Сборник электронных Российских словарей

ablation, above floodplain, abrasion, abrasion coast, abrasion plain, abussal facies, abyssal deposits, abyssal fracture, abyssal trough, abyssal zone, accessories, accessory mineral, accumulation, acid magma, acid rocks, actinolitic, activated platform, activation, active face, active reserves, active volcano, actual, adamantine spar, adinole, adit, adjacent, admixture, aeolian, aerial survey, agglomerate, agglomeration lava, agglutinate, aggregate thickness, agpaite, akukan suite, alaskite, albazin suite, albite, albitite, albitophyre, aldanian stage, aleurite, aleuritic texture, aleurolite, aleuropelite, alga, algae, algal, alkali rock, alkaline rock, all wheather, allanite, alltheyeararound, alluvial, alluvial deposit, alluvial deposits, alluvial fan, alluvial placer, alluvial terrace, alluvium, along the strike, alpine geosyncline, alpine relief, alteration, altered mineral, altitude, alumina, alunite, amazonite, amber, amethyst, amorphism, amorphous, amphibole, amphibolite, amphibolitic, amplitude, analcime, analcite, anamorphism, anatectite, anciend platform, andalusite, andesite, andesite porphyrite, andesitebasalt, andradite, angara suite, angoi, angular, angular unconformity, anhydrite, anomaly, anorthite, anteclise, anthropogen, anticline, anticlinorium, antimonite, apatite, apex, aphanite, aplite, apogranite, apophysis, apparent thickness, aragonite, arc, arch, archaean, archean, archeozoic, arcose, area, arenaceous, arenated, arenite, argentite, argillaceous cement, argillite, arid formation, arkose, arsenic as, arsenical nickel, arsenopyrite, asbestos, ash, ashfree coal, assay for gold, assayable gold, assemblage, assimilation, associated gas, association, astrophyllite, at an angle, augite, aunakit suite, auqifer, auqiferous, aureole, auriferous, autobreccia, autochthone, autunite, auxiliary mineral, auxilliary fault, avalanche, avkit suite, avlakogene, axis of fold, azimuth, azimuthal unconformity, azurite


baikal complex, baikal geosyncline, balagan suite, balaganakh horizon, balaganakh suite, balance, balance ore reserve block, balance reserves, bald mountain, band, banded, banded structure, bank, bar, bar placer, barakun suite, barguzin complex, barguzin suite, barite, barren rock, barrier reef, basal cement, basalt, basaltic layer, basaltic magma, basanite, base, base level, base level of deposition, base level of erosion, base line, base of slope, basement, basic magma, basic rock, basin, bathial facies, batholith, batomian stage, bauxite, bauxite formation, beach, beach barrier, beach placer, beaded vein, bed, bedding, bedding cave, bedrock, bedrock alluvium, beerbachite, beidellite, bellpit, belt, bench gravel, bench placer, beresite, bertrandite, beryl, biochemical weathering, biohemical deposits, biotite, biotitic, bishofite, bismuth bi, bismuth glance, bismuthine, bismuthinite, bitumen, black shale, blanket, blanket deposit, blind bedding, blind pit, blind shaft, bloating, block, block folding, block lava, blotch, blue earth, blue ground, bodaibokan suite, body, boehmite, bog, bog ore, bomb, boracite, borate of soda, borax, border, bornite, boronatrocalcite, boss, bostonite, bottom, bottom of vein, boudinage, boulder, boundaries, boundary, boundary layer, boundary surface, brachyanticline, brachysyncline, branching vein, braunite, bravoite, break, breakthrust, breccia, brecciated, brecciated structure, brecciform, brecciform structure, bronze, bronzitite, brow, brown coal, brown hematite, brown manganese ore, brucite, buffered pressure, bugarikhta suite, bulge, buried contact, buried deposit, buried exposure, buried hill, buried karst, buried placer, buried relief, buried terrace, buzhuikhta suite


cadmium, calamine, calaverite, calcarenite, calcareous, calcareous concretion, calcareous shale, calcic, calciferous, calciocarnotite, calciphyre, calcite, calcium, caldera, caledonian geosyncline, cambrian, canyon, capillarity, carbon dioxide, carbon shale, carbonaceous, carbonaceous cement, carbonaceous shale, carbonate, carbonate formation, carbonatite, carbonite, carnallite, carnotite, cassiterite, cataclasite, cataclastic texture, catagenesis, cavein, cavity, celestine, celestite, cement, cementation, cenozoic, cerianite, cerine, cerussite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, chalk, chalybite, chambered vein, chamosite, change, changes of sealevel, channel bank, channel fill placer, chara complex, charnockite, chaya complex, chaya suite, chemical sediments, chemical weathering, chenchin suite, chichikan suite, chiney subseries, chlcedony, chloanthite, chlorite, chloritic, chromite, chrysoberyl, chrysocolla, chunian stage, chuya complex, chuya strata, cinnabar, clarke, classification, clastic dyke, clastic lava, clastic mineral, clastic structure, clastolava, clay, clay shale, clay soil, clayey, claystone, cleavage, clinochlore, clinopyroxenic, closed fault, closegrained, coal, coal assumulation, coal bearing basin, coal bed, coal seam, coal shale, coalbearing formation, coarse, coarse fraction, coarse sand, coarsegrained, coast, coastal accumulation, coastal plain, coasting, coating, cobalt, cobalt glance, cobaltite, cobble, cockarde structure, cog, coke, coking coal, colemanite, collapse, collapse caldera, colloform texture, colluvial, color, columbite, columnar crystal, comb structure, commercial deposit, commercial mineral, commercial reserves, common salt, compaction, complex, complex fault, complex laccolith, composite intrusion, composite laccolith, composite vein, composite volcano, composition, compound fault, compound placer, compound vein, compound volcano, compression strain, comprise, concealed, concealed deposit, concealed exposure, concentration, conchoidal fracture, concordance, concretion, concretion structure, concretionary lens, conditions, cone, cone of influence, conformability, conformable bedding, conformable contact, conformity, conglomerate, conglomerate bomb, conglomerate structure, conical depression, conical dyke, conical fracture, conical intrusion, consolidation, constituent, constratal alluvium, contact, contact metamorphism, contamination, content, continent, continental facies, continental slope, contour, convex, copper indigo, copper mica, copper nickel, copper uranite, coquina, coral, coral reef coast, cordierite, core, core of fold, core of the earth, correlation, corundum, country, country rock, course, course of seam, course of vein, covellite, cover, covered hill, crack, crater


dacite, daciteandesite, dalnya far taiga, dasiteliparite, datolite, day surface, dead volcano, debris cone, decay zone, declination, deep fault, deepsea deposits, deepseated intrusion, deflation, deformation, deformation shift, deformational trap, delta, delta placer, deltaic deposits, deltaic facies, deluvial, deluvial deposits, deluvial placer, delyunuran series, denudation, denudation plain, denudation terrace, depleted deposit, deposit, deposit outline, deposit structure, deposition, depositional plain, depositional trap, deposits, depression, depression of accumulation, depth contour, descloizite, desiccation fissure, detrital cone, detrital deposits, detrital mineral, detritus, deuteric alteration, devonian, diabase, diagenesis, diagonal bedding, diallagite, dialogite, diaphthorite, diapir folding, diaspore, diatomite, differentiation, difficult to access, dikes, diopside, diorite, dioritic, dip, dip azimuth, direction, direction of dip, direction of strike, discern, disconformity, discordance, discordant, disjunctive dislocation, dislocation, dislocation breccia, dislocation with a break of continuity, dispersion halo, displacement, dissected landscape, dissected relief, dissected topography, disseminated deposit, dissemination, disthen, disthene, distinctive mineral, distortion, district, ditch, divide, dodykhta suite, dogaldyn suite, dogopchan suite, dolborian stage, dolerite, doleritebasalt, dolomite, dolomith, dome, dome shaped fold, dovyren complex, down dip, downcast side, downfall, downthrown side, downwarp, dredge, drift, drillhole spacing, drive, driving, ductile, dug hole, dumortierite, dunite, dustlike, dyke, dynamic metamorphism, dynamothermal metamorphism, dzelindin, dzhemkukan suite


earth, earths crust, earths mantle, earthy fracture, earthy structure, eclogite, edge, edge of shelf, effusion, effusive, effusive complex, effusive volcano, electrum, elements of fold, elevation, eluvial, eluvial placer, eluvium, embankment, emery, enclosing rock, enclosure, endogenic formation, envelope, eolation, eolian placer, epidosite, epidotamphibolitic, epigenesis, epigenetic breccia, episodic, epoch, epsomite, equigranular, equigranular texture, erosion, erosion boundary, erosion surface, eruption, eruptive breccia, erythrite, essexite, estimated, estimated reserves, eudialyte, eugeosyncline, eutaxitic structure, evaporation, evaporite, even fracture, exogenetic deposit, exogenic deposit, explored reserves, explosion caldera, exposure, extinct volcano, extinction, extinguished volcano


fabric, face, facies, facies change, facies zonation, fade away, fan cleavage, fanglomerate, fanlike alluvium, fault, fault zone, fault breccia, fault strike, fault trough, faulting, fauna, fayalite, feather joint, featureless, feldspar, feldspathic, felsite, felty texture, fenite, ferberite, ferrithorite, ferrous metal, ferruginous, fibrous fracture, field, field work, filling, filling dyke, final magmatism, final volcanism, fine, fine grained, fine ore, finegrained, fineness of gold, firestone, fissitity, fissure, flaggyness, flake, flange, flank, flat joint, flattened, flattening, flexural, flexure, flint, flood terrace, floodplain, floor, floor of vein, flora, flow, flow cleavage, fluid, fluor spar, fluorite, fluvioglacial, fluxion structure, flysch, flysch formation, fold, fold bend, fold trend, foldbelt, folded basement, folding, foliation, foot, foot of fault, foot of hill, foredeep, foreign inclusion, forerange, formation, fossil, fossil plant, foyaite, fraction, fractural tectonics, fracture, fracture zone, framework structure, free oil, friction plane, funnel, furrow, fusion


gabbro, gabbrodiabase, gabbrodiorite, gabbronorite, gabbronorite, gaize, galena, galenite, gallite, gallium, gangue, gap, gapping, garnet, garnetiferous, garnierite, gas, gas coal, gas condensate, gas field, gas pool, gas presence, gas volcano, gash, gasoil surface, gauge mineral, gel texture, gem, genesis, genetic classification, gentle, gentle folding, geoanticline, geochronology, geocycle, geode, geological block, geological boundary, geological cross section, geological process, geosynclinal belt, geosynclinal complex, geosynclinal formation, geosynclinal magmatism, geosynclinal volcanism, geosyncline, geotectonic cycle, gersdorffite, geyser, gibbsite, glacial, glacial epoch, glaciation, glaciofluvial, glaucodot, glauconite, glaucophane, gliding plane, globular lava, glomeroclastic texture, gneis, gneissic, gneissogranite, gneissoid structure, goethite, gold mineralisation, goldbearing, golets, goloustnaya suite, gorge, graben, grade, gradual contact, grain, granite, granite porphyry, granitegneiss, granitic magma, granitic texture, granitization, granoblastic texture, granodiorite, granophyre, granophyric, granosyenite, granularity, granule, granulite, granulitic, granulity, graphic texture, graphite, graphitic, gravel, gravelite, gravelstone, gray cobalt, greenschist, greenshist facies metamorphism, greisen, greywacke, grit, gritrock, gritstone, groove, grorudite, grossular, ground, groundmass, groundwater aquifers, gruss, guide fossil, gumbaite, gypsum


halite, halloysite, halo, halogenic sediments, hanging limb, hanging wall, hard coal, hardness, hardness scale, harzburgite, hastingsite, hausmannite, heat balance, heavy fraction, heavy mineral, heavy oil, height, helvine, helvite, hematite, hercynian geosyncline, hexagonal system, hiatus, highangle fault, highland, highly, hillside, hillside waste, hole, homeoblastic texture, homocline, homogeneous, horizon, horizontal bedding, hornblende, hornblendite, hornfels, hornfels texture, horst, host grain, host rock, hubnerite, humid formation, humite, hummocky sands, hybrid magma, hydrargillite, hydroboracite, hydrocarbon, hydrolysis, hydrothermal alteration, hydrothermal deposit, hydrothermal fluid, hydrothermal metamorphism, hydrothermal process, hypergenesis, hypersthene, hypersthenic, hypersthenite, hypidiomorphicgranular texture


idiomorphism, idocrase, igneous contact, igneous rock, ignimbrite, ileir suite, ilgin suite, iligir suite, ilmenite, ilovir suite, imnyakh suite, impart, impoverish, impregnated structure, impregnation, impregnation metamorphism, impregnation ore, inclined bed, inclined fold, inclusion, inderite, index fossil, indicated reserves, indium, induration, inequigranulal texture, inequigranular, ingamakit complex, inherited depression, inherited folding, inherited relief, initial bedding, initial magmatism, injection metamorphism, insitu reserves, insitu resources, instratal alluvium, insular volcanism, interbed, interbedding, intercalated, intercalation, interface, interformational laccolith, interglacial, interlayer, intermittent folding, intermontane trough, intermountain area, intermountain basin, interrupted fault, interruption, interstream area, intraformational breccia, intrusion, intrusion body, intrusive, intrusive body, intrusive boundary, intrusive breccia, intrusive rock, intrusive sheet, intrusive stock, inversion, inverted anticline, inverted fold, inverted syncline, irel complex, irregular bedding, irregular intrusion, island arc, isobath, isometric system, isomorphism, isotope, itykit suite


jacupirangite, jarosite, jasper, jaspilite, joint, jointing, jurassic, juvenile landscape


kachergat suite, kachoi complex, kadalibutuya complex, kalar complex, kaoline, kaolinite, kaolinization, karst, karst area, karst cavity, karst landscape, karst relief, karst topography, kasolite, katagenesis, katamorphism, katanga complex, keratophyre, kersantite, kevakta complex, key horizon, key section, khaiverga suite, khibelen suite, khibinite, kholodny suite, khomolkho suite, khorlukhtakh, kieserite, kilyana subseries, kimberlite, kindikan strata, kink, kinkfold, knopite, knotty, knowledge, kodar complex, kodar subseries, konkudera suite, konkuderamamakan complex, kooktin suite, krivolutskian stage, kuanda complex, kutim complex, kyanite, kyanitic


labrador spar, labradorite, laccolite, laccolith, lacustrine deposits, lacustrine placer, ladder vein, lagoon, lagoon facies, lagoonal deposits, lake deposits, lakustrine, lamellae, lamellar, laminated fracture, lamination, lamprophyre, land mass, landform, landscape, landslide, landslip, landslip terrace, landwaste, lapilli sing lapillus, late quaternary, lateral, lateral pressure, laterization, latitudinal, laurvikite, lava, lava breccia, lava cone, lava flow, lava volcano, layer, lazurite, leaching, lean coal, lean ore, ledge, ledger, leftlateral, leg, lenian stage, lens, lens of ore, lense, lenticular, lenticular deposit, lenticular structure, lenticular vein, lenticularstriped, lepidoblastic texture, lepidolite, leucite, leucitic, leucitite, leucitophyre, leucocratic, level of knowledge, levelling, light fraction, light metal, lignite, limb, limburgite, lime, lime nodule, limestone, limonite, line of dip, line of strike, line schistosity, lineament, linear bedding, linear cleavage, linear fold, linear structure, lineation, linneite, lip, liparite, liparitedacite, listvenite, lithic, lithofacies, lithogenesis, lithosphere, lithosphere plate, littoral, littoral cone, load cast, loam, local unconformity, locality, lode, lode deposit, lode ore, loess, lollingite, longitudinal, longitudinal fissure, loose ground, loparite, lowangle fault, lowangle thrust, lowdensity oil, lowered limb, lowgrade oil, lowgrade ore, lowland, lujaurite, lying fold, lying side, lying wall, lyunkut suite


maculose structure, madakach suite, magma, magmatic contact, magmatic deposit, magmatic rock, magmatism, magnesioferrite, magnesite, magnesium carbonate, magnetic pyrites, magnetite, magnetitic, magnitude, magnomagnetite, main fault, major fault, make a hole, malachite, malignite, malokosin suite, mamakan suite, mamaoron complex, manganese nodule, manganite, manganocalcite, mangaseian stage, mantie, manukan suite, marble, marbled, marcasite, margarite, margaritic, margin of coast, mariinsk suite, marine facies, marine sediments, marine terrace, marker bed, marl, marsh, marsh ore, mass, massif, meagre coal, measured reserves, mechanical weathering, median mass, meganticline, megasynclinale, melange, melaphyre, melt, melteigite, melting, meridional, mesozoic, metaconglomerate, metacrystal, metadiabase, metaeffusive, metal, metalliferous deposit, metallogenic province, metamorphic, metamorphic aureole, metamorphic deposit, metamorphic facies, metamorphic zoning, metamorphised, metamorphism, metamorphous, metasandstone, metasomatic deposit, metasomatic facies, metasomatism, metasomatite, metasomatosis, metatorbernite, metazeunerite, meteger suite, meteorite, meteorite crater, miaskite, micaceous, microfossil, middle quaternary, midoceanic ridge, migmatite, migration, migrational lamination, millerite, mine, mine working, mined deposit, mineral, mineral formation, mineral reserves, mineral reserves classification, mineral resources, mineralization, mineralization process, mineralized fissure, minette, miocene, miogeoanticline, miogeosyncline, mirabilite, missourite, mobilism, mode of occurence, modern, molasse, molasse complex, mollusc, mollusk, molybdenite, monazite, monchiquite, monheimite, monoclinal folding, monocline, monzonite, moor, moraine, moraine topography, morion, morphogenesis, morphological tectonics, morphology, morphostructure, moti suite, mountain crystal, mountain range, mountain ridge, movement, mud, mud volcano, mudstone, mugearite, multiple folding, multiple intrusion, multiple metamorphism, multiple vein, muscovite, muya complex, mylonite, mylonitization


naphthenic crude oil, native coke, native copper, native metal, natural cross section, natural exposure, natural soil, nearcontact zone, nelinda series, neogene, neotectonics, nepheline, nephelinic, nephelinic syenite, nephelinite, nephrite, nerukan suite, nest, nevyanskite, niccolite, nickel glance, nickeline, nikolsky suite, nivenite, noble metal, nodule, nokhtui suite, nonconformity, nonferrous metal, nonmetallic mineral, nonoutcropping, nordmarkite, norite, nosean, noseanite, noselite, not unlike, noumeite, nyandoma suite, nyurundukan strata


oblique, oblique fault, obliquely, obscur bedding, observed thickness, obsidian, occurence, ocean, oceanic fault, oceanite, office work, offshoot, offshore bar, offshore placer, oil, oil and gas bearing basin, oil deposit, oil gas, oil trap, oilandgas formation, oilbearing rock, oilbearing stratum, okun suite, olekma suite, oligoclase, oligoclasite, olivenite, olivine, olongrin strata, omphacite, onkolite, onyx, oolitic structure, opal, open pit, ophicalcite, ophiolitic series, ophitic texture, opoka, ordovician stage, ore, ore belt, ore cluster, ore deposit, ore district, ore field structure, ore formation, ore manifestation, ore mineral, ore occurence, orebearing solution, orebody, organic fossil, organogenic, origin, original mineral, ornamental stone, orogene, orogenesis, orogenic belt, orogenic cycle, orogenic epoch, orogenic magmatism, orogenic volcanism, orogeny, orpiment, ort, orthite, orthoclase, orthoclase porphyre, orthoclasite, orthogeosyncline, orthophyre, outburst, outcrop, outlier, outline, outwash plain, overburden, overfold, overlap fault, overlying bed, overlying layer, overthrust, overturned, overturned bedding, overturned fold, oxidation, ozokerite


pacifictype coast, padrin series, padrokan suite, paisanite, paleocene, paleogene, paleoplatform, paleorelief, paleozoic, palygorskite, pandermite, panidiomorphic texture, pantellerite, paraffin base oil, paragenesis, parageosyncline, param complex, param subseries, parent magma, parisite, parting, patom complex, payable deposit, pearlstone, peat, pebble, pegmatite, pegmatitic texture, pelagic sediments, pelitic texture, pelitomorphic, peneplain, peneplanation plane, penetration metamorphism, penetrative, pentlandite, perched lake, peridotite, periglacial, perlite, perofskite, perovskite, perstratal alluvium, pervasive, pervasively, petrification, petrified fossil, petrogenesis, petroleum, petroleum gas, phanerozoic, phase, phlogopite, phonolite, phosphate, phosphorite, phyllite, phyllitic, phyllonite, physical weathering, picrite, piedmont plain, piercement dome, pillar, pilotaxitic texture, pinch, pinched, pinching out, piotine, pit operations, pitch ore, pitchblende, placer deposit, plagioclase, plagioclasite, plagiogranite, plagiophyre, plain, planation, planoconvex, plant, plastic deformation, plastic flow, plate, plate tectonics, plateau, platform, platform facies, platform formation, platform volcanism, plication, plication dislocation, pliocene, pluton, plutonic, plutonic rock, plutonic stock, poikilitic texture, pollen, pollucite, pollux, polydymite, polyhalite, polyxene, pool, porosity, porphyric, porphyrite, porphyritic texture, porphyroblastic, porphyry, possible reserves, possible resources, postore fissure, potash alumen, potash mica, potassium aluminium sulphate, potassium chlorite, potassium nitrate, powdered, powdery structure, precious metal, precious stone, predominance, prequaternary, pressure, preudosyncline, primary deposit, primary dispersion halo, primary inclusion, primary magma, primary mineral, principal volcano, probable reserves, proceedings, process, profile, projection, proluvial, proluvial placer, proluvium, prominence, prominent, prop jet, propylite, prospecting pit, prospecting shaft, proterozoic, protrusion, proustite, proved reserves, province, psammitic texture, psephitic texture, pseudoanticline, pseudoschistosity, psilomelane, ptygmatite, puckered structure, puckering, pudding stone, pulaskite, pumice, purpol suite, pyrargyrite, pyrite, pyrochlore, pyroclast, pyrolusite, pyrope, pyrophyllite, pyroxenite, pyrrhotite


quartz, quartziferous, quartzite, quartzitic, quartzofeldspathic, quartzose, quaternary


radiating crack, raise, rammelsbergite, rampart, range, rapakivi, rare earths, rare metal, ravine, realgar, recent geosyncline, recent placer, recent platform, recent sands, recent sediments, recent tectonics, recombent fold, recoverable reserves, recrystallization, recumbency, recumbent, red arsenic, redstone formation, reduce, reducing, reduction, reef, reference horizon, refined oil, regeneration, regime, region, regional metamorphism, regional strike, regional tectonics, regional thrust, regional trend, regional unconformity, regression, regressive metamorphism, regular bedding, relic, reliction, relief, relief rejuvenation, remnant, remnant deformation, removal, replacement, replacement deposit, replacement dyke, replacement structure, reserve fault, reserves, reserves inplace, reservoir, residual alluvium, residual deformation, residual deposit, residual magma, residual placer, resin, reticulate structure, revdinskite, reversed fold, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, rhyolite, rhythmic lamination, ridge, ridgy sands, rift, right way up, ring dyke, ring fracture, ring intrusion, riphean, ripple, rippledrift, ripples, rise, rise of seam, river bed, river channel, river placer, rock, rock association, rock crystal, rock debris, rock mass, rock pressure, rock stream, rockforming mineral, rocky ground, roof, roof of the bed, roof of the seam, roof of the stratum, rough contact, roundness, row of sand dunes, rugged landscape, rugged topography, runway, ruptural deformation, rupture, rusty, rutile


saddle reef, saddle vein, salt, salt brine, salt dome, salt plug, salt stock, salt suite, salt tectonics, samodurovo suite, sand, sand blow, sand grain, sand ridge, sands, sandstone, sandy fraction, sandy loam, sanidinite, saponite, sapphire, sassolite, satellitic intrusion, scale, scarp, scattered deposit, scattered ore, scheelite, schist, schistose, schistosity, schistosity zone, schuchardite, scoria, scorodite, scour, scout drilling, scpolite, scroll, sealevel variations, seam, seam pressure, secondary alteration, secondary dispersion halo, secondary enrichment zone, secondary mineral, secondary quartzite, secondary schistosity, secondary zonation, section, sediment, sediment accumulation, sedimentary, sedimentary complex, sedimentary cover, sedimentary cycle, sedimentary deposit, sedimentary rock, sedimentary series, sedimentation, sedimentation area, sedimentation basin, sediments, segregation, selective metamorphism, selective replacement, selenium, selvage, semiprecious stone, semiquantative, sericite, series, serpentine, serpentinite, shaft, shale, shaliness, shallow, shaly, shaman suite, sharp contact, shear, shear deformation, shear fracture, sheet, sheet deposit, shelf, shelf facies, shell, shelllike fracture, shelly, shift, shingle, shingle beds, shoal, shonkinite, shore, shoshonite, show of ore, shrub, shumnin suite, side, side pressure, siderite, sideronitic texture, silex, silica, siliceous, siliceous rocks, silicified, sill, sillimante, silt, siltgrainsize, siltstone, simple laccolith, single vein, sink, sinkhole, sinking, skarn, slag, slate, slaty fracture, slip, slip cleavage, slope, slyudyanka suite, smaltine, smithsonite, smooth contact, soda, sodium carbonate, sodium nitrate, sodiumtetraborate, soevite, soft ground, sogdiondon suite, soil, solid ground, solid ore, soliflual, solution, solvsbergite, space survey, spacing, spassk suite, spessartite, sphalerite, sphen, spherulitic lava, spilite, spinel, splintery fracture, spodumene, spore, spores, spot, spotted structure, spread, stable mineral, stage, stain, staurolite, steep, steeply dipping fissure, stock, stockwork, stone, strain, strata, strata correlation, stratification, stratigraphic, stratigraphic boundary, stratigraphic contact, stratigraphic correlation, stratigraphic scale, stratigraphic trap, stratigraphic unconformity, stratigraphical break, stratigraphical hiatus, stratum, streaky, stream, stream bed, striated, strike, strike azimuth, strike of seam, strike of vein, stringer, strip ratio, stripcoloured, stripping, stromatolithic, strontianite, structural stage, structural unconformity, structure


tableland, tabular crystal, tailings dam, talc, talich suite, talus, talus fan, tame landscape, tantalite, tawite, taximo strata, tectogenesis, tectonic block, tectonic contact, tectonic cycle, tectonic depression, tectonic dislocation, tectonic epoch, tectonic movement, tectonic process, tectonic subsidence, tectonic unconformity, tectonics, tektite, tellurium, tephrite, terrace, terrace slope, teschenite, test, test pit, texture, thallium, thenardite, theralite, thermal balance, thermal metamorphism, thermal weathering, thickness, thickness of a bed, thickness of a layer, thickness of a seam, thinbedded, thinning out, thinto mediumbedded, tholeiite, thorite, thrust fault, thrust tectonics, thuringite, tillite, timbering, tinwhite cobalt, titanomagnetite, to be spaced, tobacco jack, tolbachan, tonalite, tongue, topaz, topography, torbernite, tostur series, total thickness, tourmaline, toyonian stage, trachyandesite, trachybasalt, trachydacite, trachydiorite, trachyliparite, trachyte, trail, transformation, transgression, transgressive intrusion, transversal, transversal basin, transverse, transverse fissure, transverse section, trap, travertine, trench, trenching, trend, trial borehole, triassic, tributary, triclinic system, tripoli, troctolite, trondhjemite, trough, true cleavage, true thickness, tuff, tuff breccia, tuff lava, tuffaceous deposits, tuffite, tufflava, tuffolava, tukolamiy suite, tungusdaban strata, turf, twin crystal, tyuyamunite


udokan suite, ugakhan suite, ugolkan complex, ukugut suite, ultrabasic rock, ultrametamorphism, uluntui suite, umbel suite, umptekite, unconformability, unconformable contact, unconformity, unconsolidated structure, underground working, underlying bed, underlying layer, underthrust, underwater accumulation, underwater depression, underwater trough, underwater volcanicity, undifferentiated, uneven fracture, unit, unmined deposit, upcast side, upheaval, upland, uplift, upper angara strata, upper lena suite, upright fold, upstanding block, upthrown side, upthrust, uraninite, useful mineral, usolye suite, ustkut suite, ustkutian stage


vacha suite, valley floor, valley glaciation, valley placer, valley side, valykhta suite, vanadinite, variation, variegated, varietal mineral, variety, variolite, vault, vein, vein mineral, vein ore, vein series, vendian, veneer, vent, vergence, vermiculite, vermillion, vernadite, vertebrate, vesicular structure, vesuvianite, villemite, villiaumite, violarite, visible ore, vitim complex, vitim suite, vitrain coal, vogesite, void, volcanic belt, volcanic bomb, volcanic breccia, volcanic crater, volcanic dome, volcanic facies, volcanic formation, volcanic gas, volcanic karst, volcanic outburst, volcanic rock, volcanic topography, volcanic trough, volcanic vent, volcanicity, volcanism, volcano, volcanology, vug


wall, wall pressure, wall rock, wallrock alteration, wash out, watershed, weathered rock, weathering, weathering crust, welded tuff, welllogging, white iron pyrite, whole rock, widespread, width, witherite, wolfram, wolframite, wollastonite, working, wulfenite


xenolith, xenomorphic texture, xenotime, xrd


yanchukan suite, yanguda suite, young platform


zeunerite, zherbin suite, zhuya horizon, zinnwaldite, zircon, zoisite, zonality, zonation, zone, zone of bleaching, zone of jointing, zone of leaching, zone of secondary alterations, zoning

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