mouth


D and M boards, D side of building, dabbing, dado, dagger, daily operating costs, daily output, daily placement, daily pondage basin, daily production rate, daily storage, dall tube, dam, dam body, dam core, dam crest, dam deck, dam intake, dam location, dam outlet, dam site, dam walling, damage, damming, damp air, damp earth concrete mix, damp-proof course, damp-proof membrane, damp-proofers, damp-proofing, damp-proofing of masonry work, damped oscillations, damper, damper blade, damper linkage, damping, damping capacity, damping coefficient, damping constant, damping decrement, damping factor, damping material, damping of concrete, damping of highway bridge, damping of stack flutter, damping of vibration, damping ratio, damping spring, dampproofing material, dampproofing methods, dance hall, dancer, danger label, danger prevention, danger sign, dangerous area, dangerous proximity to :, dapped end of beam, darby, Darcy equation, Darcy formula, Darcy's law, dark room, dark smoke, dark-room, darkroom, dash, dash-bond coat, dash-line, data, data logging, date, date of commencement of the work, date of substantial completion, datum, datum dimension, datum level, datum line, datum mark, daubing, Dawson piling hammer, day, day crew, day nursery, day work, day-light area ratio, day-supply reservoir, day-to-day site supervision, daylight area, daylight factor, daylighting, daylighting in buildings, daywork, DB meter, de-ashing, de-sliming, de-stressed zone, dead air zone, dead axle, dead band, dead bolt, dead end, dead line, dead load, dead load stress, dead man, dead room, dead sand, dead shore, dead space, dead storage, dead time, dead wall, dead water space, dead weight, dead white, dead window, dead wood, dead work, dead zone, dead-end anchor, dead-end anchorage, dead-end pole, dead-end street, dead-end structure, dead-end track, dead-end water main, dead-leg area, dead-load moment, dead-storage level, deadleg, deadman, deaeration, deaeration of concrete, deaeration process, deaerator, deafness, deal, deal glass, dealer, debacle, debit, debris, debris dam, debris loading, debris stream, decant liquor, decantation, decantation tank, decanter, decanting, decarbonization, decay, decay of wood, decaying oscillations, deceleration, deceleration lane, decentering, decentralization, decentralized air conditioning system, decentralized air heating unit, decentralized sewerage system, decentralized ventilation, dechlorination, decipol, decision, deck, deck beam, deck bridge, deck clip, deck crane, deck framing, deck panel, deck plate, deck slab, deck support key, deck truss, deck-type bridge, decking, declared distance, declination, declination of needle, decline, declinometer, decoiler, decompaction, decompose, decompose a force into components, decomposer, decomposition, decompression, decompression chamber, deconcentration, decongestion, decontamination, decontamination factor, decor, decoration plaster, decorative aggregate, decorative block


E glass, ear, ear plugs, earliest event occurrence time, early acceptance of concrete, early age behavior of concrete, early finish time, early morning boost, early stage of the project, early start time, early stiffening, early strength, early strength gain, early strength of concrete, early warning system, earth, earth air strip, earth back pressure, earth banking, earth blanket, earth circuit, earth cofferdam, earth cold storage, earth compaction, earth core, earth dam, earth electrode, earth embankment, earth excavation, earth fill, earth foundation, earth grade, earth gravity, earth grid, earth hummock, earth levee, earth metals, earth mixture, earth moving plant, earth pigment, earth plate, earth pressure, earth pressure balanced tunneling method, earth reinforced with grids, earth road, earth rod, earth stockpiling, earth structure, earth tank, earth terminal, earth thrust, earth to be moved on cut and fill basis, earth work, earth's curvature, earth-and-rockfill dam, earth-coupled heat pump, earth-damp concrete, earth-fill cofferdam, earth-fill dam, earth-fill timber dam, earth-filled pile cofferdam, earth-moist concrete, earth-moist concrete mix, earth-moving machinery, earth-moving work, earth-sheltered building, earth-sheltered home, earth-sheltered structure, earthed, earthed circuit, earthed neutral, earthenware, earthfall, earthfill, earthflow, earthing, earthing lead, earthing switch, earthmover, earthmoving equipment, earthquake, earthquake action, earthquake area, earthquake behavior of structures, earthquake damage, earthquake effect, earthquake forces, earthquake induced failures, earthquake load, earthquake measured 7.0 on the Richter scale, earthquake period, earthquake proofing, earthquake protection of structures, earthquake resistance building, earthquake station, earthquake zone, earthquake-prone region, earthquake-resistant, earthquake-resistant structure, earthwork, earthwork contractor, earthwork operations, ease, ease of workability, eased edge, easement, easement curve, easily flooded zone, eave bearer, eaves, eaves beam, eaves board, eaves catch, eaves channel, eaves course, eaves fascia, eaves girder, eaves gutter, eaves lath, eaves plate, eaves tile, eaves trough, eavestrough, ebb, ebb gate, ebb of flood, ebb stream, ebbing well, eccentric and inclined load, eccentric compression, eccentric force, eccentric load, eccentric loaded footing, eccentric loading, eccentric tendon, eccentrically loaded column, eccentricity, eccentricity of circle, eccentricity of load, eccentricity of tendon, eccentricity with respect to principal axis, ecclesiastic building, echogram, echography, echometry, ecology, economic aspects, economic feasibility, economic percentage of steel and concrete, economic ratio, economic yield, economical floor system, economical span, economics, economizer, economizer cycle, economy, economy brick, economy of fabrication, economy wall, eddy, eddy roller, Eddy's theorem, edge, edge arch, edge beam, edge column, edge condition, edge disturbance, edge effect, edge element, edge force, edge form, edge girder, edge joint, edge line, edge marking, edge moment, edge plate, edge preparation, edge restraint, edge shear, edge stress, edge strip, edge supported slab, edge torque moment, edge-fixed, edge-stiffened, edger, edgestone, edging, edifice, EDM equipment, education, educational building, educational park, eductor, effect, effect of end conditions, effect of moisture changes


F numbers, F-number specifications, F-number system, FAA soil classification system, fabric, fabric air filter, fabric form, fabric loss, fabric reinforcement, fabric roof, fabric tank, fabric wrapping, fabricable, fabricate, fabricated steel liner, fabricated wood members, fabricating capacity, fabricating plant capacity, fabrication, fabrication aids, fabrication cost, fabrication of structural steel, fabricator, fabricator in steel, fabridam, face, face and bypass damper, face area, face block, face brick, face damper, face drain, face glazing, face height, face jack, face joint, face layer, face mask, face mix, face nail, face opening of exhaust hood, face piece, face putty, face saver, face seam, face shell, face shell bedding, face shovel, face side, face string, face tier, face velocity, face veneer, face waling, face wall, face-lift, faced block, faced plywood, faced tile, faced wall, facer, facet, faceted glass, faceted glass framed in concrete, facework, facia, facilities for handicapped, facility, facing, facing block, facing blockwork, facing board, facing brick, facing concrete, facing panel, facing stone, facing work, fact, factor, factor depending on the end conditions, factor of safety, factor of safety against rupture, factor of safety against yielding, factor on total design dead load, factored load, factors affecting form pressure, factors affecting the durability of concrete, factory, factory aerodrome, factory building, factory chimney, factory equipment, factory precast roof framework, factory precast unit, factory produced building components, factory siding, factory work, factory-built building, factory-made building, factory-type roof, facts for design, fading, fading of settlement, faeces, faggot, faggot dam, faggoting, faience, faience mosaic, faience tile, faience ware, fail-safe, fail-safe joint, failing moment, failure, failure analysis, failure condition, failure criterion, failure during construction, failure hypothesis, failure limit, failure limit state, failure load, failure mechanism, failure mode, failure moment, failure of lifting device, failure of performance, failure of power supply, failure plane, failure stress, failure surface, failure zone, fair-faced aggregate, fair-faced brickwork, fair-faced concrete, fairing, fairlead, fairway, fall, fall block, fall of lock, fall pipe, fall protection, fall-block, fall-down lumber, fall-off, fall-off in construction work, falling apron, falling hazard, falling mold, falling molds, falling wall, falling-in, falling-in of bank, fallout shelter, falls of rope, false air, false attic, false beam, false body, false ceiling, false floor, false joint, false leaders, false rafter, false set, false tongue, false window, falsework, family, family of curves, family of fissures, family room, fan, fan baffle, fan blade, fan capacity, fan casing, fan coil system, fan coil unit, fan convector, fan cooling tower, fan delivery, fan drive, fan efficiency, fan heater, fan impeller, fan inlet, fan inlet box, fan inlet volume, fan instability, fan installation, fan law, fan performance, fan performance curve, fan power, fan room, fan shaft power, fan shooting


G-cramp, gab, gabarit, gabbards, gabbro, gabion, gabion dam, gable, gable bent, gable board, gable coping, gable end, gable post, gable roof, gable shoulder, gable springer, gable wall, gable window, gabled tower, gablet, gaboon, GAC contactor, GAC treatment, gad, gadder, gag press, gage, gain, gain in strength, galite, gallery, gallery apartment house, gallery canal, gallet, galleting, galling, gallows bracket, galvanize, galvanized fabric, galvanized iron, galvanized pipe, galvanized roofing nail, galvanized steel, galvanized structural stranded cable, galvanized wire, galvanizing, Gambia pile, gambrel, gambrel roof, gambrel ventilator, gamma-ray log, gamma-ray logging, gandy dancer, gandy sticker, gang, gang board, gang mold, gang molds, gang of wells, gang saw, gang-boarding, gang-sawn stone, ganged form, ganger, gangmill, gangue, gangway, ganister, ganosis, gantry, gantry beam, gantry crane, gantry crane system, gantry girder, gantry rails, gaol, gap, gap grading, gap-filling glue, gap-graded aggregate, garage, garage driveway, garaged door, garaging, garbage, garbage container, garbage disposer, garbage grinder, garden, garden city, garden hose, garden house, garden light, garden spade, garden suburb, garden tile, garden town, garden wall, garden wall with coping stones, garden-bed, garden-frame, garden-house, gardening, garnet hinge, garnet paper, garret, gas, gas analyzer, gas appliance, gas balance, gas bell, gas boiler, gas bottle, gas burner, gas circulator, gas cleaning, gas concrete, gas contamination of premises, gas control unit, gas cooker, gas distribution, gas distribution network, gas distribution pipeline, gas emission, gas engine, gas failure safety device, gas filter, gas fire, gas fittings, gas flue, gas fuel, gas furnace, gas generator, gas geyser, gas grid, gas heating, gas heating system, gas indicator, gas installation, gas leak detector, gas line, gas main, gas meter, gas metering station, gas oven, gas permeability, gas pipe, gas pipe pliers, gas pipe wrench, gas pipeline, gas plant, gas pliers, gas point, gas pressure drop indicator, gas pressure regulator, gas purger, gas purification, gas radiant heater, gas radiator, gas range, gas relay, gas riser, gas safety automation, gas service pipe, gas service riser, gas storage holder, gas storage vessel, gas stove, gas supply, gas transmission pipeline, gas washing plant, gas water heater, gas welding, gas works, gas-burning oven, gas-distribution plant, gas-fired air heater, gas-fired heating, gas-forming admix, gas-forming admixture, gas-operated piston sampler, gas-pressure reducer, gas-range burner, gas-tight, gaseous air pollutants, gaseous phase, gaseous state, gasholder, gasholder bell, gasholder station, gasket, gasket seal, gaskin, gasoline engine, gasoline interceptor, gasoline trap, gasometer, gasproof, gasworks, gate


H and L hinge, H beam, H girder, h girder, H hinge, H pile, H-beam grillage, H-beam pile, H-shaped pier, habitable attic, habitable inner space, habitable room, habitat, habitation, hachure, hack, hacking, hacking knife, hacksaw, haft, hair, hair crack, hair felt, hair hygrometer, hair line, haired mortar, hairline crack, hairpin curve, half bat, half brick, half column, half hollow, half landing, half line, half principal, half round, half S trap, half shield, half storey, half-brick wall, half-cloverleaf interchange, half-column, half-finished goods, half-glass door, half-landing, half-lap joint, half-lattice girder, half-mortise hinge, half-pace stair, half-plain work, half-plane, half-portal crane, half-principal, half-restricted jet, half-rip saw, half-round file, half-round log, half-sawn stone, half-space landing, half-span, half-story, half-surface hinge, half-term week, half-through bridge, half-tide cofferdam, half-time week, half-track truck, half-way gate, half-width bridge, halfday, halfpace, halfspan loading, halide torch, hall, hall of residence, hallway, halogen leak detector, halogenated hydrocarbons, halved joint, halving, halving joint, hamlet, hammer, hammer beam, hammer crusher, hammer driftbolt, hammer drill, hammer drilling, hammer grab, hammer head, hammer head crane, hammer mill, hammer-dressed ashlar, hammered work, hammerhead jib, hammerhead key, hammerhead type pier, hammering, hand, hand auger, hand boring, hand brace, hand carved sample, hand clamp, hand control, hand distributor, hand drill, hand excavating, hand extruder, hand float, hand hole, hand level, hand lever stroke, hand magnifier, hand mixed concrete, hand operated bar cutter, hand operated damper, hand operated span, hand operation, hand plastering, hand press, hand rail, hand railing, hand railings, hand rammer, hand shears, hand shield, hand spray, hand tamper, hand tool, hand tools, hand wheel, hand work, hand-chain hoist, hand-held compactor, hand-held hydraulic tools, hand-held power tools, hand-held roller, hand-operated, hand-operated brake, hand-operated elevator, hand-operated pump, hand-operated valve, hand-operated winch, hand-powered pallet truck, handcrafted, handiness, handle, handle switch, handler, handling, handling concrete, handling device, handling gloves, handling loads at work, handling machinery, handling reinforcement, handling stresses, handrail, handsaw, handshower, handshower armature, handwork, handy, handy work, handyman, hangar, hangar area, hanger, hanging, hanging dam, hanging gutter, hanging leaders, hanging level, hanging post, hanging stile, hanging-up, hanging-up of concrete, harbor, harbor basin, harbor station, hard asphalt, hard finish, hard frozen soil, hard hat, hard plaster, hard rubber, hard sciences, hard shoulder, hard soil, hard spring, hard strip, hard surface, hard surface aerodrome, hard water, hard wood, hard-burnt plaster, hard-drawn wire, hard-drawn wire reinforcement, hard-rock tunneler


I beam, I pile, i,d-diagram, I-beam grillage, I-section, ice, ice accretion, ice apron, ice bank tank, ice bed, ice boom, ice breaker, ice bridge, ice cellar, ice cement, ice cementation, ice chart, ice chute, ice clearing, ice clogging, ice concrete, ice content, ice control, ice cover, ice dam, ice fabric, ice fence, ice force, ice formation, ice gate, ice gneiss, ice gorge, ice guard, ice hillock, ice horizon, ice house, ice jam, ice lens, ice load, ice pack, ice palace, ice pass, ice pipe, ice pressure, ice road, ice run, ice segregation, ice soil, ice vein, ice wedge, ice-blocked drainage, ice-cream parlor, ice-flow glass, ice-hockey pitch, ice-patterned glass, ice-rich permafrost, ice-up, ice-wedge growth, iceness, icing, icing hazard, icing mound, icing river, icy pavement, ideal cable, ideal column, ideal constraints, ideal grading curve, ideal main stress, idealization, idealization of the problem, idealized mass, identification, identification label, identification marking, identification of defects, identity, idiot sticker, idle, idle capacity, idle speed, idle state, igneous rock, ignitability, ignition, ignition loss, ignition point, ignition temperature, illite, illuminated ceiling, illumination, illumination engineering, illuvial layer, ILS runway, image, image plane, imagery, imaginary load, imbrex, Imhoff tank, imitation marble, immediate deformation, immediate runoff, immediate settlement, immediate support, immersed tube, immersed tube tunnel, immersion heater, immersion thermostat, immersion vibrator, immission, immission load, impact, impact angle, impact crusher, impact crushing, impact crushing value test, impact damage, impact ductility, impact elasticity, impact energy, impact factor, impact filter, impact force, impact fracture, impact load, impact loss, impact noise, impact noise insulation, impact pressure, impact resistance, impact rupture, impact sound, impact strength, impact stresses, impact test, impact wrench, impactor, impeller, impeller pump, impending slough, imperfect frame, imperfect geometry, imperfect shell, imperfect well, imperfection, imperfection of manufacturing, imperfections in concrete surfaces, imperfections in construction operations, imperial palace, impermeability, impermeability factor, impervious asphalt concrete layer, impervious blanket, impervious core, impervious diaphragm, imperviousness, impingement air filter, impinger, implement, implementation, implementation of program, implementation of safety practices on site, imposed force, imposed load, imposition, imposition of the prestress, impost, impost block, impounded water, impounding basin, impounding dam, impounding reservoir, impoundment, impregnated cloth, impregnation, impregnation compound, imprinted pattern, improper curing, improper subdivision, improved land, improved quality concrete, improved technology, improved wood, improvement area, improvement line, improvements, impulse steam trap, impulsive force, impulsive load, impurity, impurity concentration, impurity index, in bulk, in commission, in force, in full swing, in good order, in good shape, in good state


jack, jack arch, jack beam, jack boom, jack ladder, jack method, jack pad, jack pile, jack plane, jack plate, jack rafter, jack rib, jack rod, jack roll, jack shore, jack truss, jack type rail bender, jacked pile, jacket, jacketing, jackhammer, jackhammer drill, jacking, jacking anchorage, jacking device, jacking end, jacking equipment, jacking equipment for lift slab, jacking force, jacking method, jacking operation, jacking pad, jacking plate, jacking stress, jackleg drill, jackscrew, Jackson system, jail, jalousie, jam, jamb, jamb anchor, jamb of a single opening, japan, jar, javelle water, jaw, jaw breaker, jaw crusher, jaw opening, jedding ax, jedding axe, jenny, jerk, jerking-head roof, jerkinhead, Jerry builder, jesting beam, jet, jet aerodrome, jet angle, jet blast deflector fence, jet blast deflector screen, jet core, jet deflector, jet drop, jet envelop, jet envelope, jet fan, jet head, jet momentum, jet nozzle, jet path, jet pump, jet range, jet rise, jet scrubber, jet spread, jet stream, jet ventilation, jet-action trencher, jetted pile, jetting, jetting pile, jetting tip, jetty, jib, jib angle indicator, jib arresters, jib boom, jib bracing, jib brake, jib center distance, jib crab, jib crane, jib derricking rope, jib door, jib extension ram, jib foot, jib foot section, jib head, jib head section, jib hoist, jib inclination, jib kicking backwards, jib length, jib main chords, jib pin, jib pivot, jib point, jib safety rope, jib safety stops, jib suspension with ties, jib tie, jib-raising and lowering mechanism, jib-stick, jib-type crane, jibbing, jig, jigger, jiggle bars, jigsaw, jim, jim crow, jimmer, jimmy, jitterbug, job, job captain, job cost control, job cost ledger, job description, job engineering, job management, job order, job plan, job practice, job problems, job schedule, job site, job site safety, job superintendant, job-built form, job-made, job-mix formula, jobber, jobsite, Joe McGee, joggle, joggle beam, joggle joint, Johnson head, Johnson regulator, Johnson's proportional limit, joiner, joiner's chisel, joiner's finish, joiner's gauge, joiner's hammer, joinery, joinery shop, joinery work, joining, joining of timbers, joining replacement, joint, joint applicator, joint bar, joint between precast members, joint defect, joint details, joint filler, joint fixed against rotation, joint grouting machine, joint load, joint location, joint mark, joint mobility, joint moment, joint movement, joint pointing, joint restrained by elastic members, joint rigidity, joint ring, joint runner, joint sealant, joint sealing, joint sealing compound, joint sealing equipment, joint sealing machine, joint spacing, joint spalling, joint tape, joint transmitting compression, joint transmitting shears, joint venture, joint-sealing material, jointed beam, jointed pile, jointer


K value, K-type truss, kangaroo tower crane, kaolin, kaoline, kaolinite, karst, katathermometer, keel, keel arch, keel marks, Keene's cement, keep, keep clear of the load!, keep clear of the load, keep out from under load, keeper, keeping, keeping reinforcement in proper position, Kelly ball, Kelly ball test, Kennedy's critical velocity, kennel, kentledge, keramzite sand, kerb, kerb inlet, kerb inlet with double grate, kerb inlet with single grate, kerf, kerfing, kern, kern area, kern of section, kernel, kettle, kevel, kevil, key, key block, key bolt, key brick, key connection, key design principles, key joint pointing, key plan, key plate, key quality, keyed beam, keyed hollow clay block, keyed joint, keyed pointing, keyhole notch, keyhole saw, keying, keying gap, keying in, keyless lock, keys scarf joint, keystone, kick plate, kicker, kicking, kicking piece, kickouts, kickplate, kid, kidding, kieselguhr brick, kieselgur brick, kiln, kiln brick, kiln efficiency, kiln-dried lumber, kilometer grid, kinds, kinds of floors, kinematic constraint, kinematic viscosity, kinematic viscosity coefficient, kinetic head, king closer, king pile, king post, king post lower bearing, king post top bearing, king rod, king tower, king-post truss, kingbolt, kingpost, kink, kit, kitchen, kitchen building block module, kitchen building block unit, kitchen cabinet, kitchen closet, kitchen floor, kitchen garden, kitchen of works canteen, kitchen storey, kitchen-dining room, kite winder, knapping hammer, knapsack, knee, knee bend, knee board, knee brace, knee rafter, knee roof, knee wall, kneeboards, kneeler, knife, knife disk, knife switch, knife-edge, knife-edge loading, knife-file, knife-switch, knob, knob handle, knob latch, knobbing, knock, knocked-down frame, knocker, knog, Knoop hardness test, knot, knot garden, knot-free board, knotty lumber, knuckle, knuckle ball bearing hinge, knuckle bend, knuckle joint, knuckle pin bearing, knuckle rail, knurl, konimeter, kraft, kraft paper, kraus process, kukersite


L beam, L column, L head, L shore, L wheel, L-headed jetty, L-shaped pier, lab, labcrete, labcrete specimen, label, labeled door, labor, labor capacity, labor constant, labor content, labor contract, labor cost per hour, labor costs, labor costs for individual work items, labor exchange, labor force, labor hours budgeted, labor hours expended, labor intensivity, labor placing one cu. yd. of concrete, labor rates, labor safety, labor saving tools, labor-intensive, labor-saving devices, laboratory, laboratory accreditation, laboratory accreditation for ready-mix concrete, laboratory consolidation, laboratory equipment, laboratory investigation, laboratory test, laboratory vane, laborer, lac, lace, laced column, laced valley, lacing, lacing course, lack, lack of coordination, lack of homogeneity, lack of parallelism, lack of stability, lack of style, lacker, lacquer, lacquer curtain coating method, ladder, ladder cleats, ladder ditcher, ladder jack scaffold, ladder jack scaffolds, ladder scaffold, ladder scaffolds, ladder stand, ladder track, ladder trencher, lading, ladle, Lafarge cement, lag, lag bolt, lag time, lagging, lagging materials, lagoon, lagooning, laid-on molding, laitance, lake, lake asphalt, lake bridge, lale tack, lamb's tongue, Lambert conformal projection, lamella, lamella roof, laminar flow, laminar-flow booth, laminary stream, laminate, laminated arch, laminated beam, laminated building products, laminated glass, laminated joint, laminated material, laminated plasterboard, laminated plastic, laminated rock, laminated rubber, laminated structure, laminated wood, laminboard, lamp, lamp post, lamppost, Lamq coefficient, lance, lancet, lancet arch, lancet window, lancing, land, land accretion, land acquired for public purposes, land aerodrome, land allocation, land application, land caisson, land development, land drain, land drainage, land facet, land fill, land filtration, land hydrology, land management, land pier, land planning, land reclamation, land rehabilitation, land retention works, land service road, land settlement, land span, land system, land tax, land tie, land tile, land treatment, land use, land use plan, land-clearing rake, land-to-building ratio, landfill, landfill leachate, landing, landing aids, landing area, landing distance, landing stage, landing strip, landing strip drainage, landmark, landscape, landscape architect, landscape architecture, landscape assessment, landscape design, landscape gardening, landscape map, landscape plan, landscaped, landscaped space, landscaping, landslide, landslide control, landslide protection works, lane, lane capacity, lane one, Lang lay, lantern, lantern light, lantern tower, lantern-light, lanyard, lap, lap joint, lap length, lap siding, lap splice, lap turnout, lap weld, lap-welded type tank, lapped joint, lapped scarf, lapped splice, lapping, lapping of bars, larder, large deflection domain, large form shutters, large job, large panel construction, large panel structure, large panel system, large pour, large precast concrete panel construction, large project, large span structure


m and f fitting, M roof, MAC value, macadam, MacArthur pile, macerator, machinability, machinability of metals, machine, machine housing, machine mixed concrete, machine movements, machine operator, machine parts, machine room, machine specification, machine tool, machine troweling, machine tunneling, machine's center line, machinery, machinery foundation, machining, Mackintosh boring and prospecting tool, Mackintosh probe, Mackintosh prospector, macrofracture, made ground, magazine, Magnehelic gauge, magnesia cement, magnesia insulation, magnesian limestone, magnesite, magnesite flooring, magnesium, magnesium alloys, magnesium float, magnesium oxychloride cement, magnesium oxysulfate, magnesium phosphate cement, magnesium xychloride flooring, magnet, magnetic azimuth, magnetic bearing, magnetic compass, magnetic crack detection, magnetic declination, magnetic meridian, magnetic overload relay, magnetic probe extensometer, magnetic prospecting, magnetic survey, magnetic valve, magnetic variation, magnetic vehicle detector, magnetically linked differential pressure gauge, magnetometer, magnetotelluric sounding, magnification, magnification factor, magnification of lens, magnifier, magnitude, magnitude of earthquake, magnitude of force, magnitude of reaction, maid's room, main, main aerodrome, main air duct, main bar, main beam, main building, main canal, main chord members, main circuit, main components of paints, main contractor, main curvature, main diagonal, main dike, main drain, main drainage channel, main drainage ditch, main duct, main fire circuit, main gear, main hoist rope, main line, main line tunnel, main load falls, main member, main pipeline, main rafter, main reinforcement, main road, main runner, main sewer, main squeeze, main stack, main strain, main stress, main system, main tie, main track, main trap, main traverse, main urban artery with regulated traffic, main urban artery with uninterrupted traffic, main valve, main vent, main-line pump, main-line railway, mainline, mains failure, mains pressure differential, mains supply, mains water, maintainability, maintainability of equipment, maintained load test, maintainer, maintaining, maintaining moisture in the concrete, maintenance, maintenance activity, maintenance costs, maintenance hangar, maintenance level, maintenance management system, maintenance patching material, maintenance underpinning, maintenance-free, maintenance-of-way engineer, maintenance-of-way gang, maisonette, maisonnette, major axis, major bridge, major highway, major injury accident, major portion of labor cost, major problems faced in construction, major project, major repairs, major road, major structure, make-up air, make-up pump, make-up water, maker, makeup, making, male hinge, male pile, male plug, male thread, malfunction, mall, malleability, malleable cast iron, mallet, mammoth pump, man, man lock, man power, man-handle, man-hour, man-made fiber, man-made noise, management, management engineering, management of building site, management space, management team, manager, mandatory provisions, mandrel, mandrel method, maneuverability, manganese, manhole, manhole chamber, manhole cover, manhole ring, manhole step iron, manifestation, manifestation of architectural intention, manifold, Manila hemp, Manila rope, Manilla hemp, manipulative joint, manlid, manlift, manmade soil, manned level crossing, manner, manner of applying loads


N value, N-truss, N-year flood, nadir, nail, nail claw, nail float, nail head, nail plate, nail punch, nail set, nail shank, nail stake, nail sticking out of the plank, nail-free formwork system, nailability, nailable, nailable concrete, naildriver, nailed, nailed beam, nailed connection, nailed roof truss, nailer, nailing, nailing block, nailing joist, nailing marker, nailing strip, naked flooring, naked wall, naled, name, names of parts, naos, Naples yellow, nappe, nappe-shaped profile, narrow back, narrow gauge, narrow strip foundation, narrow-gauge dumpcar, narrow-gauge railroad, narrow-gauge railway, natatorium, national park, national specifications, native asphalt, natural aggregate, natural aggregate extraction, natural asphalt, natural bed, natural bitumen, natural building sand, natural cement, natural circulation, natural circulation boiler, natural convection, natural convection air-cooled condenser, natural convection cooling, natural convector, natural depth, natural draft, natural draft cooling tower, natural draft roof ventilator, natural error, natural features, natural fiber, natural finish, natural flow, natural foundation frequency, natural frequency, natural gas, natural hazards, natural increase projection, natural light, natural lighting, natural mineral fiber, natural mineral material, natural minerals, natural moisture content, natural obstacles, natural period of vibration, natural pigment, natural population growth, natural resins, natural sand, natural slope, natural stone, natural varnish, natural velocity of flow, natural ventilation, natural vibration, natural vibrations, natural water content, natural water level, nature, nature of the stress redistribution, Navier's hypothesis, navigable canal, navigation facilities, navigation lock, navigation pass, navigation span, navigation water depth, navigational requirements, navy, navy pick, NC contact, NC curves, NC valve, Near Eastern architecture, near-by material, near-mesh grain, near-ultimate load, neat cement paste, neat line, neat line excavation, neck, neck strap, necking, necking of pile, necking-down, need, needle, needle beam, needle beam scaffold, needle beam scaffolds, needle gate, needle penetrometer, needle test, needle valve, needle weir, needlepunched geotextile, needling, negative acceleration, negative curvature, negative effect, negative friction, negative mantle friction, negative moment, negative normal stress, negative pore pressure, negative pressure, negative reinforcement, negative setup, negative source, negative vertical angle, negative well, negative wind pressure on roof, negotiation phase, neighborhood, neighborhood center, neighborhood pattern, neighborhood unit, neighboring buildings, neoprene, neoprene paint, neoprene rubber, nepheline cement, nerve, nervure, nest, nest of saws, nest of screens, net, net bearing pressure, net calorific value, net cross-sectional area, net energy, net fill, net loading intensity, net positive suction head, net room area, net sale area, net section, net site area, net structural area, net vault, netting, network, network analysis, network of motorroads, network planning, network scheme, neutral, neutral axis, neutral equilibrium, neutral fiber, neutral layer, neutral plane, neutral point, neutral pressure, neutral stress, neutral stress pressure, neutral surface, neutral zone, neutralization, neutralization tank, neutralizer


O ring, oak, oakum, obelisk, object, object-oriented development, object-oriented development program, objective tube, oblique butt joint, oblique intersection, oblique joint, oblique junction, oblique plane, oblique section, oblique tenon, oblique-angle intersection, obscure glass, observation, observation equation, observation on the work, observation opening, observation room, observation tower, observation well, observations of structures under service conditions, observatory, observatory dome, observing tower, obsolescence, obstacle, obstacle identification plane, obstruct, obstruction clearance plan, obstruction light, obtuse angle arch, occupancy, occupancy density, occupancy load, occupancy rate, occupancy sensor, occupant heat loading density, occupant load, occupant space requirements, occupants, occupation rate, occupation road, occupational deafness, occupational diseases, occupational hazards, occupational health, occupational health and safety, occupational injuries, occupational safety and health, occupational safety and health in building, occupational safety conditions, occupied space, occupied zone, ocher, ocrated concrete, ocrating, octagonal footing, octahedral normal stress, octahedral plane, octahedral shear stress, octahedron, octave band, octave band analyzer, octopus duct system, odograph, odor, odor control, odor filter, odor intensity index, odor suppression, odor threshold, odour, oedometer, off road truck, off-boarding platform, off-center compression, off-center load, off-channel reservoir, off-form concreting, off-formwork concrete, off-formwork concreting, off-limits, off-limits area, off-loading ramp, off-peak electric heating, off-peak load, off-peak period, off-peak storage heating, off-ramp, off-shore, off-shuttering concreting, off-shuttering concrete, off-shuttering pouring, off-size, off-stage, off-street alignment, off-street area, off-street parking area, off-the-site work, off-white, offal timber, office, office building, office complex, office equipment, office organization, office work, officer, official residence, offset, offset bend, offset block, offset canal, offset hinge, offset intersection, offset junction, offset model, offset screwdriver, offset yield strength, offshore exploration, offshore mooring, offshore pipeline, offshore platform, offshore platform plating, offshore structure, offsite employment, offstream storage, offstreet parking, offstreet parking facilities, offtake, offtake ditch, offtracking, ogee, ogee arch, ogee curve, ogee dam, ogee spillway, ogee weir, ogee-crested weir, ogive, ogive arch, Ohio cofferdam, oil, oil bath, oil bitumen, oil buffer, oil burner, oil cake, oil cloth, oil collector, oil cup, oil emulsion, oil field structure, oil filter, oil fired heating system, oil firing, oil harbor, oil heating, oil mist, oil mist separator, oil paint, oil pastes for paints, oil pressure gauge, oil pump, oil receiver, oil separator, oil stain, oil stock, oil storage, oil storage tank, oil storage vessel, oil stove, oil switch, oil varnish, oil well cement, oil-bath air filter, oil-canning, oil-fired boiler, oil-fired heater, oil-gas burner, oiler, olf, Olympic village, Omnia concrete plank, Omnia floor, Omnia trimmer concrete plank, on the ground, on the left/right of the section, on-job laboratory, on-off control, on-off valve, on-peak load, on-site connection, on-site painting, on-street alignment, on-the-job moves


P-trap, p-y method of pile design, pace, pacing, pack, pack ice, pack plan, package, package building program, package dealer, package plant, packaged air-conditioner, packaged boiler, packaged building program, packaged cogeneration system, packaged concrete, packaged dry concrete materials, packaged material, packaged terminal air-conditioner, packaged unit, packaged water chiller, packed bed, packed heat insulation, packed joint, packed scrubber, packed tower, packer, packing, packing gasket, packing gland, packing of concrete in forms, packless valve, pad, pad foundation, pad stone, padding machine, paddle, paddle aerator, paddle agitator, paddle blade fan, paddle loader, paddle mixer, paddle-bladed impeller, paddlefoot roller, paddling pool, paddy-field soil, padlock, padstone, pagoda, pail, paint, paint base, paint brush, paint grinder, paint kettle, paint mill, paint mist, paint mitten, paint oil, paint peeling, paint pot, paint pressure pot, paint roller, paint spraying booth, paint-over fabric, paint-spray gun, paintbrush, painted, painted in one application, painted stucco, painter, painter's hand tools, painting, painting line, paints mixed on the site, pair, pair of doors, palace, palazzo, pale, palette knife, Pali Radice pile, palification, paling, palisade, palladiana, pallet, pallet conveyor, pallet forks, pallet truck, palm capital, palm pile, pals, palsa, pamelle, pan, pan closet, pan conveyor, pan floating roof, pan floor, pan form, pan head screw, pan humidifier, pan mixer, pan mixer with rotating drum mixer, pan mixer with rotating paddles, pan socket, pan-type mixer with rotating drum mixer, pan-type mixer with rotating paddles, pane, panel, panel air filter, panel air system, panel air-conditioning system, panel construction, panel cooler, panel cooling, panel door, panel framework, panel framing, panel heating, panel length, panel load, panel pin, panel point, panel radiator, panel strip, panel structure, panel system housing defects, panel track lifter, panel truck, panel wall, panel-lock system, panel-type air diffuser, paneled door, paneled wall, paneling, panelled ceiling, pantile, pantograph, pantry, pants, paper, paper board, paper filter, paper form, paper location, paper sack, paper-backed lath, paperhanger, paperhanger's scissors, paperhanging brush, papiroform, parabolic arch, parabolic shell, paraclone, parafil, parallactic traversing, parallel blade damper, parallel connection, parallel curve rib arch, parallel flanges beam, parallel flow heat exchanger, parallel forces, parallel lay rope, parallel parking position, parallel runways configuration, parallel seat gate valve, parallel slide valve, parallel stair, parallel swivel bench vise, parallel wire unit, parallel-chord truss, parallelogram, parallelogram law, parallelogram of forces, parameter, parapet, parapet wall, parcel, parceling, parcels depot, parcels station, parched abutment, parent material, parget, paring chisel, paring gouge, parish, parish territory, park, parkband, Parker truss, Parker's cement, parking, parking aids, parking area, parking bay, parking capacity, parking court


Q-test, quick test, quad, quadrangle, quadrant, quadratic equation, quadratum, quadrilateral, quadripartite vault, qualified craftsmen, qualitative analysis, qualitative evaluation, quality, quality assurance, quality audit, quality certificate, quality characteristic, quality concrete, quality control, quality control chart, quality controlled concrete, quality grading, quality level, quality management, quality manual, quality mark, quality monitoring, quality of wet vapor, quality requirements, quality standards for water, quality surveillance, quality system, quandrel, quantitative analysis, quantitative characteristic, quantity, quantity of cement, quantity of motion, quantity survey, quantity surveying, quarry, quarry blasting, quarry fines, quarry reclamation, quarry safety, quarry waste, quarry-faced masonry, quarrying, quarrystone bond, quarter, quarter bend, quarter closer, quarter hollow, quarter landing, quarter pegs, quarter round, quarter-space landing, quartering, quartz, quartz glass, quartzite, quater round molding, quay, quay pier, quay stair, quay wall, queen closer, queen rod, queen-post truss, quenching, quetta bond, quick action valve, quick clay, quick cohesion assessment, quick plasticity assessment, quick set, quick-acting coupling, quick-acting gate, quick-action water heater, quick-closing valve, quick-dissolving glue, quick-drying paint, quick-hardening lime, quick-release coupling, quick-setting cement, quicklime, quickly erected building, quicksand, quickset concrete patch, quiescence, quiescent, quilt, quilt insulation, quilted jacket, quion, Quonset hut, quota, quotation, quotient


R-test, rabbet plane, Rabitz type steel-wire plaster fabric, race, racetrack building, raceway, raceway for electric conduit and telephone lines, rack, rack bar, rack building hoist, rack rolling, rack-and-lever jack, rack-and-pinion jack, racking course, racking position, radar detection, radial air jet, radial blade fan, radial brick, radial cone bottom, radial drainage, radial fan, radial force, radial gate, radial load, radial percolation test, radial plan structure, radial plotter, radial road, radial sett paving, radial shearing stress, radial stress, radial well, radial-flow settlement tank, radial-flow settling tank, radial-line plotting, radiant convector gas heater, radiant convector heater, radiant cooling, radiant gas heater, radiant heat, radiant heat exchange, radiant heat transfer, radiant heater, radiant heating, radiant panel, radiant strip, radiant surface, radiant temperature, radiating capacity, radiating tower, radiation, radiation effects, radiation heat transfer coefficient, radiation pyrometer, radiation restricted area, radiation safety, radiation shielding, radiation shielding concrete, radiation temperature, radiator, radiator grouping, radiator rating, radiator valve, radiator vent cock, radio distance measurement, radio mast, radio outfit, radio tower, radio village, radioactive dust, radioactive material, radioactive testing, radioactive-tracer log, radiotracer, radius, radius brick, radius former, radius indicator, radius of curvature, radius of diffusion, radius of gyration, radius to thickness ratio, radome, raft, raft foundation, raft stiffening, rafter, rafter spar, rafter-supported eaves, rafting canal, rag, rag bolt, rail, rail bender, rail car, rail centers, rail chair, rail clamp, rail clip, rail crane, rail creep, rail creepage, rail depot, rail fork, rail gang, rail grinder, rail grinding train, rail head, rail heater, rail joint, rail ladder, rail lifter, rail lubricator, rail mounted track laying system, rail renewal, rail skip, rail steel reinforcement, rail threader, rail tie, rail tongs, rail track, rail web, rail-dominated district, rail-fastening clip, rail-highway crossing, rail-mounted jib crane, rail-mounted shunting crane, rail-mounted tower crane, rail-welding machine, railbound frog, railhead, railing, railing post, railings, railroad, railroad bed, railroad bridge, railroad concrete tie, railroad crossing, railroad flatcar, railroad precinct, railroad tunnel, railway, railway ballast, railway bed, railway bed crossing, railway bridge, railway buildings, railway clearance diagram, railway level crossing, railway load, railway pile driver, railway platform, railway station, railway switch, railway track, railway track spanner, railway traffic, railway tunnel, rain, rain cap, rain gauge, rain leader, rain load, rain penetration, rain-snow load combination, rainbow roof, rained out, rainfall discharge, rainfall hydrograph, rainscreen, rainwater chamber, rainwater cistern, rainwater head, rainwater hopper, rainwater inlet, rainwater installation, rainwater pipe, rainwater shoe, rainwear, raise, raised and fielded panel, raised arch, raised building, raised floor, raised floor system, raised flooring, raised grid flooring, raised kerb, raised shaft, raised spot, raised table, raised-center polygon, raised-perforated flooring, raiser, raising, raising device, raising hammer, rake


S curve, S hydrograph, S slip joint, S wave, S-N diagram, S-test, S-trap, sabin, sack, sack of cement, sack rubbing, sacked cement, sacrificial lagoon, sacrificial land, saddle, saddle bend, saddle fitting, saddle flange, saddle jib, saddle joint, saddle junction, saddle pipe support, saddle plate, saddle roof, saddle stone, saddle tee, saddleback, Sadgrove maturity figure, safe bearing value, safe concentration, safe handling of explosives, safe keeping of explosives at quarries, safe leg load, safe load indicator, safe method, safe operating conditions, safe rate of lift, safe shoes, safe stress, safe use, safe working load, safe working methods, safe working pressure, safe working procedures, safe yield, safe-health level, safe-load limiter, safe-load rating, safeguard, safety, safety action, safety against buckling, safety against cracking, safety against failure, safety against overturning, safety against rupture, safety and health in the work place, safety and health measures, safety and health regulations for construction, safety arch, safety barrier, safety belt, safety belt and harness, safety bolt, safety builder's fittings, safety can, safety catch, safety chain, safety checklist, safety checklist for form drawings, safety code, safety code for cranes, safety coefficient, safety curtain, safety cutout, safety device, safety engineer, safety equipment, safety factor, safety fence, safety gate, safety gear, safety glass, safety glass panel, safety guard, safety head, safety helmet, safety hook, safety latch, safety management in the construction industry, safety margin, safety measures, safety meeting, safety net, safety officer, safety position, safety post, safety poster, safety practice, safety precautions, safety program, safety recommendations, safety service guide, safety shoes, safety shutoff device, safety spectacles, safety standard for formwork, safety system, safety testing, safety valve, safety vest, safety violation, safety zone, sag, sag bar, sag curve, sag pipe, sag pond, sagging, Saint Venant principle, Saint Venants' principle, Saint-Andrew's cross, salamander, sale, sale space, salinity, salinity of ice, salt content, salt efflorescence, salt glaze, salt water, salt water resistant concrete, salt-glazed earthenware pipe, salts, salvage, sample, sample block, sample collection, sample conditioning, sample jar, sample log, sample mixer, sample of fresh concrete, sample panel, sample splitter, sample tube, sampler, sampling, sampling at random, sampling freshly mixed concrete, sampling hole, sampling network, sampling spoon, sampling tool, sampling tube, Sampson point, sanatorium, sand, sand asphalt, sand bed, sand belt, sand benefication, sand blanket, sand blasted concrete, sand boil, sand box, sand collector, sand concrete, sand content, sand cushion, sand density apparatus, sand disk, sand drain, sand drainage well, sand equivalent, sand factor, sand filter, sand filtration, sand gradation, sand grout, sand island, sand island caisson, sand jack, sand lines, sand pile, sand pocket, sand point, sand pump, sand sampler, sand screen, sand streaks, sand trap, sand-cement rendering, sand-epoxy resin mixture, sand-lime brick, sand-removal channel, sand/coarse aggregate ratio, sandblast finish, sandblaster, sandblasting


T and G joint, T beam, T beam footing, T head, T hinge, T intersection, T joist, T junction, T piece, T-bar spacer, T-beam bridge, T-headed buttress dam, T-headed jetty, T-piece, T-port cock, T-shape, T-shaped bridge pier, T-tap, tab, tabel soil, table, table approach span, table filter, table span, table vibrator, tacheometer, tacheometer-rangefinder, tacheometry, tachymeter, tack, tack coat, tack weld, tackle, tackle block, tackless strip, tag, tag line, Tagg method, tail, tail bay, tail beam, tail end, tail joist, tail of the shield, tail pipe, tail pond, tail radius, tailgale, tailings, tailings dam, tailrace, tailrace canal, tailrace structure, tailrace tunnel, tailwater, tailwater gallery, tailwater level, Tainter gate, take-off, take-off and landing area, take-off device, take-off distance, take-off of the pile, take-off piece, take-off runway length, take-off sheets, takeoff flight path, takeoff run, takeoff strip, taking, taking off the elements, taking out of use, taking-off strength, talik, tall block building, tall structure, tall-form concrete pour, tall-structure concrete pour, talus, tamp, tamped concrete, tamper, tampering roller, tampin, tamping, tamping bar, tamping machine, tamping pick, tamping rod, tamping roller, tandem axle alternate loading, tandem lifting, tandem roller, tang, tangent, tangent alignment, tangent distance, tangent line, tangent modulus method, tangent modulus of elasticity, tangent point, tangent screw, tangent track, tangent-to-curve point, tangential acceleration, tangential flow fan, tangential force, tangential stress, tank, tank base joint, tank battery, tank capacity, tank car, tank dome roof, tank farm, tank farm stock, tank roof, tank shell, tank sizing, tank wagon, tankage, tanking, tap, tap discharge rate, tap hole, tap-in, tape, tape clamp, tape rule, tape water, taper, taper length, taper pipe, taper rod type tie, tapered, tapered aeration, tapered fluted pile, tapered haunch, tapered pile, tapering building, tapering column, taping, taping pin, tapped tee, tapping, tapping a spring, tar, tar asphalt, tar concrete, tar emulsion, tar macadam, tar oil, tar pail, tar paper, tar-and-gravel roofing, tar-bitumen binder, target, target cost, target day bonus, target slump, target specification, tarpaulin, tarring, task, tavern, tax, taxing, taxiway, taxiway capacity, taxiway center line lights, taxiway edge lights, taxiway guidance signing, taxiway soft runway, taxiway system, Taylor's stability number, teaching room, team, tear out, tearing force, tearing strength, tech, technical adviser, technical characteristics, technical equipment, technical evaluation, technical feasibility, technical inspection, technical maintenance, technical reasons, technical requirements, technical research, technical supervision, technician, technique, techniques of construction, technological concepts, technological developments, technological innovations, technologist, technology


U bend, U bolt, U factor, U gauge, U stirrup, U value, U-shaped abutment, U-tube manometer, U-type expansion bend, ultimate adfreeze, ultimate bearing capacity, ultimate carrying capacity of pile, ultimate factor of safety, ultimate limit state, ultimate load, ultimate load analysis, ultimate load conditions, ultimate load design, ultimate loading, ultimate moment, ultimate point capacity, ultimate pullout capacity, ultimate resistance, ultimate resisting moment, ultimate runway capacity, ultimate settlement, ultimate shear stress, ultimate shrinkage, ultimate static frictional resistance, ultimate static pile point capacity, ultimate strength, ultimate stress, ultimate tensile strain, ultimate tensile strength, ultimate tensile stress, ultimate tension, ultimate-strength design, ultra-high-strength concrete, ultrafiltration, ultramarine blue, ultrasonic examination, ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic frequency, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic graded veneer, ultrasonic inspection, ultrasonic leak detector, ultrasonic machining, ultrasonic pulse velocity method, ultrasonic test, ultrasonic testing, ultraviolet radiation, umbra, umbrella roof, umbrella shell, umbrella-type shell, unassertive building, unbalance, unbalanced force, unbalanced load, unbalanced moment, unbarked wood, unbolt, unbonded mat, unbonded member, unbonded post-tensioning, unbonded posttension construction, unbonded tendon, unbounded domain, unbounded elastic body, unbounded region, unboundness, unboundness of the domain, unbraced length, unbuckled configuration, unbuilt area, uncased grillage, uncased pile, uncenter, unclad structure, unconfined aquifer, unconfined groundwater, uncontrolled crest spillway, uncontrolled development, uncontrolled pedestrian crossing, uncontrolled ventilation, unconventional technique, uncoursed rubble masonry, uncured concrete, under compression, under inlet, under load, under tension, under-reamed pile, under-reaming cutter, under-running bridge crane, under-running stacker crane, under-slung crane, underbed, underbridge clearance, undercarriage, undercoat, undercroft, undercuring, undercut, undercutter, undercutting, undercutting principle, underditch, underdrain, underdrainage, underdrainage bed, underflooding, underfloor conduit system, underfloor duct, underfloor heating, underfloor heating cable, underfloor raceway, underflow, undergo, underground, underground car park, underground disposal, underground drainage, underground electric line, underground garaging, underground gas storage, underground hydro-pumped storage facility, underground hydroelectric power station, underground ice, underground laying, underground main, underground map, underground oil storage, underground pipeline, underground powerhouse, underground services, underground structure, underground survey, underground survey network, underground tank, underground water storage, underground work, underground workings, underhung crab, underhung crane, underhung trolley, underlay, underlayment, undermining, underpass, underpinning, underpinning pier, underpinning pile, underpinning pit, underpinning structure, underream, underreaming, undersanded concrete, undersanding, underscouring, undersea tunnel, undershoot area, underside, underside of basement floor, underside of foundation, undersize diameter, undersluice, underslung running, understressing, undervibration, underwashing, underwater blasting, underwater cement, underwater concrete, underwater concreting, underwater concreting box, underwater driving hammer, underwater dry welding habitat, underwater excavation, underwater gradient, underwater penetrometer rig, underwater pile driver, underwater pipeline, underwater platform concreting, underwater rockfill, underwater structure, underwater trench, underwater trenchwork, underwater tube, underwater work, underwindow air-conditioner, undeveloped area, undisturbed sample, undisturbed soil, undoweled joint, undrained test, undressed timber, undressing room, undular hydraulic jump


V brick, V drain, V-bank filter, V-beam sheeting, V-notch weir, V-shaped ditch, V-shaped joint, vacation hotel, vacation house, vacuum, vacuum breaker, vacuum breaking, vacuum breaking action, vacuum cleaner, vacuum concrete, vacuum concrete method of bridge construction, vacuum dewatering, vacuum dewatering plant, vacuum filter, vacuum filtration, vacuum gauge, vacuum gauge suction lift, vacuum heating system, vacuum lifting equipment, vacuum mat, vacuum pad, vacuum pump, vacuum refrigeration machine, vacuum return system, vacuum sampling tube, vacuum saturation, vacuum steam heating, vacuum suction head, vacuum test, vacuum treatment of concrete, vacuum waste disposal system, vacuum wellpoint, vacuum-gauge pressure, vacuum-treated concrete floor, validate, validity, validity of the test data, valley, valley beam, valley board, valley flashing, valley gutter, valley jack, valley piece, valley rafter, valley roof, valley stanchion, valley storage, value, valve, valve area, valve body, valve bonnet, valve bounce, valve box, valve chamber, valve disk, valve flutter, valve gate, valve head, valve lift, valve opening, valve passage, valve plate, valve port, valve positioner, valve seat, valve shaft, valve stem, valve travel, valve trim, valveless pulse-jet method, van, vanadium, vandal-proof equipment, Vandyke brown, vane, vane anemometer, vane axial fan, vane borer, vane shear method, vane test, vaned outlet, vanishing point, vapor, vapor barrier, vapor lock, vapor permeability, vapor permeability coefficient, vapor pressure, vapor resistance, vapor-proof, vapor-tight, vaporization, vaporizing oil burner, vaporous state, vaporproof envelop, vaporproof envelope, variable, variable air volume box, variable air volume system, variable capacity gasholder, variable component, variable force, variable inlet vanes, variable load, variable message sign, variable orifice self-acting valve, variable pitch axial flow fan, variable refrigerant volume system, variable speed drive, variable speed motor, variable volume system, variable water volume system, variation, variation in the magnitude, variation in the sense, variation of the bending moment along the length of the beam, variation of the project, variation with time, variational equation, variations from plumb, variations in the shape, variator, variety, variety of building techniques, variety store, various applications, varnish, varved clay, varying, varying load, varying the radius, vault, vault abutment, vault arch, vault bay, vault crown, vault rib, vault structure, vaulting, vaulting tile, VAV system, Vebe apparatus, vector, vector addition, vector constant, vector equation, vector field, vector function, vector multiplication, vector quantity, vee belt drive, vegetation, vegetation cover establishment, vehicle, vehicle emission, vehicle interval, vehicle load, vehicle mechanic, vehicle parapet, vehicle-free environment, vehicle-mounted equipment, vehicular live loads, vehicular tunnel, vein, velocity, velocity contour, velocity contour diagram, velocity field, velocity gauging, velocity head, velocity of the waves, velocity pressure, velocity profile, velocity range, velocity reduction method, velocity vector, velometer, vena contracta, veneer, veneer base, veneer bolt, veneer plaster, veneer tie, veneered ceiling, veneered construction, veneered door, veneered plywood, veneered stock, veneered wall, venetian blind, venetian light, venetian mosaic, vent


W-truss, waffle, waffle slab, waffle slab form, waffle-crete panel, waffle-slab floor, wage costs, wages, Wagner fineness, wagon, wagon ceiling, wagon drill, wainscot, waisted specimen, waisting, waisting of pile, waiting room, waiver, wake, wake vortex, Wakefield sheet pile, wale, waler, waling, walk, walk-behind compacting plate, walk-behind machine, walk-on window, walk-up, walk-up building, walked-on roof covering, walking boss, walking distance, walking dragline, walking excavator, walking spud, walking undercarriage, walks, walkway, wall, wall air-conditioner, wall anchor, wall base, wall beam, wall block, wall board, wall box, wall bracket, wall breakwater, wall building component, wall column, wall covering, wall crane, wall crossing, wall face, wall footing, wall form, wall frame cladding, wall framing, wall handrail, wall heating panel, wall hook, wall in trench, wall iron, wall jack scaffold, wall jack scaffolds, wall jet, wall line, wall losses, wall mounting heater, wall outlet, wall plaster, wall plate, wall plug, wall string, wall switch, wall tap, wall tent, wall tile, wall urinal, wall ventilator, wall-attached hood, wall-footing joint, wall-hung water closet, wall-paper paste, wall-type radiator, wallboard, wallclimber, wallette, walling, walling block, walling material, wallpaper, wallpaper border, wallpaper hanging, wallpaper roll, wane, waney edge, ward, ware, warehouse, warehouse area, warehouse depot, warehouse set, warehousing, warm air curtain, warm air duct, warm air heating, warm air heating unit, warm air register, warm water method, warmth index, warning device, warning fence, warning light, warning pipe, warning system, warping, warping joint, warping of the track, warranty, Warren girder, Warren truss, wash, wash basin, wash boring, wash drawing, wash fountain, wash house, wash load, wash primer, wash room, wash water, wash-down closet, wash-water tank, wash-water trough, washbasin, washdown, washed finish, washer, washing, washing and screening plant, washing trough, washing up liquid, washout, washout water, wastage, wastage of land, waste, waste activated sludge, waste appliance, waste canal, waste disposal, waste disposal works, waste form, waste heat, waste heat boiler, waste heat recovery, waste land, waste management, waste metal, waste outlet, waste pipe, waste receptacle, waste sluice gate, waste stack, waste steam, waste steam heating, waste trap, waste vent, waste water, waste water spillway, waste well, waste-disposal plant, waste-disposal unit, waste-food grinder, waste-heat utilization plant, waste-water reclamation, wasteland, wastewater flow, wastewater outlet, wasteway, wasting, watchman services, water, water absorption, water and power development, water atomization, water availability, water balance, water bar, water body, water booster system, water boundary, water bridging, water budget, water cart, water cementitious ratio, water channel, water chiller


X braces, X-ray diffraction analysis, X-ray examination, X-ray optics, X-type aerodrome, xenodocheum, xenon, xylele, xylolite, xyst


Y junction, Y level, Y piece, Y-seat valve, Yale lock, yard, yard drain, yard drainage, yard gulley, yard lumber, yard track, yard trap, yard turnout, yardage, yarn, yaw, year, year-round air-conditioning, year-round construction season, yellow, yellow lead chrome, yellow ocher, yellow oxide pigment, yellowing, yelm, yield, yield calculation, yield criterion, yield determination, yield factor, yield line, yield moment, yield of drainage basin, yield point, yield point elongation, yield range, yield state, yield strength, yield stress, yield stress level, yield surface, yield test, yielding, yoke, Young's modulus, youth hostel


Z bar, Z pile, zax, zebra crossing, zed, zed section, zee, zein, zenith angle, zeolite, zeolite process, zeolite water softening plant, zero, zero acceleration, zero air voids, zero air voids curve, zero air voids line, zero axis, zero curtain effect, zero end of survey, zero fuel aircraft weight, zero line, zero moment, zero shear, zero slump concrete, zero speed, zero value, zero-air dry unit weight, zero-slump concrete mix, zeroing, zig-zag rule, zigzag rule, zinc, zinc chromate, zinc chrome, zinc coat, zinc coating, zinc dust, zinc plate, zinc plating, zinc white, zinc-coated steel, zinc-coated steel screw, zinc-rich paint, zinking, zonal ventilation, zone, zone air-conditioner, zone air-conditioning, zone control, zone cooler, zone damper, zone divided into plots, zone duct, zone heater, zone non aedificandi, zone not scheduled for development, zone of height limitation, zone of imperfection, zone of influence, zone of linearity, zone of mountain economy, zone reheat, zone reheat system, zone reheater coil, zone restricted to entry, zone terminal unit, zone to be cleaned up, zone to be provided with facilities, zone to be redivided, zoned earth dam, zoned earthfill structure, zoned system, zoning, zoning law, zoning ordinance, zoo, zoological garden

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